So…… yeah.

Jun and Ebenezer went right for it right in the middle of this room despite everything.

I’m reminded of the time I tried this tactic on Connie Cronk and Troy Francis at Sims University.  Somewhere in the bowels of everything I had to take a picture because it was that goddamned ludicrous, but I have them both naked and Connie’s screaming bloody murder, bouncing around with her tits and shit out being stung by bees and fuck only knows what else I threw at her.

Epic shit that will never see the light of day.  xD

Frankly it’s amazing though.  That woman smells like garbage, is covered in hives, is haunted and likely to puke.  

IT’S LITERALLY RAINING ON THE WOMAN.  She’s crazier than a shithouse rat rn.

Still going at it like feral monkeys.  

…. I’m just gonna reset that…. >_>;

The gems playing sims
  • Steven:Makes sims versions of his family except his household has the maximum number of pets allowed.
  • Pearl:Everyone has a job and everyone goes to bed on time. She names all of the babies "Steven". May or may not have made her and Rose.
  • Amethyst:Sets her sims on fire then gets bored.
  • Garnet:Makes sim versions of Ruby and Sapphire, plays their lives out and when they die she makes new versions and starts again.
  • Peridot:Makes really detailed houses but can't get through a single day playing with people.
  • Lapis:Uses cheats and deletes NPCs who annoy her.