“This is me.

This is me and I am this.

I never felt more alive!

I’m gay!”

Tyler Posey comes out in a brave statement on snapchat this evening. In a climate where leaving the closet can be seen as taboo to the point where the sheer act of the thing is courageous, Tyler Posey proves that all those people struggling are just pussies and it’s not a big deal at all! Not for him!


“My songs are really just continuations of one another. I can sit down and play a medley of ‘Dreams,’ 'Sara,’ 'Outside the Rain,’ 'How Still My Love’ and 'Edge of Seventeen.’ They’re all little pieces. I don’t try to change my songwriting that much. I don’t care if it sounds like another 'Dreams’ or not. I just try to make it more personal each time. But I want people to believe me when I sing. If they don’t, then there’s no reason for writing those really personal things down." 

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  • Forget boyfriend material
  • This man is husband material
  • Seriously though touch that cashmere sweater
  • Wait it isn’t made of cashmere
  • That’s husband material
  • Probably the most attentive and caring person you will ever meet
  • Always making sure you are comfortable and feel ok
  • Offering you his arm like a gentleman
  • Being the perfect gentleman in general
  • Pulling out your chair before you sit down
  • Opening every single door for you
  • He would treat you like the most precious thing in the world
  • Sending you flowers just to remind you how amazing you are
  • Backhugs
  • Forehead kisses
  • Cheek kisses
  • Nose kisses
  • Matching sweaters when it gets cold
  • Matching hats too… and maybe scarves
  • Laughing at his bad jokes just because they’re just SO bad
  • Him being a little insecure that you only like him for his fame/money
  • But with all the affection you share between each other his doubts fade
  • Planning out your time for when he has nights off weeks in advance
  • Because you want to take advantage of as much time together as possible
  • Trying to cook together
  • Failing at cooking together because you distract each other
  • Ending up ordering food and curling up to watch a movie
  • Falling asleep against his shoulder
  • Picking you up and tucking you into bed
  • Spoiling you all the time
  • “Jagi are you ok?”
  • Shoulder rubs
  • His thumb rubbing circles across your hand when you hold hands
  • Looking up and just admiring little things about you
  • And remembering why he fell for you all over again
  • Everything is always either really casual or really formal
  • Like either coffee dates or fancy restaurants
  • But you love both
  • Because it just means you get to be together
  • Despite his chaotic schedule you are always on his mind
  • A relationship of dedication and fierce loyalty and cute moments of normal between all the busy ones

whehh, i was like good… 7-8 hours just walking around?? 

I’m glad tho i did that since now i got some own plants i really like the bonsai tree AND FINALLY got a new phone! My previous one is pretty old already so it was good i got this one right after i ordered it. =v=

poor neil has never had a smore before :(( 

Andrew starts a fire after ordering Neil to collect wood. He snatches the match box from Neil when he tries to at first, wanting to avoid any possible accident. Andrew watches the match burn to almost the end, then throws it into the spot of kindling underneath the rest of the logs and fans it to a blaze.

Neil looks especially pretty with his face illuminated by the orange light, and the light from the moon creating a hazy aura around the rest of his frame, but Andrew doesn’t care to say that aloud. He just goes to grab supplies from the car, coming back and dumping it unceremoniously on the ground next to their feet before sitting back down on the sand again.

“What’s that?” Neil asks.

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i like to start off every morning by sitting down with a big steaming mug of tea and contemplating the colossal bullet of human depravity and moral abyss i managed to dodge by never getting into dragon age


“So you breathe fire?” Scott asked looking at you with wide eyes.

“Yeah, I mean it’s not the only thingI can do, but it is one of my many…talents.” You informed the alpha. 

“So have you been hiding it from us this whole time or is it a recent development?” Lydia asked you. 

“No, I was born like this, it’s sorta genetic. I just didn’t think it was so important that you guys needed to know.” You said with a shrug.

“You can breathe fire and you thought it was no big deal?!” Stiles shouted at you. 

“So I’m assuming this would be a bad time to mention that I can also fly.” You said smiling sheepishly. 

Stiles eyes widened and his jaw fell slack. 

“Maybe we should all sit down.” Scott offered. 

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people come out as gay like that all the time, tyler posey is really nice and supported other celebs when they came out so i'm pretty sure hes serious. it doesn't always have to be something were you sit down and tell everyone through some serious vid

I talked to a mutual from TW fandom and they are convinced it’s a joke considering his past behavior and tendency to put his foot in his mouth, so I’m on the fence about it.

I feel like Conner does this thing to annoy Tim ALL THE TIME where, whenever he finds him sitting down, he’ll just be like ‘Mmf…tired.’ and flop entirely on top of Tim (who is just long-suffering enough to put up with it).
And he’ll pretend to doze off, only after a little while he’ll start using his TTK just the tiniest bit at a time, to very gradually make himself lighter and lighter, until Tim eventually has literally none of Conner’s weight on him any more, even though they’re physically touching. And after a few minutes, he kind of hesitantly presses his hand to Conner’s back, needing a reality check, and Conner laughs for ages because he’s an asshole. 

And then Tim hits him.

Short a Capella cover of Hurricane by Halsey

My mic is shit and I’m not using my full breath support because I’m sitting down. It sounds better and fuller I guess in person. Not gonna lie kinda of nervous posting this and may have slight anxiety about it right now but I guess some people were curious

Another thing that kinda got my goat about Alone At Sea, is the fact that we do see Jasper being a little strange.  She clearly is broken and isn’t right.  I, in no means, am excusing her behavior, because Jasper did some crappy things (but as did Lapis).

My thing is, is why wasn’t there a little more of the Steven we know?  Usually Steven will try to see both sides of things, the only time we truly see him get a clouded head was during Beach City Drift, because Steven hated Kevin that much.  Then Connie explained to Steven that this wasn’t the proper way to handle it and Steven realized that.

SO I guess in a way I answered my own question.  My theory is that maybe Steven might consider how Jasper felt.  Because he certainly knows how Lapis felt, and with a lot of things that Garnet has said about fusion, Steven has an understanding.

I get that this episode was more to show how abusive relationships are, and how there are people who are there to protect you and you don’t have to feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to do.

I think Steven will start thinking about what Lapis said about treating Jasper when fused and may start to think about how Jasper felt during the fusion, along side with how Lapis felt with what Jasper was doing with the fusion.  How both parties came out really broken, how Jasper hasn’t really healed and is handling everything in a pour way, and how Lapis is starting to understand that even though she was painting herself as the abuser the whole time, she is also the victim at the same time.

TLDR; I just want everybody to be god damn happy and also for people to understand that the relationship was abusive on both parts.

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Sans? When you and alphys separated...did it hurt? I found out that the person I loved had up and left without so much as a goodbye or an it's over...was that as hard and sad as what happened to you? How'd you deal with it...

*At Casa Românească, the fancy restaurant*

Alphys: *sits down* Sansy, Sansy, Sansy! Look what I bought when I and Undyne were ready to leave Aquapark. (◕‿◕✿)

Sans: Oh god…. You greeDINO, (ಥ﹏ಥ ; )

Alphys: (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ C’mon SANSpai me. 

(lol I drew it while both laptop and tablet were on my legs cuz the drawer is way too low XDD, also this dress and hat are my real clothes as well XDD)

Sans: …. Captain? Dare to underestimate my position? For that you arrived way too late? Shame on ya. (;一_一)

Alphys: Whatever. (¬_¬)

Sans: Pff, lemme try that cute hat. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ *about to reach it—


Alphys: No. (✿´‿`)

Sans: Owww- *rubs his boney hand* (TT‿TT) S’okies, A-luv. *wraps an arm around her* So, what ya’d like to eat—

One of monsters: *appears out of nowhere* Oh, sorry to bother ya but you must be Sans, right?! And you, Alphys too?

Sans: … ok? (;一_一) *dying whale sound* rfgthyujk

One of monsters: I HAZ A QUESTION! When you and alphys separated…did it hurt?  My friend found out that the person they loved had up and left without so much as a goodbye or an it’s over…was that as hard and sad as what happened to you? How’d you deal with it… 

Alphys: W-Why MUST it ruin our vacation??????  (;一_一)

Sans: Welp. Okay I will be honest with ya this time then. *faces the other* Alphys was the only one who gave me a goodbye to me. Yeah, it sure did hurt a lot at first but I learned to tolerate the pain and all. As I mentioned before ‘love’ comes and leaves. That’s life for ya, pal. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  And I am sorry to hear what happened to your friend, that wasn’t COOL of them.

Alphys: H-Hold on… Really? Wasn’t you the only one who left me with a goodbye first? Or are we switching our roles all of a sudden? lol ~(˘▾˘~)

One of monsters: *utterly confused*

Sans: lol. O’boy. ( ゚ヮ゚) Think I forgot?

Alphys: lol. You biggie dingus! *squeezes his boney hand a little hard*

Sans: Ow- lol. After that we made peace and moved on. End of story. ( ゚ヮ゚)

Alphys: PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. *claps* Love ya for that. ಠ_ಠ

One of monsters: U-uh, gotta go-! *accidentally runs into the waiter* FFFF-!

Sans and Alphys: ∑(o___o〃)

Sans and Alphys: LOL!!!

-walking out my room heading to the kitchen to get a fruit bowl and water bottle then walking to the patio, sitting down looking at the beautiful view-

"Move" - teaser

I’m sitting down and writing more on my broken computer tonight. This needs to be edited but I wanted you all to see it :) let me know if I should continue!

The evening was hot and muggy, the hair that you had spent hours on earlier today when Harry announced that he wanted to go on a date that evening starting to stick to your now sweaty neck, regret filling your mind about how long it took, and how it will probably go up in some sort of hair tie pretty soon. Trying to find relief you tilted your head backwards and let the strands dangle to the middle of your back, swaying your head back and forth gently to let any type of air in the thick humidity hit the back of your neck. Your eyes slid closed for a minute when air hit your neck, shivers running up your spine. For a minute you thought it was pure luck, like the heavens were listening, but a split-second later you realized you knew where this stream of air was coming from. Your eyes opened halfway and you looked to your right, to the source of the air, and they landed on a set of perfect raspberry red lips, wet from the drink he was sipping on in a shape of an O.
“You don’t happen to have a hair tie, do you?” you groaned and bit your lip, glancing at the top of his head that was still adoring his Dunkirk hair, the shaved bits were now growing back into his beautiful curls. They were not long enough for him to pile any sort of tiny bun on his head, but you still had hope. For a month or two after he chopped it off for charity and it was buzzed for the movie, there was still a hair tie lingering in his pocket or on his wrist out of pure instinct and familiarity. It took him another two months to figure out that he wouldn’t need one, finally ditching them. You thought that maybe if he was growing it back, the hair ties would come back.
He glanced at his wrist, brows pulled together as his arm twisted around and he pouted out, shoving his hand in one pocket, then the other one. He looked at you with sorrow in his face, grabbing at your locks and wrapping them in a circle between his index and thumb finger. Leaning in he blew another stream of air on your neck, the pressure of the wind getting closer until you felt his lips on your skin.
“Think yeh look gorgeous”, his nose skimmed the side of your neck, letting your hair fall back down and his hand snaked over the back of your neck. It was cold from him holding his drink and you let out an approving sigh, your head lulling back in search for more. He was still planting wet kisses on your neck and rubbed his thumb on your skin, one more sweet kiss before he pulled away.
“Ugh” you grumbled and dipped into your small purse, in search of any relief, a rubber band would do right now. You wouldn’t care if it pulled at your roots or broke it, you were about to ask the waitress at the bar for a knife to cut it all off. Taking a deep breath in when you closed your purse, you moved your huge mane of hair to one side of your shoulder, letting it cascade down the front of your chest.
“Sorry, love”, his hand moved down the center of your back, rubbing circles on your spine, “all the more reason for me to grow mine back”, his smile was halfway on his face, sipping at his ‘Old Jamaican’ drink he was so insistent on, because “We always have rum and coke, love. We are in Jamaica, we are trying something new, right?”
“Can think of another reason why”, you smirked and took a small sip from your drink, knowing he was thinking about it when his hand paused for a minute on your back.
“The first night I had this you told me it was easier to pull on”, he smirked and took another sip, his lips curling over his teeth as he swallowed, “less tangles for you to get stuck in when I’m eatin’ yeh” he said so blasé and monotone you wanted to ignore the tingle between your legs, but he had this power over you. Of course you two were best friends and did basically everything together, and he turned you on as much as you made him crazy, but he was just talking right now, and you should not be pressing your thighs together. There was nothing sexual in his tone but the way he looked right now – all tanned from being on the beach and doing nothing else all week, and smelling like coconut, alcohol and him – it was driving you into thoughts you should not be having.
Before you could say anything, the club that Damian Marley was playing at started to fill drastically, people packing in all around you and you were both stuck in the middle, dirty thoughts subsided when you started chatting with a woman next to you. She was nice, and charming, and you thought nothing more than a sweet stranger until she took a couple of glances up at Harry. Her eyes sparkled and flickered back down to you, as if you didn’t see it. Your jealousy shouldn’t be spiked but you’ve had a drink now and you were ready to throw punches if needed.
“Harry, love”, you turned to him after pausing your conversation with the stranger, rubbing your hands up the thin fabric of his sleeveless baggy shirt. Glancing up at him you made yourself known to the woman behind you when you kissed his jaw, rubbing your hand over his stomach.
“Mmmm?” he moaned in approval at your lips touching his face, half lidded eyes peering down at you.
“Can you get me another drink?” you held up your now empty glass (you gulped it down after a jealous conversation) , peering up at him.
“Course”, he kissed your temple and took your empty glass, “don’ go far”, he turned on his heel and nodded to the woman next to you, swiftly moving towards the bark between people. It was like he was Moses parting the red sea; people just parted for him like he wasn’t asking.
The crowd started to move in a bit more, you turned to look over your shoulder to find Harry because the ‘holding his place’ thing was getting a bit too much since people were starting to give you the side eye. But you found Harry’s eyes quickly and he smiled just a bit at you, holding the drinks steady in his hands. Again, he wasn’t even asking but people just seemed to move for him without the slightest bit of anger.
“Here yeh go, pretty lady”, he handed you your drink held up his, and you joined him in a friendly ‘cheers’ clink of your glasses. The both of you took a sip and smiled at each other, your hand running through his hair.
“You look so handsome”, you said over your glass.
“Shush”, he grabbed your wrist and held a kiss to the bottom of your palm, the woman who was behind you must have been eyeballing him because he glanced her way, then back down at you, smirking – a laugh coming from his nose and hitting your skin.
“Don’ think your new friend likes us very much”, he let go of your wrist and your hand traveled down his toned chest, resting on his navel.
“You look so fuckin’ beautiful”, his eyes traveled from your head slowly, scanning your neck that he’s left so many love bites on, the shoulders he bites and massages, your chest, stopping at your breasts and he bit his lip.
“Perv” you stifled out a laugh and turned towards the stage, but his eyes were still burning into you. He reached your ass and then – what was that?
His eyes searched through the slit of your dress, just to look at that again. What was that? Was it a tattoo? A gold tattoo? Of a … sparrow? On your thigh? He needed to see this. Needed to see a bit of territory that was his now marked with something that piqued his interest. When did she put this on, and was it there for him to find it?
He started to reach down with his fingers when the lights turned all the way off; the only lights that turned back on were on the stage. People started to cheer and so were you, your hands cupping your mouth when you let out an approving and excited squeal.
He wanted nothing more than to watch you now, watch you sing along and dance, and to hold you in front of him when a slow song came on. He wanted to enjoy this concert because it was a fucking Marley and this was once in a lifetime, but he was not forgetting the flash of gold on your thigh that caught his eye. He was going to enjoy this concert and the fact that he was not known at all here in Jamaica, and how good of a time you two were having on vacation. Taking a sip of his drink he followed you with your approving yells when Damian came out, followed by a few other people. The concert started and he was distracted, but not enough to look for this hidden gem later on.