The Hillywood Show® is about to turn your world upside down…

A boy goes missing.  On their search to find their missing friend, Mike, Dustin and Lucas discover a psychokinetic girl, named Eleven. Despite the fact that she’s a “Super Freak”, with super powers, the boys learn that, with her help, she can locate their missing friend. THE HILLYWOOD SHOW® leads you into another dimension and turns NETFLIX’s STRANGER THINGS upside down in an immersive, screen accurate production.        

By filming on some of the actual locations seen in STRANGER THINGS, The Hillywood Show® brings the fans a parody of intricate detail, like never before!  Starring, Richard Speight, Jr. as “Dustin”, Phil LaMarr as “Lucas” and Kim Rhodes as “Joyce”.    

View in 720p, 1080p or full 4K HD for the full Stranger Things experience!  Enjoy and God bless.


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Return to the Lab: Chapter 20



Thank you all so much for enjoying this story it was so much fun and i can’t thank you all enough for enjoying it. Thank you for the love and support and thank you to everyone who replied with the annoucement for the final chapter.


don’t ask any questions….just watch it


you need to see this!! i love hillywood sm

Bioshock Acting AU

Where everyone’s acting and it’s absolute hell.

- Some of the actors are just like the characters they play or take it extremely seriously as method actors. Andrew Ryan gets pretty in character, but Steinman does some pretty Leto-ish shenanigans though and everyone’s tired of his shit by the time filming’s finished.

- On the other end of the spectrum, Sofia Lamb is completely different once the cameras stop rolling as is Fontaine. Lamb is hilarious and causes most of the bloopers. They’re both friends with most of the cast.

- Fontaine brings cookies for the girls and the other cast members. He’s actually married (Moira and Patrick are references to his wife and son) but still from Brooklyn. He messes up his Atlas voice a lot and it gets to the point he gets pissed.

- There are so many takes of Ryan’s speech. There are so many takes. “I chose the impossible… I chose… Fuck.”

- Cohen is a comedian and hilariously enough takes acting the least seriously. He ad libs a lot. Filming Fort Frolic is so much fun, they can barely get through the scenes everyone’s dying. The Kyle Fitzpatrick one is nearly impossible.

- Cohen falls down the steps and it makes that whole moment that much funnier he and Jack nearly piss themselves.

- Sinclair trips when he runs to the platform and falls flat on his face. Everyone loses it and Lamb’s cackling over the speakers. A splicer helps him up and they find out he broke his wrist.

- On the plus side, the girls sign his cast. It’s still pretty embarrassing, though.

- Porter used pictures of his actual wife and her voice for Pearl.

- Tenenbaum’s accent is 100% real as is Lamb’s and Alexander’s. Eleanor is Irish and sometimes her accent slips. Sinclair does have a Southern accent but it’s not as over the top.

- Delta, the Big Daddies, Brutes, and Crawlers are CGI so their actors are in special suits and look ridiculous.

- The splicers take off their makeup and prosthetics in front of the girls so they don’t get scared.

- Grace is an R&B artist who was very big in the 80’s-90’s. Stanley is a late night TV host who came up with the wild whoopie line on the fly. Everyone loved it. Delta, Sinclair, and Lamb laugh so hard they cry when they hear it because they don’t expect it.

- Alex the Great is later put in with CGI so there’s nothing there for Delta to react to.

- Andrew Ryan’s death is so overdramatic and there are multiple takes because Jack and Fontaine lose it at the final obey. Ryan gets pissed.

- There are so many pranks on set.

- There are tons of Instagram photos of the girls on set drinking juice pouches in their chairs. Tenenbaum joins them.

- Fontaine wears the CGI suit for the final fight and it’s ridiculous. He has bruises from the girls who get way too into beating him up.


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