My mom and some cool bros threw me a SURPRISE PARTY today for my seven years! 

The best part was this AWESOME SLIDESHOW my mom made for me! With my favorite song, “I’m Alive” by ELO. 

I really gotta give my family some major props for always being there and loving me even though I’m weird and a jerk. If’n it weren’t for them, I sure wouldn’t have made it. Love you mom, dad, and Lump.

 I was tagged by  the lovely @howlsong ! Always lovely for more fellow Petyr/sansa shippers!
so here we go!

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  • birthday: 09/04/1995
gender: female
relationship status: single
  • zodiac sign: Aries
  • siblings: one
pets: two whippets, used to have two chickens but they recently died. And hoping to get some cows soon 
  • wake up time: 6:15 AM
lemonade or sweet tea: lemonade
cats or dogs: dogs,

  • day or night: night…always
  • coke or Pepsi: both, i cant tell the difference anyway 

  • calls or texts: depends

  • met a celebrity: met a drunk Quentin Tarantino at SDCC, that was awesome and a few more from SDCC
  • chap or lipstick: lipstick
country or city: forest
 though i love both depending my mood
  • last song I listened to: Set fire to the third bar-Snow patrol


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