All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
  • All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
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All We Ever Wanted Was Everything - Bauhaus.

All we ever wanted was everything 
All we ever got was cold 
Get up, eat jelly 
Sandwich bars, and barbed wire 
Squash every week into a day 

The sound of the drum is calling 
The sound of the drum has called 
Flash of youth shoot out of darkness 

Oh to be the cream


Cut down the puppet strings.

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Exploring, adventure all of that felt like a fun thing to do. Even having not to fall on her butt. The freedom to explore had the curiosity in the world of the living. Two blue eyes spotted cat ; black as the sky that when light has gone out. Pitch darkness was the color of fur when spotting two golden eyes. Isabelle started to charge toward the other being as a cat peeked her interest. Stopping however noticing the cat has senses when she stops to wait for the cat to not look scared if it had at all.

—“Neko?” Isabelle hands slowly moved toward the cat, fingers wiggled not having the joy of the cat near her back when she was young. “Just a few niches…closer.” Inching closer to petting her first cat.

A Rest Well Earned

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It still felt strange, to be…done. He had not been entirely sure they ever would be, in truth, and with everything they had been through to reach this point, he was still trying to wrap his head around the very concept. Done. And they were both alive on the other side. It was enough that he had spent the last couple of days in near silence, simply sticking close to Kaaras as much as he could, quietly catching his hand or finding excuses to brush against him, to be with him as much as possible, to just…exist together in the aftermath. 

When the Breach had opened again in the sky and Kaaras and gone out to meet Corypheus, he was not certain he would ever even come back again. No one was. In the days since, things had been busy - celebrations and final things to be dealt with, a reorientation of the Inquisition towards cleaning up the mess instead of stopping the darkspawn magister. That was all well and good, but still exhausting, and now they had what they did not have before. Time.

It had not been difficult to work out what to do with it: get away. Anywhere. To do anything except this. To just be together, reveling in the fact they were alive and it was done, and everything was going to be just fine. 

He slowly went through his belongings in his pack - almost everything he owned in truth, since he did not have much, and then glanced up to Kaaras where he gave a little smile (he was smiling a lot these last few days). He settled his pack in place, tied securely to the hart he was now riding, and drew a deep breath before hauling himself up into a seat. The hart was different than the horse, raised among the Dalish, a gift from one of the clans. It felt more like he was used to - he had ridden halla as a child and the hart seemed to recognize when he spoke softly in elven words. It understood the way he sat, and he found it easier than the horse. Athim, he had called it, Humility, a reminder that he was still quite new to riding and likely to fall off a lot, and to not take for granted every moment that he didn’t. 

“Ready, Emma’Ghilan?” he called, expression clear and bright, glancing back to Kaaras.

Imagine being a Dragon skin-changer and at first refusing to help fight the orcs but end up saving the line of Durin in BOTFA

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Those Dwarves dare to come into your mountain and drive out your father, Smaug, only to watch him get shot down over Lake-Town?

You fumed with a rage that you had never felt the like of before. The sorrow and gut wrenching sadness you felt consumed your very being at the loss of your father, the only one who accepted you as you were, a dragon skin-changer. The only one who protected you was gone, shot down like a bird out of the sky and plunged into the depths of the icy lake.

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