Imagine | Carl. G Pt.II

Carl Gallagher imagine | Unedited

Note: Carl returned after 8 months/ Y/N returns 4 months later. There was going to ne another ending to this chapter that involved alot more interaction between Carl and Y/N, but maybe for another time.

Warning: typical shameless warnings, mentions of underage drinking

The day that Y/N returned was unexpected, to say the least. 

When Y/N tried to enter her own house, she found the doors locked and no spare key around. No matter how much she knocked on the door, she received no answer. Not feeling up to the task of breaking into her own home, Y/N knew that there were only two other places her sister would be at a time like this. She went with the more likely option, making her way across to the Gallagher’s homestead where she knocked lightly on their door, secretly hoping that no one would answer. Not having seen the Gallagher’s for a while had Y/N nervously tapping her foot in anticipation of seeing some familiar faces. 

Just as Y/N was about to walk away, the door opened and a young boy stared up at her.

 "Liam?“ Y/N asked the young boy, completely surprised with how much he had grown in the year she had been gone. "Hey, buddy.” She greeted him with a small wave, to which he just continued staring curiously up at her like he recognized her but couldn’t remember how he knew her.

“So,” Y/N cleared her throat when it became awkwardly clear that the boy wasn’t going to say anything, “Is Y/S/N here?”

Liam continued staring.

“How about Fiona?” At the mention of the name, he looked Y/N up and down, noting the Military school uniform that she was wearing and shook his head. They had taught him well.

“She’s not in trouble,” Y/N sighed as she took in consideration that her skirt and blazer may have her mistaken for some type of authority figure. “I’m just looking for my sister.”

Liam thought about it before shutting the door. Y/N huffed in disbelief and was about to go into town to look for sister at her workplace before the door opened again, an older figure standing in the doorway this time.

“Can I help you?” Fiona crossed her arms and leaned against the frame. Y/N’s back was facing the woman and when she turned around, she saw the judgmental look drop from Fiona’s face and was replaced with one of her toothy grins. “Y/N?”

Before Y/N could get a word out, Fiona had her embraced in a bear hug. Y/N looked behind the older woman to see Liam head peeking out of the window to see what all the commotion was. “Long time, no see.” Y/N laughed as Fiona pulled away, holding the girl at arm’s length to get a proper look at her.

“No shit! Look how big you are!” She pulled the younger girl to her side as she began to pull her along into the house. Fiona took Y/N bag from her and placed it in the lounge room, urging the teenager to follow her into the kitchen. As Y/N passed through the lounge, she realized that the house didn’t have the energy that she remembered the house had. It was quiet, except for the children show blasting from the tv where Liam’s eyes were now glued 

“Get your ass here now. You will not believe who’s here.” Fiona excited voice came through from the kitchen. Y/N followed the voice and found Fiona on her mobile, ringing who Y/N could only guess was her sister, ordering booze for what was no doubt Y/N welcome home party.


“Look at you!”

Y/N was suddenly spun around and pecked on both cheeks before getting pulled in for a hug. The person pulled away revealing to be none other than good neighbor Veronica with her husband, Kev, walking up behind her.

“All grown up and shit.” She said excitedly, pinching Y/N’s cheeks. “You looking more and more like your sister every day.” She gestured to Y/S/N, who was busy cooking up a meal with Fiona in the kitchen, both ladies already a little tipsy from their early celebrations. V would no doubt be joining them soon.

“Hey Y/N.” Kev greeted, wrapping one arm around the girl while his other hand held another case of beer.

“Hi, Kev. Where are the twins?” Y/N watched as the man set his stuff on the bench before making himself comfortable at the table. “They’re staying with their grandmamma for a couple of nights, we’re taking a little break at the moment.”

Y/N nodded, noting how Kev didn’t seem so uptight about the babies anymore. Hours had passed since she had now been home, or as close to home as it could get. Y/N sister rushed home after the news of her sister’s return and began preparing for a big dinner. Music played in the background as the chatter between the adults started to get a bit rowdy.

A little too loud for Y/N’s taste, which causes her to move towards the lounge, eyes on her back as she knows the three older ladies were gushing about how much she had grown. She sat down next to Liam who’s eyes were still fixated on his cartoons. She smiled at the thought of when she would sleep over and watch Saturday morning cartoons with Carl and Debbie many moons ago.

The sound of the front door slamming shut broke Y/N out of her thoughts. She looked up to see a familiar face grinning down at her. 

“Well, it’s about fucking time.” Lip dropped his bags to the floor and opened his arms as an invitation that Y/N couldn’t refuse. “I was starting to think they were never gonna let you out.” He said as he pulled the unlit cigarette from his mouth and tucked it back behind his ear.

“You just start your break now?” Y/N asked the grown boy as he picked up Liam and kissed the boy’s cheek.

“Yeah, had to wait for all the little-privileged shits to go home before I could leave.”

Just as Y/N was about to ask him how college had been, she was interrupted by a high-spirited Fiona who spotted her younger sibling back for his holidays.

“Lip! You’re home!” She called out to him as she and Y/S/N laughed about something in the kitchen. Lip lightly rolled his eyes and smiled over at Y/N.

“Well look who’s in a good mood.” Lip shifted Liam so that he was holding the boy more securely as the kid didn’t seem to want to let go now that his older brother was around. He sat down beside the girl, leaning his head back as he let out a sigh, probably exhausted from his long trip home.

The two got to talking, catching up on what the past year had thrown at them. They spoke about Debbie and Y/N found out about her pregnancy and that she was ‘here and there’ when it came to where she actually lived. Ian was taking care of himself and his life but Y/N was sad to find out that Mickey wasn’t apart of it now that he was doing time.

She found out about Fiona’s marriage, then divorce, then upcoming marriage to a guy named Sean, something that the older woman forgot to mention. Jimmy Steve made a reappearance again, screwed around a bit, then disappeared. Sammi was locked up, which Y/N was thankful for because the crazy bitch was likely going to end up killing someone someday. Her son Chucky was a free man now, though from Lip told her, he was still the same as ever and Frank was still the same ol’ Frank.

Then he moved on to someone Y/N knew she was never going to avoid. It genuinely surprised the girl that Carl had managed to get out of juvie early, for good behavior of all things. Not much was said about the boy, mainly because Lip wasn’t around as much to know what was going on, but also because he knew that it was a touchy subject seeing as how the last time they’d seen each other was when the whole drug debacle happened.

Lip got up to go and help himself to one of Kev’s beer, promising to sneak one back for her as a welcome back gift. By the time he returned with the beverage, two more familiar faces entered through the front door.

“Y/N!” A recognizable voice called out to the girl. She spun around to see Debbie and Ian standing behind the couch. Y/N got up and around to hug the two. 

“Welcome back,” Ian greeted, pulling away to give a light pat on the shoulder to the girl. “Can’t imagine the Sarge being too happy about that.” He gestured to the beer can in Y/N’s hand. “Don’t worry, we won’t make you do formations at 'O six hundred hours.” Ian teased, giving her a mock salute before making his way into the kitchen where the noise level raised.

Y/N was slow in reacting to a fast moving Debbie as the girl crushed her into a bear hug. “Holy shit.” Y/N said as she felt Debbie’s baby bump pressing against her own stomach. The two girls parted and it gave Y/N a chance to actually look down on the girl’s belly.

 "Surprise,“ Debbie said nervously, not so sure how her old friend would take the news. Y/N shook her head in shock.

"I knew about this, but I didn’t think you were this far along.” Y/N noted that the girl looked about ready to pop. “Does it hurt?”

“Like a motherfucker. But it’s cool though, it’ll be here in a couple of weeks.” The soon to be mother said giddily as she rubbed her belly. Her face soured though when she spotted Fiona giving her a look from the kitchen.

“Ugh.” She rolled her eyes as she sat on the couch. Y/N followed her, taking the spot next to the older girl who sunk further into her seat. “I hate that look she gives me. Like she’s expecting the baby bump to be gone. There’s only one way this bump is gonna disappear.” Debbie ranted. Y/N knew who she was talking about, but decided to keep herself out of their troubles, a lesson that she learned the hard way.

“Dinner’s ready!” Fiona called out, setting the last dish on the table. Everyone made their way to the table and began to dig in.

“Hey, where’s Carl?” Veronica asked as she passed a bowl of potato salad over to Kevin. Fiona just shook her head as she dished out some food for Liam.

“Who knows with that kid. Always home late, never calls or texts where he is. Little punk is starting to get on my nerves.”

“Aren’t we all.” Debbie quietly cuts in, causing Fiona to glare at the girl.

“Last I heard, he was stalking that girl at the movies.” Ian chimed in.

“I thought they were dating?” Lip said with a mouthful of potato.

“Like I said, who knows.” Fiona put an end to that conversation and went off on her own with Y/S/N and V. Part way through their meals, a knock could be heard over the laughter and chatter which had Ian grabbing onto Y/N’s arm to stop her from getting up. 

“It’s probably Frank. I caught him outside so I locked the door because someone -” Ian looked at Debbie, “- told him about tonight.”

“I didn’t say shit. He was reading Fiona’s text over my shoulder." 

"Typical Frank. M.I.A until there’s free food and booze.” Lip took a swig of his beer. The knocking continued, growing louder and louder with each knock before it finally stopped.

“Good riddance,” Lip said as the table went back to their talks. It wasn’t long before the knocking continued, but this time it came from the back door. Fiona slammed her fork to the table and made her way to the door.

“I swear to god Frank if you-” Fiona opened the door and came face to face with none other than Carl Gallagher.

“I ain’t Frank.” His now much deeper voice said as he and someone who Y/N could only assume was Nick, Carl’s friend that Fiona had mentioned was living with the Gallagher’s, swaggered inside. “Well, what do we have here?” Carl said suspiciously, finding a large group of people crowded around the table, food lined up from one end to the other.

As his eyes roamed the faces, his eyes landed on one face, in particular, the smug look on his face dropping as he was at a loss for words.

“I thought you weren’t gonna be home 'til late tonight.” Fiona closed the door behind the two boys. Both Nick and Carl said nothing, one because he was taken by surprise, the other because he was naturally silent. Y/N looked straight into Carl’s eyes, seeing something almost familiar, something that reminded her of when they were young and there was nothing but their friendship, before the look was replaced by anger.

“Guess my invite must’ve gotten lost,” Carl said coolly towards his siblings, the smug look returning to his face. Fiona brought some spare chairs over and then returned to her seat. By this time, most of them were finished with their meals, but Carl made a big show of how pissed he was that no one told him about tonight by reaching past everyone and sloppily piling his and Nick’s food onto a plate, not having a care in the world that he was making a mess.

“Carl, eat properly,” Fiona warned as he chewed loudly to purposely annoy everyone.

“Yeah, you dog.” Debbie scrunched her nose at the sight of the mess he was making. 

“I can’t help it, that’s how we eat in prison.” Carl spat out, his eyes connecting with Y/N’s once more.

“I think you mean juvie.” Y/N corrected, not liking the accusatory tone he was using or the way he only looked at her when said that.

“Same thing.”

“I’m pretty sure they’re not.”

“Yeah?” Carl put down his fork. “-and how would you know?”

Things became tense, the party atmosphere dissipating as the two teenagers glared at one another. The only noise to be heard was the quiet chewing from Nick who continued eating as he watched things unfold.

It was abundantly clear where their friendship was by the scathing comments he made. He was still angry about something that Y/N didn’t even know about. If anyone had the right to be angry, it should be her.

“Okay. How about I go and check on the cake.” Y/N’s sister said awkwardly as she got up from the table along with Veronica who offered to help.

“Hey! Cool it.” Fiona pointed at her younger brother. Carl rolled his eyes and continued chewing his dinner as he glared directly in Y/N’s direction. Y/N ignored him and looked down at the cake that Veronica and her sister placed in front of her, written across the top in frosting was the words 'welco home’.

“We couldn’t fit the whole word on there,” Veronica explained.

“Blow out your candles.” Y/S/N said as she stood behind the girl. Y/N blew the candles out if only to get this whole thing over and done with. As the adults cut the cake and handed slices around the table, Kev put down his beer and look sheepishly over at Y/N.

“So, they trained you at that school? Like military style, right?” Kev asked, receiving a nod from the girl in response. “So then, have you ever, you know…” he tried his best to motion the rest of his question by making finger guns and shooting it towards others on the table. Y/N furrowed her brows and Veronica just sighed at her husband. “Have you ever, you know, shot somebody?”

“Kevin!” Veronica smacked the large man in the back of his head.

“What? That’s what we were all thinking, right?” He said as he rubbed the back of his head.

“No, not really.” Lip said from his end of the table.


“Hey, I think I’m gonna head home.” Y/N said as she stood up from her seat, which caused a majority of the group to protest.

“Don’t listen to him, Y/N. You know the stupid things that come out of his mouth.” Veronica said as Kevin shook his head in agreement, thinking he was the cause of the girl leaving.

“It’s all good Kev, I’m just tired. I stay any longer, I’m gonna be face first in that cake, and not in a good way.” She smiled at the couple.

“I’ll probably get going as well. Can I stay at your place for the night?” Debbie asked as she quickly got up and scooped up as many leftovers as she could. Y/N watched as Debbie walked past her and waited near the door, then turned back around to see Fiona making a disappointed look towards her only sister.

“I guess-” Y/N said but knew that the girl didn’t mean it as a question.

“I’ll be home soon.” Y/S/N said as she handed the teenaged girl the house keys. They all farewelled the girls, leaving the rest of them to go back to some small chatter amongst themselves. Debbie waited as Y/N tried to put her shoes on, and looked behind the girl to see Carl watching them, or one of them in particular. Debbie was able to catch his attention by leaning in just enough to partially block his view.

Carl turned away quickly and focused back on what the conversation was at the table. Debbie just raised an eyebrow and looked between her brother and her friend, before grabbing the girl and linking their arms.

As the two girls walked out the door, Carl quickly lost any interest in hanging around the table any longer. “Yo, this party was lame. I’m going to bed.” Carl said as he made his way up to his bedroom, Nick not far behind him.

As he got into his room, he tore his shirt off, throwing it across the room, and fell face first onto his bed. Something in his pockets started buzzing and he pulled his phone out to see that it was Dominique calling and that he had about five missed calls. He tossed the device onto his night stand and turned to face the wall, finding it hard to fall asleep with his mind racing with all of its thoughts.