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If you're gonna be a smartass, first you have to be smart. Otherwise you're just an ass.

Sorry but I have two degrees , one of them as an architect and other in hospitality management . I’m currently in a management position where I handle copious amounts of money on a daily basis and employ over 10 staff members

But thank you for your opinion. I value it :)

Note: hmm i really like this, lmao. i hope you do too! thanks for the request! .c

Bucky x Reader

Request: maybe something like smartass reader who has powers like controlling peoples actions and also expelled from collage (engineering or biology so she could be an avenger and on her freetime she could work with stark or banner) for attacing a prof or something so my point is uber sarcastic asshole savage af reader BUT when it comes to bucky she is just soft and caring. He fells hard for her and team knows that and teases him. Multiple parts would be awesome and bff!pietro or tony aand jealous!bucky.

“So, what can you do?” You took your glasses off, setting them down beside the project you were working on for your boss, Tony Stark. “I can control people’s actions, dumbass. Now move.” You waved your hand, your friend Pietro suddenly moving out of your way. “Hey, don’t use it on me!” Pietro exclaimed, using his speed to run to the other side of the room away from you. 

You laughed, rolling your eyes. “Well stay the hell out of my way and I won’t. Simple as that, P.” He sighed and groaned. “I’m bored, let’s go do something.” You rolled your eyes once again at his childish behavior.

“I’m sort of busy, numbskull. Also, I can control you from anywhere in the room. Your speed won’t save you.” Pietro’s eyes widened. “And you heard about what I did to that dumbass professor. Fucker expelled me. I was just teaching him a lesson.” You smirked, remembering that day. “Oh, yes, I remember.” Pietro said, laughing.


You were always a rebel and you did what you wanted, when you wanted. One of your professors was a real asshole to you so you decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. You could control people’s actions. It’s a simple yet entertaining power to have. So, one day during class, you wanted to get back at your professor. He was sipping on a hot cup of coffee, scared he’d spill it on himself. So with the snap of your fingers, he titled the cup all over himself. His loud screech made the students look up at him.

Everyone laughed, including you. But he singled you out, like always. “Y/L/N, come to my desk right now!” You rolled your eyes and stood from your seat, grabbing your things. You knew what was coming next. “Yes, Professor butterfingers?” The class erupted in fits of laughter again. You smirked, feeling proud. “Go to the principles office, now.” You scoffed, adjusting your bag on your shoulder.

“What for? It’s not my fault you can’t hold a cup!” He shot you a glare. “Leave before I call security.” You rolled your eyes and put your hand on your hip. “Sorry, Professor, but I believe that I need to finish my work. You’re holding all of us up with this nonsense.” Your professor looked at you shocked. “You know what, whatever, Screw this.” You stood on his desk and kicked his things to the floor.

The class got quiet then, but you didn’t care. You were tired of this school and your professor who was out to get you. “Y/N Y/L/N, get down now!” You stopped kicking his things and turned to him. You hopped onto his back and gave him a noogie on his bald head. He tried getting you off but you used your powers to keep his arms in place. Once you were finished destroying his desk and quite possibly his asshole attitude, you left. 

Before you could leave, your professor yelled, “You are expelled!” With a shrug, you slung your bag over your shoulder, and left your college. You were way smarter than those people anyways. A few days later, a video of you went viral and Tony Stark heard about it from Pietro. He got hold of your file and thought you’d be a great asset to the team and you could help him with his future projects. So, you joined.

-end of flashback-

The sound of heavy boots walking across the floor pulled you from your thoughts. “Hey, Y/N!” You turned around and saw Bucky, your cheeks turning red. “Oh, hey Buck. How are you?” He smiled and sat down in your lab chair, looking at the project. “I’m alright, thanks.” Pietro cleared his throat and walked up beside you. You looked at Pietro and he was holding an explosive device you set aside. “Pietro, you idiot! Put that down!” Your eyebrows knitting together, knowind he’d drop it and we’d all be dead.

He shrugged and did as you said. “I’m just so bored, Y/N. Let’s please go do something.” He grabbed your hand, whining like a five year old. You turned to Bucky and he looked upset. “Bucky would you do me a tiny favor and keep Pietro occupied?” Bucky pursed his lips, looking between you and Pietro. “I have stuff to do later.” You nodded, smiling at Bucky. “Well, that’s okay!” You turned to Pietro and sighed. “You’re out of luck, shithead.” Bucky chuckled behind you.

Pietro groaned and rushed out of the room, a gust of wind flying your hair around your face. Walking back over to your work area, you stood beside Bucky. “Oh, here’s your chair.” You shook your head as he stood up. “Stay there. I like having you here with me.” Bucky blushed a little, sitting back down. You were such a softy when it came to Bucky. Your whole badass image was completely gone when he was around.

“So, are you and Pietro a thing?” Bucky timidly asked you. You laughed, putting your glasses on to inspect some wires you had to connect. “No, we’re just friends.” Bucky relaxed in his seat, exhaling a breath he had been holding onto.  He watched your work on your little project, noticing how innocent you looked when you were concentrating. “Why are you looking at her like that?” A voice chimed in, startling you and Bucky.

Tony was standing close to you and Bucky with his arms crossed. Bucky shifted in your chair, his cheeks red. “What? I was just watching her work.” You smiled, setting your pliers down on the table. “Bucky, it seems like you have a little crush on my partner here.” You could feel butterflies erupting in your tummy. “I-I do not!” Bucky said defensively. You giggled, looking at the two men argue back and forth. After a few minutes of hearing “Do not!” and “Do too!”, you waved your hand and shut their mouths for them.

Bucky sighed and shot Tony a glare. Tony was scared to talk now. You gave Tony a look and he nodded and left the room again. “That Tony. Always under someone’s skin.” You shook your head, looking down at Bucky. “He doesn’t mean that. I don’t have a crush on you.” Your heart sank but you didn’t let him see the pain you felt. “Oh, well that’s fine. But for what it’s worth, I quite like you.” Bucky’s breath hitched in his throat as he processed what you just said.

You looked at him, smiling a little. “Okay, yes. I have a crush on you. You’re just so pretty and sweet to me. You’re kind of sarcastic and playfully mean towards everyone else.” Bucky nervously ran his hands through his hair, something you loved watching. “Well, I like you. And I care about you, a lot.” You shrugged your shoulders matter of factly. You had a soft spot for the super soldier, you couldn’t help it. “Well what do you say about a date this Friday?” He asked, his voice full of hope.

You nodded and smiled widely. “I’d love that.” Bucky stood up and leaned down to give you a kiss on your cheek. “I’ll see you then.” You laughed and hit him on his arm lightly. “I’ll literally see you every minute up until that moment. We live in the same tower.” His face flashed with embarrassment. “You know what I meant.” He chuckled, leaning against your table. “I know. I’ll still pick on you a little bit.” You winked at him and he looked down at his shoes. “I’ll let it slide, Doll.” You smiled at the nickname and went back to working on your project. You couldn’t wait for your date with Bucky.

Note: the ending kind of sucked but enjoy! .c

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How old are you?
Technically 29 for another ten days still.
Current Job/Dream Job?
Warehouse worker / Screenwriter/Director? Something artistic to do with film or game development anyway.
What are you talented at?
Being an observant smartass? Logical deducing? I’m an okay writer?
What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)?
Getting my head back into studying mode and actually committing to a goal. Then I can actually set myself a goal. :p
What is your aesthetic?
Guerrilla Jedi? Dieselpunk Mirkwood? Celtic Goth? IDK. :D
Do you collect anything?
Not really, just books I guess.
What is a topic you’re always up to talk about?
Star Wars. History. The paranormal. In general I love to analyze stuff.
What’s a pet peeve of yours?
I have several but I can never remember them when I should answer this question.
Good advice to give?
Shame is an useless feeling. Unless you’re actually causing harm in some way, there’s no need to feel bad about it. Liking a cheesy song or falling flat on your ass in public? No one cares, so just laugh it off - and if someone laughs at you, they should probably feel ashamed. (Also don’t get shame mixed up with guilt. Guilt is your conscience telling you you probably did actually fuck up.)
Recommend three songs?
I’ll just choose three favourites at random:

Leonard Cohen - Famous Blue Raincoat
Vienna Teng - Now Three
Velcra - Can’t Stop Fighting

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I really love my friend but everytime when it comes to pokemon, she acts like I'm a total noob only because I didn't played every single game in my childhood. She always has this smartass behaviour even if she's wrong about something. I love pokemon but she really starts to ruin it for me...

I’m sure you already know that you don’t have to play every game to be a fan and love it. Your friend should be more welcoming and maybe tell you about some of the things you don’t know and accept that they don’t know it all either. 

Perhaps you can tell them that their behavior is causing you to feel that way? It is never easy to approach someone about something that bothers you, but that is something that friends need to be able to do with each other. 

I hope that it gets better and your friend will realize that it isn’t enjoyable to have to deal with such attitudes. I wish you the very best.  

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Kiss the pretty asshole and then ignore him and make him confused lol, see what big word the asshole says now. Im actually like him? A big ol' nerdy douche? And ive pulled the "kiss & leave" 10/10 doesnt work but fun enough lol ily tho!!

Look… I hate him this much bc he’s literally me. Big ass words, wannabe writer, pretentious asshole. THAT’S ME AND I KNOW IT. I’ve never been an academically competitive person because who the hell cares but I really want to fuck with him… And kiss him maybe. Later. If he stops being an ice cold smartass and I stop being a bitter, stubborn bitch


“He’s got an extensive wardrobe. I just imagine Thranduil, at any given moment say "Ah okay, I’m meeting the dwarves… what do you think I should wear? Do you think I should wear the silver caftan? Or the gold flowing robe? The crown? No crown? A sash? Perhaps the slingbacks…” - Graham McTavish