The Equus-Sims Gaited Breeds Association is hosting a show! And the entry from Eldervine Fields is miraculously completed and submitted before the deadline! Hallelujah! 

ELF Minstrel’s trotting picture from her entry in the Evergreen Gaited Horse Classic

(Ironically she wasn’t intended for a lifetime of showing, but she’s somehow become Eldervine’s most accomplished competitor! Slightly terrifying that she’s already 9 though, eep!)


When you want to walk your dog but your pathfinding game just isn’t that strong.

Last night I had an hour to fart around here.  Events are very disjointed.

I had Andrei walk Zoe to Performance Park, which is the closest community lot.  CLOSEST, because while I’ve never had a sim walk a dog in my game, I’ve SEEN sims walk their dogs in other games and that shit is SLOW.

Zoe was thrilled.

This is her thrilled/sto.ner face.


Eldervine Fields recently added to our team not just one but TWO blue-eyed beauties! Cheeky huh?

Introducing ELF Tiburón (Georgian Grande mare, dapple grey splash sabino, also huge at 17hh) and ELF Álvares (Mangalarga Marchador stallion, chestnut minimal splash white). With them we’re hoping to branch into some new disciplines (driving and polo, respectively) plus Eldervine really needed some unusual horses, we were boring haha.

(Please excuse last-minute editing)