Lampone Rosa ~ For @deathbycowplant‘s Bachelorette Challenge!

Loves the Outdoors - Lucky - Artistic - Good - Avant Garde

Lampone grew up on a small farm in the neighbourhood of Monte Vista. He was the youngest of six children and as a child, he loved to annoy his older siblings. His parents were always around. His father worked at the farm and his mother was an artist and had her own little studio in one of the old stables. Lampone inherited his mother’s artistic skills and has always loved to go out and paint the beautiful Italian scenery. 

After highschool, Lampone decided to study Fine Arts at the Sims University. Here he developed his love for street art and after getting his degree, he began to work as a street artist in the city of Bridgeport. However, he misses the warm climate and the fresh air of Monte Vista and wants to leave the city.

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SSU Student Union (ft. Melanie and Graham in the distance)

“You’re almost 18 so make dinner yourself.”


Since I got sims university, I decided to start a legacy type thing with these 4 sims! your typical artist, nerd, prep & jock. Their names are Blue, jimin, Aleema & Aouli. I’ll add their descriptions later

Free will in KKC and the power of the Cthaeh

Free will is defined as the ability to chose your own path given two or more options. At first glance, there does appear to be free will in KKC. Every character makes conscious choices. Kvothe goes to the University, SIm hopelessly courts women, and Ambrose is an asshole. No matter how small the action, there is motivation behind it that seems to come from the character themselves. Religion in these books hasn’t been crucially important so far, so it’s probably safe to say there are no gods meddling with the lives of the characters.

In the frame story, Kvothe has stated many times that his life is a tragedy. It’s not like the stories of Taborlin the Great where everything works out nicely in the end. Kvothe seems like the perfect tragic hero. He killed a king, which brought about his own downfall. Everything that is wrong in the frame story, the war, heavy taxes, and the Scrael is Kvothe’s fault. Sort of.

The illusion of free will does not mean that the characters are actually free. This is where the Cthaeh becomes so much more important. In the frame story, Bast says that there isn’t anything  worse that the Cthaeh. It’s put in backdrops of plays to signal that the story is the worst kind of tragedy. We already know that Kvothe’s story is a tragedy, but by having the Cthaeh be an active part of it makes it so much worse than previously imagined. The Cthaeh knows exactly how each person will react to what it says, and it purposefully says the exact thing that will cause the worst outcome. So not only is Kvothe’s life the absolute worst possible tragedy, he also isn’t in control. He is “a plague ship sailing for harbor”. Everything that he does from that moment on is because the Ctaeh. 

But wait, it gets worse. Jax spoke to the Cthaeh before he stole the moon and sparked the entire Creation War. Lanre spoke to it before he betrayed Myr Tariniel. The Ctheah sees all futures in perfect detail from the perfect moment, The Creation War was over 2000 years before Kvothe, and the Cthaeh has been running everything since then. Whatever the Ctheah told Jax to make him steal the moon put the world on the timeline that led to Kvothe coming to talk to it as well. No one in Temerant is free because none of them can escape the influence of the Cthaeh. People have the illusion of free will because they make decisions every day that seemingly have no significance, but everything is happening because of the Cthaeh. There is no free will because the Cthaeh set all of this in motion before the Creation War. Chronicler dismissed Bast’s outbreak over the influence of the Cthaeh, but Bast was correct to be freaking out. No matter how many pretty farmer’s daughters Bast kisses, he ultimately has no control over his life. 


Windenberg University Project. 

These are all the lots i built for my University city. (there are a few missing because tumblr won’t let me upload them) 

This is an ongoing project but it is complete for now. 

The top picture is my University. 

And the rest are Dorms, Library, Gym, Bar etc. All are up for download - if there isn’t a post check my GalleryID: mustbeshy



Raindrop Islands is a project created by Sim State University. The main goal is to find out how a group of complete strangers will handle in the wild and extremely unfriendly environment.

For hours months the smartest heads were searching for candidates that were approppriate for this task. Finally they chose a lucky five.

Will they manage to survive in this wilderness? Will they built a nice place to live and settle down? Or will they be eaten alive by bees and burnt to ashes by the sun? We’ll see… ;)