Imagine being a slave-dancer for  Alfrid and catching Bards eye during one of your dances.

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“Who is she?”, he whispered to himself. The longer she danced, the more he fell into her trance.

The Signs As Iconic Moments In Britney Spears' Career

Aries: Britney’s 2007 Gimme More performance / The phrase “It’s Britney, bitch”

Taurus: Britney dyes her hair brown/black

Gemini: Britney’s “Toxic” music video

Cancer: Britney trips on broken pavement and almost drops her baby, Sean Preston

Leo: “I’m A Slave 4 U” performance with a snake at the 2001 VMA’s

Virgo: Madonna and Britney kiss at 2003 VMA’s

Libra: Britney spontaneous 55-hour marriage that took place in Las Vegas, NV

Scorpio: Britney wears no panties while partying with Paris Hilton

Sagittarius: “…Baby One More Time” music video is released

Capricorn: Britney’s highly anticipated and successful comeback

Aquarius: Britney drives all night, shaves her head and gets tattooed

Pisces: Britney gets taken in an ambulance to Mount Cedar-Sinai Hospital after locking herself with her son in bathroom and refusing to come out and admitted into psychiatric ward shortly after


best choreography YES or YES?

(also, best thing Pharrell Williams’s ever done? yep)

Dance, is deeply engrained in our mind.
Did you know that we have been dancing since the dawn of time?
The body needs to move.
The mind is lifted off by the rhythm
And the body, follows.
The mind picks up the beat.
And the body, follows.
It’s not that hard.
And it’s beautiful to see.
I see you doubting my words.
And yes, I can understand.
Sometimes, dancing can be a little awkward.
But, listen to me.
The key to dancing, is relaxation.
So, take a nice, deep breath.
And just relax.
That’s already better isn’t it?
And just took a nice, deep breath.
And you know, breathing is like a rhythm.
Like a beat.
And you are always breathing.
So, you are always following a beat.
Now, put a hand on your chest.
Continue breathing.
Very good.
Nice and relaxed.
Nice, and relaxed.
Wee are having a nice conversation, and you are following along so nicely.
Can you feel your heart beating?
Thump. Thump. Thump.
So easy to follow.
Just like my words.
Thump. Thump. Thump.
So nice.
So easy to follow.
And it’s made by your body.
Continue breathing.
Let your breathing follow the beat.
Now, move your hips.
Come on.
Just  wiggle.
See? It’s easy.
And so nice.
So easy.
Each wiggle, send you nice vibrations trough your body.
Continue breathing.
And follow my words.
Feel the beat.
Feel the rhythm.
Growing inside you.
And growing.
And you are starting to notice something weird.
You feel the urge to thump your foot.
Thump it to the beat.
Come on. Do it.
You know you want it.
That’s good.
Thump. Thump. Thump.
Feel the beat growing.
And, as this feel grows.
You notice another thing.
You have been so attentive today, that’s very good.
Oh, you like it when I tell you are good?
I’ll keep it in mind.
But, back to you.
You are noticing, that my words too have a beat.
A rhythm.
Deep inside them.
And, you want to follow that too.
Because, feeling the beat is so nice.
It makes you feel cozy
and giggly
and warm inside.
And as the beat grows inside your body, inside your mind
so does the warmth.
And if your mind feel the beat,
your body is sure to follow.
Rhythm, and repetition,
Rhythm and repetition.
The base of a good music.
The base of a good trance.
A trance in which you have been slowly slipping,
since you’ve been starting reading my words.
So easy, so natural.
Like dancing.
Eyes getting heavier, while your body still cannot stop feeling the beat.
Your hips sway
your hands follow along
your feet beat the ground.
Slipping deeper and deeper
as the beat becomes louder
and louder
muting your thoughts.
You cannot hear your mind anymore.
You are overcome by the rhythm.
It’s a primal sensation.
Like hunger.
Like thirst.
Like lust.
Dancing rocks your body, and take control.
You are completely lost now,
you don’t know who you are
you don’t know your past.
You just know you have to follow the beat.
To feel it covering your body.
A body that shakes in pleasure.
A body that cannot stop moving.
And I made that body move.
“Dance like nobody’s watching” they say.
But I am watching.
And I am pleased with that.
I seem to remember you liked when I told you you were being good.
And even know,
as you are lost in mindless bliss,
in your instincts,
your mind has just a little spark of thought.
You are not dancing for yourself.
You are dancing for me.
And there is no greater pleasure in the world.
Feel the beat.
Feel the rhythm.
Let it overtake your mind.
And just be lost in it.
Just get lost in me.
Your mind is mine.
And your body, just has to follow.

yasminabellydancer as promised.


I used to wonder why that scene with Oola happened.  Even more after the extra scene of her after falling down that was added later on.

Like yanno… just a few scenes earlier she had been dancing around. And then suddenly she got dumped like that. I mean, I don’t think Jabba made a habit to feed his slave dancers to his pet baby rancor every time there’s a party at the Palace.

Checking In

Olivia had gone into town after she had spent a long period of time practicing her dance just outside of HQ among the trees. She was in her usual good mood as she picked up a few small items she needed here and there until she had overheard a few of the townspeople speaking in hushed voices. 

She tried not to listen to their conversation, it wasn’t any of her business. Until she heard one of the men warning the woman he was talking to about rumors of slave traders. The dancer froze in her tracks. So much for peace.

She turned on her heal and quickly made her way back to the Shepherds, knowing they should know about this by now, but wanting to make sure. It wasn’t long before she saw a sign in sheet near the barracks with a few of her friends around it. She walked over to it and read the quick summary of what was going on and signed her name under the few of her other friends. She read through it and her heart sank into her stomach when she realized there were still a couple names missing. 

She closed her eyes and made herself take a deep breath. It was still fairly early, so those who have not signed in yet must be out on errands or just haven’t had the chance to get to this paper just yet. That’s what she had to tell herself to keep from giving herself another stress fever. 

Olivia decided to wander around and keep her eyes open for those who have yet to sign. As she quietly waked around she thought back of just before the war. She had been kidnapped once by a nobleman who enjoyed her dancing just a little too much and decided he was going to try and marry her, whether she wanted it or not, which of course she did not. She wasn’t kidnapped to be sold into slavery, but being taken against her will was terrifying. She didn’t want her friends to have to go through that. With a determined mindset, she decided right then and there that now that she knows how to wield a sword, she was going to everything she could to keep her friends and anyone else in need safe. Maybe she should try and catch Gregor when he has some free time again to train some more…

With the slave traders prowling around, the dancer also realize she couldn’t sneak off into the trees to practice her dance. Shoot. She shook her head, she’d figure something out. Staying safe was far more important than dancing. Maybe she could dance behind the barracks at night? That could work. There’s a bigger chance of someone seeing, but hey, this could be good to train her senses. If she is able to hear someone approaching while dancing, then she’d be able to hear a slave trader approaching at any time, right? A chill went up her spine and she crossed her arms to fight the shiver. This is terrible…