A friend of mine showed me this song a while back.
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I promise you, you will love it.
This song is absolutely beautiful.

I recall my father,
Strong and sturdy,
Solid as the ground.

I recall my mother,
Early morning,
Waiting for the sun.

Demurred by the strength of my father,
Enthroned by the grace of my mother.
They’ll still hang around.

I recall my lovers,
Their many colors,
And what was never found.

I recall my brothers;
And only brothers never wander far.

Enslaved by the weight of my lovers,
Entombed by the love of my brothers.
They’ll still be around.


The Snake The Cross The Crown - Electronic Dream Plant


The Snake The Cross The Crown - Electronic Dream Plant

The test of a bow; weeping window revival. And a dream plant, it may grow, if we choose not to let it go.



I wanna live on a stage. I wanna play the guitar, and I wanna get paid. But no responsibilities, please. I wanna do what I want and I wanna get paid.