Plot 160: Sorted (submitted by Emmeline)

Muse A always knew they would end up in Slytherin. They came from a proud family, a long line that had been sorted into the same house for centuries, save for a cousin that no one talked about. When the day came to get on the train, Muse A found a compartment that held only Muse B. The two talked, shared their excitement, and bonded over what houses they wanted to be sorted to. By the time they reached the school, Muse A had Muse B convinced that they should be in Slytherin too, but the hat decided otherwise. While Muse A ended up in Slytherin, Muse B was most excited to learn everything they could, and was placed in Ravenclaw. Muse A, too proud to admit they were saddened by the sorting hat’s decision, simply turned to their housemates and began to chatter about all the food. They never saw the disappointed look on Muse B’s face.

Fast forward a few years, and Muse A hasn’t talked to Muse B since. Muse B is top of the class, a fact which Muse A and their friends often joke about. The two get partnered together for a project, and Muse A is surprised to find that Muse B is the same clever person they met on the first train ride; they haven’t changed, and Muse A is intrigued. Their friends are quick to poke fun that the long-lost friends have been reunited, but Muse A just waves them off, only to realize that they’re right. From then on, Muse A sees Muse B everywhere. Muse B was there all along, but Muse A never noticed, and now that they have, they can’t stop thinking about Muse B. The only thing stopping them from acting on their feelings is what their friends might say.


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It’s been a while! Here’s another episode of Harry Potter. Today: El Sombrero Seleccionador (The Sorting Hat)

⭐️  Transcript:

Hermione: El techo no es real, está encantado para que parezca el cielo nocturno. Lo sé porque leí la historia de Hogwarts. 

Prof. McGonagall: Esperen aquí, por favor. Ahora, antes de comenzar el profesor Dumbledore les dirigirá algunas palabras.
Prof. Dumbledore: Antes que nada, me gustaría decir algunas cosas. Los nuevos deben recordar que los estudiantes no pueden entrar al Bosque Prohibido bajo ninguna circunstancia. Y nuestro celador, el señor Filch, me pidió que les recordara que el pasillo del tercer piso del lado derecho está prohibido para todos aquellos que no pretendan sufrir una muerte aterradora. Gracias.

Prof. McGonagall: Cuando diga su nombre, se acercarán, les pondré el sombrero seleccionador y sabrán cuál es su casa. 
¡Hermione Granger!
Hermione: Ay no, tranquila, relájate.
Ron: Parece muy extraña, es en serio. 
Sombrero Seleccionador: Ah, excelente. Exacto, ¡sí! ¡Gryffindor!
Percy: Bien hecho. 

Prof. McGonagall: ¡Draco Malfoy!
Gregory: Suerte.
Sombrero Seleccionador: ¡Slytherin!
Ron: Yo sé que todos los magos perversos han estado en Slytherin.
Prof. McGonagall: ¡Susan Bones!

Harry: ¡Ah!
Ron: Harry, ¿qué tienes?
Harry: Nada. Estoy bien.
Sombrero Seleccionador: ¡Ya sé! ¡Hufflepuff!

Prof. McGonagall: ¡Ronald Weasley!
Sombrero Seleccionador: ¡Já! Otro Weasley, ya sé qué haré contigo. ¡Gryffindor!

Prof. McGonagall: ¡Harry Potter!
Sombrero Seleccionador: Difícil, esto es muy difícil. Veo que tienes valor y una mente muy valiosa. Veo talento, así es, y una sed para probar que eres digno. Pero, ¿dónde te pondré?
Harry: No en Slytherin, no en Slytherin. 
Sombrero Seleccionador: No en Slytherin, ¿eh? ¿Estás seguro? Harías cosas grandiosas. Todo está aquí en tu cabeza y Slytherin te impulsará en el camino hacia la grandeza, de eso no hay duda, no.
Harry: Te lo suplico. No en Slytherin, no en Slytherin. 
Sombrero Seleccionador: Bueno, si estás seguro. Te pondré en: ¡Gryffindor!

⭐️  English:

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X-Men Hufflepuff Imagine/Aesthetic

You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true,
And unafraid of toil
-The Sorting Hat

Imagine being sorted into Hufflepuff with Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) and Kitty Pryde (Star-Lady). You sit at the table together during the first dinner in Great Hall right after Sorting Ceremony and start to get on really well. You three are kind, talkative, hard-working and talented. You instantly become the “golden trio” of Hufflepuff. You do everything together from growing plants to preparing for exams. You enjoy spending days outside under huge and ancient Hogwarts’ trees or in common room that in fact looks like giant garden.
Undoubtedly you are the best in Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures. Sometimes you even get higher grades than Ravenclaw students because for communicating with live living beings not only the great knowledge is required but also the great love.
Surprisingly Kitty and Kurt show good results in spells and defending magic. Because of this Slytherin students become immediately concerned. They always remind you that your House doesn’t show excellent results in Quidditch.
After some time Kurt notices that his skin color turns into a shade of blue. All together you start the investigation and go straight to library where you obviously find Ravenclaw geniuses Charles Xavier and Hank McCoy. Charles explains you that there’re a bunch of students that struggle with the same problems as Kurt. You join him and begin to study the nature of sudden changes.
You are often told that your house isn’t exactly unique or famous for its powerful wizards but instead of getting competitive or argumentative, you share chocolate with the abuser or at least leave quietly. Not everyone can boast with the same tolerance, loyalty and goodwill.

X-men Slytherin Imagine/Aesthetic
X-men Ravenclaw Imagine/Aesthetic
X-men Gryffindor Imagine/Aesthetic

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i would probably sell my soul if it meant that j.k. rowling came out with a prequel series to harry potter based on the misadventures of the marauders throughout their years at hogwarts, beginning when they’re first years and then all the way through.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Chapter 7 The Sorting Hat 

“Oh, you may not think I’m pretty, But don’t judge on what you see, I’ll eat myself if you can find A smarter hat than me. You can keep your bowlers black, Your top hats sleek and tall, For I’m the Hogwarts Sorting Hat And I can cap them all. There’s nothing hidden in your head The Sorting Hat can’t see, So try me on and I will tell you Where you ought to be. You might belong in Gryffindor, Where dwell the brave at heart, Their daring, nerve, and chivalry Set Gryffindors apart; You might belong in Hufflepuff, Where they are just and loyal, Those patient Hufflepuffis are true And unafraid of toil; Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if you’ve a ready mind, Where those of wit and learning, Will always find their kind; Or perhaps in Slytherin You’ll make your real friends, Those cunning folk use any means To achieve their ends. So put me on! Don’t be afraid! And don’t get in a flap! You’re in safe hands (though I have none) For I’m a Thinking Cap!”

The Houses and What They Value in Friendships
  • Ravenclaw:Open mindedness. A ravenclaw doesn’t care at all about your views on an issue, as long as you both can agree to let the other be, and occasionally have a robust discussion. Don’t try to moralize at them.
  • Slytherin:Loyalty. To a slytherin, the greatest gift they can give you is their loyalty, and they provide it to a slim few, which pretty much means that they would die for you. As a friend, you can get away with anything as long as they still know that you are loyal to them, and wouldn’t try to hurt them or their reputation.
  • Hufflepuff:Just be someone who is kind to all people, or at least tries to be, because regardless of the reason, there is no time where being cruel is acceptable, and especially not for personal pleasure.
  • Gryffindor:Lift them up, make them feel good about themselves and support them, and they will, in return, support you in what you do.