Haha so this is the continuation of that Jack and Jelly art. I turned it into comic version.. :3 @mrevaunit42 Deth is out, PEACE! *runs away and trips over a rock*

Lucas, drawn in PS. 

I had this up last night for a bit but wanted to fix some things. I also added a background (Ronin came out in summer of ‘83 and idk seems like something Lucas would be in the middle of reading).

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Lucas from Stranger Things. Portrait is of Lucas sitting cross-legged on the floor. He’s wearing brown corduroy pants and a long-sleeved dark brown shirt with orange and white cuffs, white socks, a wristwatch, and gray Sauconys. The carpet is goldenrod shag. The background is a faded collage of covers and art from Frank Miller’s Ronin.]


Bill Nye The Science Guy and Stranger Things