Request: We got you

Request: How about a story where Y/N is a new girl in Charming, working as a waitress at the club’s favourite dinner. You start to get close to them and they ask you to help serve at some parties and at one a prospect, or hangaround, gets a little too handsy and they have to step in?

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: harassment

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They got divorced. After years of happy marriage, my parents got divorced. I guess it wasn’t such a happy conjugal life after all. I was in college and my last summer break was close, I had no idea where I should go. My father was still living in our house, but mom had moved to California. My only plan was to work during the summer, save money, and when mom called, telling me her friend had a job for me, I made my decision. I packed and hopped on a plane to California.

The job was as a waitress in a Charming’s diner downtown and I just glad to have my own money and that experience. I had been doing fine, getting good tips, especially from the Sons. The Samcro bikers were regulars at the diner, coming over from breakfast or lunch after a run to somewhere out of town. I liked them, despite all the things I had heard around town. They were always nice to me.

That morning, they were talking about a party and it would be a big one apparently. They sounded so excited that I thought I had become invisible as I poured coffee on their cups, but then Bobby talked to me.

“How about making some extra cash sweetheart?”, he looking at me over his glasses, “This is gonna be a huge party and Gemma could use some help. You have experience, should help serve at the party”

Gemma Teller. I had heard a lot about her and, to be honest, she was the one who scared me among the Samcro family. I bit my lip, “I don’t know Bobby”

“I know you heard about our parties and that we’re savages”, Tig smirked, “But we will keep you safe. I promise”

They were looking at me, waiting for an answer, “I’ll think about it. I promise”

I did thought about it and realized, looking at my plans for next semester, that the extra cash would be great. I knew my mother wouldn’t like it, but I said yes anyway. Boys showed up at the diner on the next day and Jax gave me his mother’s number, I had to deal with Gemma now. I was so nervous when I called her, but she was gentle and said the boys had said good things about me. She needed me at the clubhouse on Friday night, but if I could be there earlier it would be even better. By the end afternoon I met Gemma at her office and she introduced me to the other girls helping at the party. They were used to those parties and I felt a bit intimidated, worried about doing a good job.

I had been helping Chuck all day and was seated outside, on a break, when the boys arrived. They hopped off their bikes and Chibs was the first one to see me, wrapping ar arm around my shoulders, “Hi darling. How are you doing?”

“Good”, I smiled, “Gemma is great, she told me to help Chucky, stay close to him”

“Don’t worry sweetheart”, Bobby entered the clubhouse as we all followed him, “And tells us if anybody bother you”

“Okay”, I nervously nodded.

“We mean it”, Tig emphasized and kissed the top of my head. They were being nice, but I was still nervous. I decided to find Chucky and go back to work. 

Boys were right, it was a big party indeed. I saw kuttes from at least two different places and many hangarounds too, people who knew the Sons and were friends of the club. Chucky wanted me to stay behind the bar since I was new around there, said he didn’t want anyone taking me for a sweet butt or crow eater. I did what he told, but that didn’t stop men from hitting on me. I had said no a dozen times already and it had worked so far. 

I just had opened a new bottle of whisky when this young Son leaned over the counter, asking for a drink. I served him, but he didn’t let me go, grabbing my wrist. 

“Let go”, I calmly said, but he just smirked. 

“You do know that you’re here to please, don’t you babe?”, he licked his lips and I only felt disgusted. He was drunk and couldn’t hold my wrist when I pulled back.

“I’m not your babe”, I hissed. I knew I should tell one of the boys, but I also wanted to handle it on my own, “Get lost”

He glared at me for a second and then shrugged, walking away from the bar. I rolled my eyes when I saw the prospect patch on his back. I breathed deeply as I looked around and noticed Gemma staring at me across the room. She just raised an eyebrow; I nodded that everything was fine and continued to work. At some point, people started to leave, find rooms or just fall on the couches or floor. Gemma told me I could go, paid me and kissed my cheeks, saying I had done a good job and she hoped to see me again soon. I grabbed my car keys and walked outside. I just had closed the door behind me when someone grabbed my arm and pulled me to his chest.

“Leaving without saying goodbye to me?”, his drunk giggle was enough for me to recognize the man as the idiot that was hitting on me later. 

“Let me go”, I clenched my jaw and was ready to hit him if I had too. My father had insisted on self-defense classes before I leave for college. He laughed but it got choked on his throat when someone else held him in a lock. Chibs kept me from falling, holding me by my waist.

“Are you okay?”, he asked. I nodded, watching Tig and Happy hold the prospect as Jax approached him. Samcro president had a smirk on his lips and I couldn’t listen him, but he clearly was threatening my stalker, whose eyes widened. 

“Do. You. Understand?”, Jax asked louder, the prospect nodded and he told Tig and Happy to let the boy go. He ran as the devil himself was after him and Jax finally turned to look at me.

“Are you okay darling?”, he asked.

“Yes”, I nodded, “Thanks… What did you just say to him? You scared the shit out of that boy”

“Don’t worry about that darling”, Jax winked as him and Chibs walked me to my car, “We got you”

One White Collar

Dean and Sam trudged back into the bunker after their latest case, the idiocy of regular humans weighing upon their shoulders. These were the people they fought to protect. Sometimes, Dean felt like summoning Lucifer to restart the apocalypse. Some humans just didn’t deserve to live in a decent, civilized, society.

With a heavy sigh, he moved to remove the priest’s collar around his neck, but was stopped short by the sound of a sharp intake of breath. Dean and Sam whipped around to see Castiel staring at Dean, wide eyed.

“Cas? Hey, man,” Dean said, his face breaking into a smile.

Castiel continued to stare at him, transfixed. His eyes dropped to Dean’s neck, and he licked his lips. “Dean-” he choked out, before flushing a dark red and flapping off to parts unknown. Seconds later, Crowley appeared, took one look at the Winchesters, burst of laughing, and flew off after Castiel, with a shout of, “Hey, Castiel, got something to confess?”

After Crowley’s departure, Sam stared sniggering, unable to hold his mirth in any longer. “Dude, Cas has a priest kink,” he chortled. Dean blushed and ran upstairs, eager to escape his brother’s teasing. He threw himself onto his bed and fell into a fitful sleep, his mind buzzing excitedly.

The following morning, Dean woke up to the sound of flapping wings. “Dean, I just wish to say that I should have expressed myself better,” Castiel said urgently. “I don’t have a priest kink so much as I have a… Dean Kink,” he mumbled.

Dean smiled at his friend and felt his head clear. He wordlessly reached out to Castiel and pulled him onto the bed, eager to make up for time wasted.

“I am, however, not averse to your wearing the collar.”

Dean smiled. So much role playing to do, so little time.


Somewhere in the Bahamas, Chuck startled awake on his lounge chair next to the pool. Amara stared at her twitchy brother impassively, waiting for him to speak.

Instead, Chuck groaned. “I sense blasphemy,” He whimpered. “And from my own son!”

“There, there,” Amara reassured him. “Grow a think skin, Chucky. He’s with a Winchester. This won’t be the last you’ll hear of them.”

Horror lacing his features, the Creator of the Universe whimpered. To think, all of this, due to one, little, white collar.

Request: Forever Happy’s girl

Request: Happy gets jealous because the other guys are flirting and they don’t know that the reader’s old man is Happy. He shows his sweet side to the reader.

Hi everyone,

I decided to connect the two Happy’s imagines…The one I posted earlier, about Happy making you stay, which you can find HERE and this one… I hope it works for you…

It’s set years after the end of the previous imagine… Y/s/n is your son’s name

Enjoy! Love you!

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The Sons were not having their best moment in Charming and though all the vicious comments at the hospital, you still didn’t regretted at all for staying there. You old man, Happy, was great for you and your little boy.

You had dated for a while before he asked you to marry him. You did it happily and the day you found out you were pregnant was a moment you would never forget. People used to think that Happy was a cold heart killer, and yes, he was, but at home, he showed a sweet side that only you and your son knew. He took care of you two, that was his way to show his love.

Jax was struggling to get the club out of guns and his family wasn’t in a good place either. Happy was Sgt. At Arms and this patch came with a great responsibility. No wonder he was twice quiet and holding you close every night.

After the explosion, a provisional Clubhouse and Church were settled at an old ice cream shop downtown. You took you son to buy some clothes and he saw Chuck in front of the shop, begging to meet his friend. You did your boy’s will and crossed the street.

“Hi Chuck”, you said. The man waved from behind the counter, looking at your son. “Y/s/n wanted to see you”

“Hi Chucky”, you son said.

“Hi little man”, Chuck said. “Can I get you some ice cream or a soda?”

You son looked up to you and you nodded, founding a chair to rest for a while. Y/s/n was behind the counter with Chuck choosing his ice cream when two man walked in. One of them was tall and had muscled arms, he looked right to you and smiled.

“Hi gorgeous”, he said, making the other one look at you too.

“Guys…”, Chuck started, but the tall one made a sing for him to stop. He sat in front of you and the other one, with dark hair and a mustache was next to him. Both were looking at you like you were prey.

“I’m Montez”, the man with dark hair said and pointed to the tall one. “This is Quinn”

“Nice to meet you”, you said not liking this at all. They didn’t had Samcro patches, actually they were from another charters. Happy always told you to stay away from Sons from another places, unless he introduced them to you.

“Nice to meet YOU, gorgeous”, Quinn said. “Never saw you around before”

“Yeah”, Montez said, clearly looking to your breasts hidden under a white shirt. “We should get to know each other better, how about that?”

He licked his lips, which was ridiculous. They were clearly thinking you were some croweater…Time to end the game and leave the place. You were just getting up when bikes parked in front to the store. Happy was coming with his brothers and your son saw him, leaving Chuck and running to the door.

“Daddy!”, he said, going to meet his father. You were going to do the same when Montez held your arm.

“Where are you going in such a rush darling?”, he said.

“What is going on?”, Happy said entering the shop, your son in his arms.

“Y/s/n come to see me”, Chuck said, running at your rescue.

“Shut up”, Happy said and walked towards you. Montez was no longer holding your arm, but Happy had saw that. “Baby?”

“It’s fine”, you said. “They don’t know me”

“Sorry”, Quinn mumbled, now noticing your wedding ring and the intimacy between you and Happy. Happy gave them a killer look.

“Actually we are leaving”, you said getting Happy’s attention. “Y/s/n saw Chuck while we are shopping and wanted to say hi”

“Okay”, Happy said and put your son back on the floor. “See you at dinner”

“See you baby”, you said and kissed his cheek. Holding you son’s hand you left the shop, driving back home.


Happy wasn’t home for dinner. You put your son in bed and walked to yours, lying there and reading a book before turn the lights off. Soon, your old man arrived. You heard the keys hit the table and his boots walking down the hallway. He stopped at your son’s bedroom and your heard him close the door after spend a minute watching the kid sleep. Then, he stopped at your bedroom’s door.

“Hi little girl”, he said. You watched as he put his kutte on the back of a chair and sat at the end of the bed. Happy took off his boots and stayed there, looking at the floor.

“Is everything okay?”, you asked, putting the book aside.

“No”, he said, glancing at you over his shoulder. You knelt behind him, wrapping your arms around his body and leaned to rest your chin on his shoulder. Happy sighed.

“Do you wanna talk about it?”, you asked, kissing his neck.

“Club is having a tough time”, he said, playing with your wedding ring in your finger. “Jax and Tara…It’s bad”

“I’m sorry”, you said. “I wish I could help”

“You already do baby”, he said, turning to look at you. You stared at each other for a second, and then he caressed your cheek with his thumb. “I was mad, almost killing those two for even looking at you”

“They didn’t know me”, you said, kissing the palm of Happy’s hand.

“Yeah”, he said. You narrowed your eyes and straddle on his lap. Happy held you close.

“What is happening?”, you said, looking inside his eyes and cupping his face between your hands.

“I’m afraid…”, he sighed. “I’m not Prince Charming, this life… It’s crazy! Y/s/n is growing and deserves a good life. You might wanna something… Someone better…”

“Are you serious Happy Lowman?”, you cocked your head to the side, not being cute at all. “I married you. We have a son. I wash the blood stains from your clothes without asking questions…”

“I know”, he said quickly. “You are a strong woman, an amazing old lady…”

“So why are you doubting about what we have?”, you asked.

“I’m not”, his eyes widened. “I have doubts about me. The guys flirting with you… It just… Made me jealous…And mad… And insecure.”

“Happy….”, you said softly. “I made my choice years ago, when I refused that job in LA. You made sure that I was staying… Remember that scene on the parking lot?”

“Oh yeah I do”, he grinned.

“So stop with this”, you smiled. “I love you. I don’t wanna another man or another life. Got it?”

“Got it”, he smiled. You kissed him deeply, trying to show him how you felt, how much you loved him. Happy grabbed your ass and pulled you closer, your body melting against his. Happy kissed you neck while your held his head close, your mouth open, moaning. “I love you little girl. Never leave me”

“Never”, you said breathless, as he was getting hard against your ass. Happy lied you down on bed, hovering over you. “I’ll always be your girl”, you said before pulling him to you, like you did many times before and always would do.

When you watch Lord of The Rings for the first time in several years and you’re all like: “Hey! It’s that guy from Lost!”, “Hey! It’s Chucky!”, “Hey! It’s Chucky’s son Glen/Glenda!”, “Hey! It’s that Danish guy that I met at a party!”, and “Hey! It’s the captain of Titanic!”