We started out as two petite girls in a guy’s rock ’n’ roll world. A bond was created and a group of us became sisters of the Moon.” -Margi Kent 

 The triangle design (the original MK Logo) was based off of the Maya pyramid, which represented sisterhood & continuity. The triangles were given to a small group of friends, the original Sisters of the Moon. Shop here.

Honestly I think grunge music changed my life for good.
Not only because of the music… I mean the people you meet along the way. You learn about brotherhood and sisterhood. You learn how to appreciate music in a way that you’d never dreamed of. You go from listening to x kind of music to just get caught in grunge music. You learn about a lot of positive things. You learn about negative stuff that you have to be aware and avoid it as much as possible.

Grunge is like an entire life lesson all taught in life experiences and music being the way those experiences and feelings are told. It’s more than just music. It’s more of an spiritual experience.

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You mean, the boyfriend's black jeans? Have you seen the movie "The sisterhood of the traveling pants"? Maybe he and Harry are doing something like that! Or maybe even OT4

Haha that would actually be amazing. They should all wear the same pair of pants when they get papped and make a movie about it. I would watch.

Oversize hand painted graphic Sisters of Mercy floral motorcycle jacket
I think I make cool stuff