HELLO I MADE AN APARTMENT. Meant to be placed in Penny Pizazz’ apartment, but! I made a sim and a pet to live in it because we all know Penny would NEVER. 

-Find the apartment and the sims on my gallery: anna570570

edit: because i know someone is gonna ask, the design on that one wall is a city living mural that i just didnt let my sim finish so it would be black and white lol

Hi guys! 

So I wasn’t a huge fan of the collars in Cats & Dogs I like just plain stuff without too much action so I decided to make something simple. I present to you a simple gift. Simple Dog Collars. They are just plain collars with nothing on them. Both Large & Small collars are available in 12 swatches. I tried to pick a variety of colors nothing fancy just basic really. Hope you enjoy them! (Requires Cats & Dogs of course) 

**** Feel free to do recolors on my mesh, but please give credit, do not include the mesh & do not claim as your own! Tag me IG: nativemoonlight ****

Download Small Dog Collars ——> HERE

Download Large Dog Collars ——> HERE


Because Lotta’s pictures got over 1000 notes (nearly had a heart-attack) and it seems you like her, I will give her to you. I’m so proud of my little baby!! *cries*

Thank you for everything, it means a lot to me. I couldn’t believe what’s going on. I thought it was a tumblr bug that I get so many notes and followers, lmao.

There’s no specific T.O.U. - just be good to her :)!

Download: SimFileShare (no ads)


If anything’s not working right with the file, feel free to send me a message.


Scoobert Doobert

as requested you guys shall receive ;) also i will be putting Shaggy up tomorrow. Also i would of put his tray files up but like my tray importer is ded. 

Download: on the gallery under “scoobert doobert”

Origin ID: pxelhoney

  • idc if you remodify him do whatever your heart desires tbh. you can even upload your remodified version just give credit back to me!
  • if you use him tag me i want to see him in your games! 

Now someone make the rest of the mystery gang(ง ˙o˙)ว

Позы с котом|Cat posepack

Мое типичное утро у бабушки | A typical morning at my grandmother`s house

Если вы где-то используете эти позы, то отметьте меня, пожалуйста (мне будет интересно посмотреть) | If you use this poses, tagged me please
Sorry for my bad English :(

posting twice in one night just cuz


so i wanna start this tag where you make one of your original sims into a cat or a dog (as seen above with madeline) i dont think its gonna even become a trend, or go to far. but lets see

i tag @aharris00britney @kotcatmeow @moon-craters @okyio and @mooon-sims because i think all of their sims would look cute asf as pets

anyone else can do this too. seriously, make this a thing or something.