When John and I later talked about George, he said that he was embarrassed, and he said Paul was also. I don’t know if that’s true, but he said Paul and he were embarrassed when they heard George’s album finished. They were embarrassed that they had kept down his songwriting all those years to push their own songs on the Beatle albums. They had no idea he was that talented. They knew he was as a musician, but they didn’t realize he was that brilliant a songwriter. And it embarrassed him years later and he’d apologized to George.
—  Howard Smith on George Harrison, All Things Must Pass, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, The Smith Tapes podcast

Smith-Corona Mail Call MT, 1967

Launched in 1967, Mail Call by Smith Corona was a curious system for sending audio messages through the mail. The sender would record a message on a PlayTape audio cassette (maximum length: 10 minutes) using a Mail Call player/recorder. The sender would then put the tape in the mail and the recipient could then listen to it on their own Mail Call player/recorder. A pair of Mail Call units cost $70 in 1967 (that would be about $480 today). Mail Call was not a commercial success and the PlayTape format was superseded by the 4-track and 8-track formats.  (via Luis Cesar)

New Music: Williow Smith featuring Sza - Cuban Pete V1.

Surprise,surprise as of late we’ve been getting a lot of new music from these two lovely souls while on their #EnterTheVoid tour with Jhene Aiko. This could be a hint at a joint project coming, couldn’t think of a more soulful, centered sound right now. Tonight they both joined forces to create “Cuban Pete V1”. Let’s cross our fingers for a joint project. Listen below.

Probably the people that I met–OH GOD, ACTUALLY, HEY. I saw Karen’s film on Thursday, Oculus. It’s really good. You should check it out! It’s scary. It’s good, man. Um–I’d say the people that I’ve met on it, you know.
—  Matt Smith answering “What was the most memorable part of being on Doctor Who?”

“Jim Morrison on Why Fat is Beautiful?”

The latest episode of Blank on Blank comes from an interview journalist Harry Smith did with Jim Morrison in 1969. It surfaced last year as part of The Smith Tapes project, and has now been given new life through animation courtesy of Blank on Blank and PBS