This morning, I just felt like writing…and that’s convenient because I’m incredibly behind on my snail mail! I wrote a nice card to my sister-in-law and older brother, and then wrote two notes to two of my favorite friends from here! Yesterday, I sent one message to my wonderful pen pal @fortheloveofmango and today @leebeeloves and @liikeahummiingbiird have cards on the way! Look out @mrstrivialbob and @coffeeandmuscles–you’re next! I’m determined to be caught up before we leave!

Also, I stole this little snail idea from @leebeeloves because it is adorable! 😉

My name is Nina and I’m 15 years old.
I’m looking for a pen pal no matter the age or gender. I’m from Luxembourg so my English might be not so good but I’m trying my best:)
As I don’t really know how to start or what to say I’ll just write some facts about myself:
- I dance classical ballet and jazz
- I love watching TV shows ( Game of Thrones, Oitnb, scream queens, how to get away with murder…(
-my favourite bands and musicans are: bastille, lorde, queen, abba, melanie martinez, the 1975…
- i like to bake ( so feel free to send me recipes😂)
-my instagram is: NINCHTHEGINGER
- my tumblr is merininna

Feel free to contact me, doesnt matter from where you come froö😊☺️

i’ve been seeing a lot of negativity on my dash lately, mostly from my mutuals. 

it makes me sad, being so far away from you guys. i want to help. you’re my friends and i want you guys to be happy. even if it means destroying myself in the process. if i could, i would do everything in my power to make your lives less shitty, even if it cost me my own. 

i’m… a lot like bleu, i guess. i could care less about myself, but the people i care about mean so much to me. you guys are what give me my reason for living. i… i don’t have much else. 

please believe me when i tell you that you are good. you’re not a monster or a demon. you’re simply human– you’re not perfect. nobody is. but you matter. you matter to every person who loves you, every person who has ever loved you and everyone who will love you in the future. 

i love you. 

if you guys ever, ever need someone, please don’t hesitate to ask. i will literally drop whatever i’m doing for you. i’m here. you’ll always have my shoulder to cry on, i promise. 

penpal wanted :-)

hello everyone, I’m elle, sixteen years old and from england!

I absolutely loooove creative writing and reading :)

bastille is my favourite band.

I’m looking for a penpal to write letters with as I think it’s so amazing to be able to connect in that way!

I don’t mind where you’re from, gender or age :)

my blog is xoxoxo

( ・ิω・ิ)

Hi everyone :) I’m M., 25/f from Massachusetts USA. I’ll keep this short and sweet because I’d like to get to know each other through our letters. I don’t mind writing first, but let’s message through tumblr a bit to see if we’d be a good match ^-^

I’m a gothy, sensitive bookworm, and recently I’ve started creating handmade “art patches” for like jackets and stuff (so expect a few random treats now and then). As you can tell from my photos and blog, I love traditional Japanese arts, and I’ve been studying Japanese for about 9 ish years with varying degrees of fervor – I’d say I’m a solid intermediate level, and I can work through anything with a dictionary. 

I’d really prefer a penpal who is interested in Japanese arts & culture and knows or is also studying the language. We could write bilingual letters!

Snailmail from anywhere in the world is fine, and I don’t care about gender or race, but no straight men please, because I have a bf and he wouldn’t appreciate me writing to guys.

You can contact me at