People need to stop making Steve Harrington look like the bad guy. How would you react if someone took pictures of your s/o shirtless without their consent. How would you react if someone was watching you and your friends behind some bushes. What Jonathan did was creepy and wrong. It wasn’t okay for him to break the camera but he bought him another one. It wasn’t okay for him to ask Nancy to lie to the police but he apologized and realized it was wrong for him to say that. It wasn’t okay for him to slut shame nancy (i wont be defending him for that) and to let his friends write “Nancy Slut Wheeler” but he cleaned it himself (which still doesn’t make it okay for him to slut shame nancy). Even though he was mad at Nancy and extremely hurt he still defended her and stood up to his friends when they talked shit about her. It was wrong for him to insult Jonathan and his family but he realized he made a mistake and drove to Jonathan’s house to apologize and try to make things right. He could have left Nancy and Jonathan alone with the monster but even though he didn’t know what was going on he came back and helped them. So stop making Steve look like the bad guy.


Can’t ship this pt. 5/5

Ariel sought me out at school the following day.
“I’m so sorry I got you in trouble. Please don’t be mad at me,” she stressed.
“Stop apologizing. I’m not mad.”
“Sure? When you didn’t answer I thought you hated me.”
“Dad took my phone away. And my computer privileges, and Playstation. I’m surprised he left my DS.”
“No? I’m sorry.”
“Stop that. It’s not your fault.”
“It feels like it is,” Ariel surprised me with a hug.

“Tobias is not gonna like this,” Miriam said behind us.
“Toby is not gonna like what?” Tobias came up to us, “oh,” he added when seeing us, still with Ariel clinging to me.
“Sorry, man. Nothing can compete with a good eyeliner,” Miriam patted Tobias’ shoulder.
“Oi, guys. Class is starting,” Tobias grunted at us.
“You’re too noisy,” I grunted back.
“Don’t fight,” Ariel asked.
Tobias glared at me, “I’m cool.” I smirked as he stomped off.
“I wonder what’s with him,” Ariel pondered.
“Who knows,” I suppressed a laugh.

Who has actually got away with murder?

Wes - Killed Sam (1x09) to save Rebecca. 

Frank - Killed Lila (1x15) because Sam told him he had to, Wallace Mahoney (2x15) confirmed (3x05) because he was the reason Analise lost her child, the hit-man Analise sent to find him (3x01); and Bonnie’s father (3x04) to make some things right.

Bonnie - killed Rebecca (2x01) because she thought she was going to the police.

Asher - killed Sinclair (2x09) because she bad-mouthed his late-father.

Hit-man? - killed Analise’s and Sam’s baby (2x14)

Caleb - Killed his parents and his aunt (3x15) to inherit their money. (Or did he?)

Accessory to murder:

Analise, Connor, Michaela, Laurel - Sam

Analise, Frank - Rebecca

Bonnie - Sinclair

Frank, Wallace Mahoney, woman working for Wallace - Analise’s baby (2x14)

People who committed suicide:

Asher’s dad (2x09)

Wes’s mom, Rose. (2x13)

Caleb (3x15) (Or did he?)

  • A Secular Saint
  • Gilbert Alexander
  • Bioshock 2

The genius of Sofia Lamb is a thing of empathy, a profound moral sense; I can only describe her… as a kind of… of secular saint. But dividing her loyalty evenly across the world at large spreads it so thin as to be invisible to some. Love… I have found, is… beneath her. Naturally, Ryan arrested her… gave her to Sinclair to incarcerate somewhere. But upon her escape, she took the city… and changed my life forever.

The Myth of “Crony Capitalism”

By default, capitalism thrives as a hierarchy, in which those with the most wealth come to have the most power, and therefore use their power to coercively dictate the lives of the masses. Since the interests of the capitalist class conflict those of the working class, the state jumps in to attempt to create a more stable society where everyone’s rights are protected. However, the state cannot separate itself from the capitalist class, so the two serve each other rather than everyone else. That’s what ‘crony capitalism’ is–the result of capitalism.

Due to the unjust and unfair hierarchical structures inherent capitalism, the state has, historically and currently, attempted to resolve problems that would not otherwise by fixed by the capitalist class. For example, the meat packing industry. Upton Sinclair, an investigative journalist, investigated the working conditions in the meat-packing industry, and published his findings in his novel The Jungle. The book made the public aware that the plants were filthy and dangerous, posing a threat to the public. The federal government then decided to intervene and regulate the food industry with the passing of the Meat Inspection Act of 1906 and the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906.

As stated by Business Insider:

“Prior to the 1970s, few corporations had their own lobbyists, and the trade associations that did represent business demonstrated nothing close to the scope and sophistication of modern lobbying. In the 1960s and the early 1970s, when Congress passed a series of new social regulations to address a range of environmental and consumer safety concerns, the business community lacked both the political will and the political capacity to stop it. These new regulations, combined with the declining economy, awoke the sleeping political giant of American business. Hundreds of companies hired lobbyists for the first time in the mid-1970s, and corporate managers began paying attention to politics much more than they ever did before.”

However, business do not only involve themselves in the government because they’re protecting their special interests, they’re also striving for power. Their main goal is to use government power to their advantage, which would not only serve their interests, but give them legal power to use against anyone that dares threaten. Two examples would be land grabbing (extremely common in the oil and agricultural industries) and agreements such as the TPP.

The TPP facilitates export-oriented industrial agriculture and allows corporations to sue governments over public interest laws that could cover anything from land to labor and environmental policies. Corporations already use their power to violate human rights worldwide.

As a result, we have the revolving door, regulatory capture, and an increasingly oligarchical society.

Oligarchy is innate to capitalism, and the idea of “crony capitalism” not being capitalism is a myth.

Selection OC net challenge #6

A/N: GUYS! I can’t believe this is almost over! I apologize in advance for the mess that is this fic to be honest, I couldn’t start writing until yesterday and the first half is a weird mess of everything that happened. The second half is an unfinished Ashton rp. Oh well. But I guess the prompt got fullfilled, tjaa. Thanks for rping @ashtonschreave @avalonbrooks @ladyhollygwen, plus the fic mentions but doesn’t quote rps with @cillia-elizabeth-rountree @gracebella-sinclair and @yanely-genovious. Whole fic here.

The family week had easily been one of my favorite times in the palace, but admittedly the calm that followed was a welcome one. So many crazy things had happened, including Winter and Cody revealing their relationship, and to top it all off, Cillia and Winter’s brother Magnus had been arrested for assaulting Yanely’s parents.

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