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If Aang's in Slytherin... If I remember correctly, most people sort Azula in that house too. Now I'm imagining them having to be civil to one another.

That would be something to see.  XD;

(I feel like Azula would be the Slytherin who collects followers and hangers-on, while Aang would be a Slytherin who’s comfortable making friends outside of his house.  They wouldn’t get along very well.  >_>;  Also, Azula would probably end up becoming one terrifying prefect, because of course she would.)

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Imagine Hogwarts AU Maya, Kay (flying teacher? yEAH FLYING AND APPARATING) and Ema all hanging out doing dumb shit that's more befitting students than teachers. Maya using her divination abilities to sense when someone's approaching the headmaster's office as they're putting some of Ema's Itching Potion in the Sorting Hat so Kay apparates them outta there. They hang out in the kitchens and nearly give the house elves a heart attack by how much they eat. And somehow they're still gr8 teachers.


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1-7 because of the number of books ^-^


1. What house will you be in?

Officially sorted into Gryffindor by Pottermore hahaha

2. If the sorting hat was on you and it said you’d be great in a house you didn’t consider before, will you follow his advice or choose what house you want?

Nope, I don’t think so xD

3. What kind of animal would you bring to school?

A snowy owl. Even before HP, I always loved them xD Second choice would be a cat.

4. If you were in class, where would you normally sit?

I feel like near the front, probably on the left side.

5. What do you think you’ll be doing right now?

Hm, probably homework lol

6. What’s the core of your wand?


7. Do you think you’ll be part of the quidditch team?

I would reaaaaally want to so I hope so xD

Thank you, sweetheart! Have a magical day!

Okay, so I had a Gryffindor Sherlock thought. The Hat sorts you based on your values, not your inherent abilities. That’s one of the major themes of the series, actually. Choices/values over abilities.

Now what are Sherlock’s values? He certainly prizes his intelligence highly, but it seems to be because he thinks it’s all he has going for him. He does describe the best man he’s ever known, though. John Watson, ‘the bravest, kindest, wisest’ man Sherlock has ever known. He doesn’t rate the most intelligent person he knows as the best. Sherlock most highly prizes bravery, kindness, wisdom. Sounds like a Gryffindor to me.

okay but why is the sorting hat such a fucking asshole. like man, let neville be in hufflepuff if he wants. hadn’t that kid suffered enough? what a fucking sorting dick.

I have such a rampant mistrust for the Sorting Hat. What kind of enchantment lasts a thousand years after its caster’s death? How is this snide piece of regrettable fashion such a master Legilimens that it knows exactly how 11 year old kids are going to turn out? What does it think about while it sits in the Headmaster’s study for untold centuries?

That fucking hat is a Horcrux and nobody can convince me otherwise. And it’s been learning the innermost secrets of every kid to pass through Hogwarts for a millennium and absorbing their power.

The Sorting Hat is going to rise up and murder us all.

The Sorting Hat's Job
  • Gryffindor:I'll take the bravest.
  • Ravenclaw:I'll take the smartest.
  • Slytherin:I'll take the purest.
  • Hufflepuff:I'll take the rest.
  • Sorting Hat:You'll take what I blood well give you.
  • Sorting Hat:Godric, you're getting Potter only because he refused Slytherin.
  • Sorting Hat:Godric, you're getting Black, he also refused Slytherin.
  • Sorting Hat:Godric, you're also getting Granger, she refused Ravenclaw.
  • Sorting Hat:Godric, you're getting Pettigrew, because he didn't want Hufflepuff.
  • Sorting Hat:You know what?
  • Sorting Hat:Godric, I'll just sort everyone to your House.