10 Should Reads

for Ladies into Ladies into Sci-fi/Fantasy

[You like Buffy, contemporary urban fantasy, witches, sisterhood, Young Adult]

[You like classic fantasy, epic fantasy, quests, magic, sole survivors]

[You like military fantasy, matriarchal societies, female warriors, slow-burn bow chicka-wow-wow]

[You like shapeshifters, secret societies, romance, star crossed lovers]

[You like super powered mutants, near future dystopias, underdogs, and orphans who like to box]

[You like Zombies, pop culture references, innuendos and sass]

[You like Norse mythology, urban fantasy, blacksmiths, dragons and Portland]

[You like classic Science Fiction, parallel universes, poetry and philosphy]

[You like gothic ghost stories, mind-fucks, atmospheric autumn novels in a New England setting]

[You like robots, space, science fiction, wit, scathing satire]

You really should read more lesbian books, so you’re perfectly free to see this as the kick in the ass that you need to do just that. Pick one and read it. Pick two, read both. Pick all. Just read more lesbian books.


#LAVENDER sisterhood “Boot Camp” 

Yes, all armies need to have basic training so that everyone is operating with the same foundation of common experiences and boundaries.

NECESSARY to bldg cohesiveness:

FEMME: Women Healing the World 

Regarding the enemy’s opinions on Matriarchy

Oversize hand painted graphic Sisters of Mercy floral motorcycle jacket
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