I got to fall asleep with my girl last night and it made me kinda super happy, In a short amount of time you showed me that time and distance doesnt mean anything when someone like you comes along, thanks for putting up with my smartass for as long as you have, 8 weeks and 2 days💪🏼❤️ currently-searching

ahh, here we have the usual drama on mweor dot com, but this time its the newer users who are being the babies

im just gonna sit back and watch the older crowd put them into their place

(i will also be very disappointed if the usual group of smartasses doesnt show up, you guys know who you are and you make the situation so much funnier xD)

Title: Look Before You Leap (in the Shower)
Author: hoaxsuicide
Reader: consulting_smartass
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Rating: Explicit
Genre/Tags: shower sex, handjob, frottage, PWP
Length: 33:13

Summary: “Oh Christ!” Sherlock moaned loudly, his baritone bouncing off the bathroom tiles…

Sherlock should really pay more attention to his surroundings…

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Pre/Post Music - The Load - Barbarossa 

anonymous asked:

OK I need to fangirl some more over your work cAUSE HOLY SHIT. People either depict Wade as an ass, a bloodthirsty serial killer, or the class clown. You provide depth. You actually write his anxiety and inferiority complex, his wise cracks which have the purpose the divert from these and I just-- tip my hat off. And the boxes! With other authors, they're cringe worthy but with you they're in character! They have a use and their comedic value is actually funny. Your wall breaking is effective1/4

*gross sobbing* *clears throat* *tries to form coherent response*

OMG anon, what a lovely message to wake up to!!

Thank you so much. I am absolutely blown away from you response, I’m sitting here grinning like a lunatic, I swear.

Wade to me, has always been incredibly multi-faceted and complex, more than just a smartass or a clown. So I really try my best to convey that as well as I can.

The boxes are really just little sarcastic arseholes who say everything and anything I’d like to sometimes :P They are a blast to write!

Obviously, I adore writing Spideypool as a pair. They to me, are just the epitome of two halves of the same coin. They have this contrast to them in their morals, ideologies and ways of doing things that is fascinating, but also an understanding of each other than shines through their mutual wit and sense of humour that just makes them work.

To be honest, the plot to me has gone through various changes over the last few months, and at times hasn’t been easy for me, but overall, I’m quite happy with it. I’ve tried to make it complex but not complicated and also easy to follow but not predictable. It’s been a hard balance!

The way I typically handle romance in my fics is the slow burn. I find the thrill in the journey, not the destination. *Blush* Thank you! I can’t tell you how flattering that is too hear. I try so hard to make things as canon compliant and for you to say it’s like reading an adaptation means so much to me *hug*

I do have OCs. They are Selena Rickards, Joe Blye, Eddie James (who I made the cousin to the canon Miles Morales) and Lucas Daniels. Thank you! Writing OCs can be incredibly daunting as it’s so easy to fall into Mary Sue/Gary Stu territory. So I’m very relived to hear you think they are done okay :)

Phew! Yep, those lengthy chapters are very tiring. But comments like yours make it very rewarding, so thank you again so much, from the bottom of my heart. I adore writing, all I’ve ever wanted to be since I was six years old was a writer, so messages like these really mean the absolute world to me. I can’t thank you enough. 

And wow, favourite fanfiction author ever?! *starts gross sobbing all over again* THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU WONDERFUL PERSON YOU! <3


The last time Charles had visited his twin brother, it became all the more clear to him that he needed to move him nearer, he needed to be able to keep a closer eye on him. At the same time, it would also make it easier for him to drop in whilst passing by, but never would he vocalise such an admission, or even accept the notion at all. He didn’t want Oracle stuck in the same place the rest of the mutants were rotting, and so, he created a holding cell specially for him in the lower levels of their childhood home.

With thick glass all around it, it was simple, white with a small bed and table beside it. The mutant wasn’t bound up, wasn’t chained to the spot, which gave him the ability to roam free within the place, even giving him another area he could go to so that guards didn’t have to watch over him, he had access to his own restroom. Of course, Charles made sure there was no way he could escape, keeping him hidden, quiet. It was for his own good. “Oracle?” The President murmured as he entered the cell, glancing behind as the clear door slid shut. It had been weeks since he’d last seen him, months. “Brother?”

the signs at school
  • aries:"don't even look at me but look at me cus I'm fucking cute"
  • taurus:builds an army of disciples
  • gemini:gossips in the corner
  • cancer:spends their life kissing ass
  • leo:smartass lil shit but doesn't do any work
  • virgo:thinks is a smartass but is a lil shit irl
  • libra:sleeps
  • scorpio:the homophobic racist white boy
  • sagittarius:dancing on the table while the teacher's gone
  • capricorn:embarrasses self 12 times a day
  • aquarius:flirts 24/7
  • pisces:doesn't even remember what class they're in

Well, all in all, that couldn’t have gone worse. And before you make some smartass comment, I know there’s lots of ways it could have gone worse. I’m just saying.


Glancing each way, the telepath paused to make sure there
was no one near, nobody to follow him to the particular cell
he was straying towards. Within the prison he’d created,
deep in the dark forgotten corners, there was a mutant that
Charles visited, one mutant he ever visited more than once.

Brushing the face of his watch along the cell bars, he made
sure the mutant knew he was coming, until he paused at the
door only to open it. Stepping inside, he closed it behind him,
tucking away the keys for safe keeping. Slowly, he knelt down,
one hand on the ground to support him, the other resting on
his knee. “Good evening… brother.”