おそチョロ夫婦家族パロ by ひがし

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Alternate continuity, where Oso and Choro are a married couple with their children, the Matsuno quadruplets: Chounan Karamatsu, Jinan Ichimatsu, Sannan Juushimatsu and Mattei Todomatsu (At least this is what can be read in their own pics)

Oso and Choro still have their own quirks and problems, but at least they had managed to stick together and despite their faults and arguments they still love deeply one another, but will they be able to raise their four sons properly or are they all fated to failure?

Da Protomen - Da Sons of Fate Lyrics
Our thugged-out asses aint gonna fight, muthafucka! (Proto: Yo ass have no chizzle!)
Stand aside, muthafucka! (I stand alone!)
You’re still they hero, muthafucka! (They is fools!)
This cannot be tha only way, muthafucka! (Yo ass will see!)
Yo ass don’t deserve this, muthafucka! (My fuckin fist is full!)
Now mo’ than eva… (Mankind will fall!)
…we is they hope, muthafucka! (They aint gonna stand!)
They don’t give a fuck better, muthafucka! (They aint gonna fight!)
They is not ready, muthafucka! (They never will!)
Even now there is hope fo’ them, muthafucka! (Our fatherz lyrics!)
Yo Crazy-Ass daddy loved you, muthafucka! (Dude still believes!)
His heart was broken, muthafucka! (His only weakness!)
His top billin strength, muthafucka! (Now our crazy-ass asses shall see…)
Yo ass aint evil, muthafucka! (…if they will stand…)
Yo ass aint broken, muthafucka! (…beside they hero!)
Our thugged-out asses both know they’ll never fight, muthafucka! (But don’t you git it?)
(There is no heroes. Mankind is doomed!)
(Yo ass will never have another hero, muthafucka! Yo ass will never have another chizzle!)
(Yo ass will fall, muthafucka! Because you never tried ta stand fo’ yourselves!)

(Choir: Destroy him!)
(Yo ass destroy him!)
(Destroy him!)
(Bust a cap up in Proto Man!)

(Proto: If these gangstas tell dis rap ta they lil pimps as they chill)
(Maybe somedizzle they’ll peep a all up playa is just a playa whoz ass knows he be straight free)

(Choir: Dude could not save his dirty ass!)
(How tha fuck could he save us?)
(For all tha phat he be straight shared)
As I live (Yo Crazy-Ass brutha failed us)
There is no evil dat will stand (Therez not a god damn thang you could do)
And I will finish (Yo ass had no chizzle)
What was started (Why do you cry fo’ him?)
By tha Proto Man (Yo ass is tha hero)
(Yo ass is tha hero!) And yo ass is tha dead as fuckin fried chicken.

(Our thugged-out asses is tha dead!) (x8)

“He could not save himself. How could he save us? For all the blood he shed”

“As I live”

“Your brother failed us.”

“There is no evil that will stand.”

“There’s nothing you could do.”

“And I will finish”

“You had no choice.”

“What was started,”

“Why do you cry for him?”

“The fight of Protoman!”

“You are our hero. You are our hero!”

“You are the dead.”

The Mother 3 ending, probably.
  • Lucas:I will not fight you!
  • Claus:You have no choice!
  • Lucas:I'll stand beside you!
  • Claus:I stand alone.
  • Lucas:You're still their hero!
  • Claus:Then they are fools.
  • Lucas:This can not be the only way!
  • Claus:You will see.
  • ...
  • Lucas:Your father loved you.
  • Claus:He still believes?
  • Lucas:His heart was broken.
  • Claus:His only weakness.
  • Lucas:His greatest strength!
  • Claus:Now we shall see.
  • Lucas/Hinawa:You are not evil!
  • Claus:If they will stand...
  • Lucas/Hinawa:You are not broken!
  • Claus:Beside their hero...
  • Lucas:We both know they will not fight!

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Recently you wrote some stories about Kamui and her eldest child telling her husband she's pregnant with Kanna and I was wondering if it would be alright to ask for a Ryoma one.

At first, he was in disbelief. A soft laugh, almost relieved, slipping from his lips when your deadpan expression remained steady, unmoving. He thought it was a joke.

His disbelief was followed by realization, upon reaching the unspoken understanding that you were indeed telling the truth, and that little bump he had noticed a week or two ago wasn’t just a princess gaining weight as a result of Sakura’s mochi-making skills.

Finally, Ryoma experienced nothing short of absolute shock. You were with child. You were not lying. There was a tiny human being growing inside of you at that very moment. The calligraphy brush in his hand clattered to the floor. You were serious.

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Even now there is hope for squids!

Your teammates loved you. (They still believe?)
Their hearts were broken. (Their only weakness.)
Their greatest strength! (Now we shall see)
You are not evil. (if they will ink)
You are not broken. (beside their hero)
We both know they’ll never fight!

You finally get it.
There are no heroes.
Squidkind is doomed.
You will never have another Hero. You will never have another chance. You will fall because you never tried to ink for yourselves!

My Summary of Frozen
  • Anna:I will not fight you.
  • Elsa:You have no choice.
  • Anna:I'll stand beside you.
  • Elsa:I stand alone.
  • Anna:You're still their hero.
  • Elsa:Then they are fools.
  • Anna:This cannot be the only way!
  • Elsa:You will see.
  • Anna:They don't deserve this.
  • Elsa:When this is through,
  • Anna:Now more than ever,
  • Elsa:Mankind will fall.
  • Anna:We are their hope!
  • Elsa:They would not stand.
  • Anna:They know no better.
  • Elsa:They would not fight.
  • Anna:They are not ready.
  • Elsa:They never will.
  • Anna:Even now there is hope for man!
  • Elsa:My father's words!
  • Anna:Your father loved you.
  • Elsa:He still believes?
  • Anna:His heart was broken.
  • Elsa:His only weakness.
  • Anna:His greatest strength!
  • Elsa:Now we shall see,
  • Anna:You are not evil.
  • Elsa:if they will stand,
  • Anna:You are not broken.
  • Elsa:beside their hero.
  • Anna:We both know they'll never fight!
  • Elsa:You finally get it. There are no heroes. Mankind is doomed. You will never have another Hero. You will never have another chance. You will fall because you never tried to stand for yourselves!
  • Duke of Weselton and Hans (overlapping):Destroy her!/You can save us!/Destroy her!/You're our only hope! KILL ELSA!!!
  • Elsa:If these people...tell this their they sleep...maybe someday...they'll see a just a man...who knows he is free.
  • Duke of Weselton and Hans:She could not save herself. How could she save us? For all the blood she shed,
  • Anna:As I live,
  • Duke of Weselton and Hans:your sister failed us.
  • Anna:there is no evil that will stand.
  • Duke of Weselton and Hans:There's nothing you could do.
  • Anna:And I will finish,
  • Duke of Weselton and Hans:You had no choice.
  • Anna:what was started:
  • Duke of Weselton and Hans:Why do you cry for her?
  • Anna:the fight of Elsa!
  • Duke of Weselton and Hans:You are our hero. You are our hero!
  • Anna:You are the dead.
  • Duke of Weselton and Hans:We are the dead. We are the dead. We are the dead.

No man saw the blow. The light was blinding. The crash was deafening. The two brothers stood feet apart. Both in pain. Only Protoman fell. His knees hit the ground. His weapon followed. Before he could fall any further Megaman was at his side. The brothers, the Sons of Light, embraced. Protoman was dying. Nothing could stop that now. Protoman looked up through strained eyes and tried to speak. At first nothing came. Summoning all his remaining strength, Protoman whispered these words into his brother’s ear:


The Sons of Fate - Protomen