Freddies Christmas House 2016 by fredbrenny (The Sims 3)

Christmas is all about traditions and this years Freddies Sims 3 lot building tradition is a small Swedish cottage originally from the Astrid Lindgren series Emil.

You will find an interior in whites and off whites and a set table in the dine in kitchen. Probably no room for your Sim to sit and eat, but this is all about the decoration. Just remove the plates if you need them to sit down. There is also quite a big mudroom, or laundry room. I have not furnished it.

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This is Lakeview High, a fully furnished and decorated high school with several classrooms, a big library with connected computer room, a cafeteria, bathrooms on every floor, and a theater for school plays and the like. It is the perfect backdrop for school scenes when writing stories and legacies, and I also placed a (removable) schoolhouse rabbithole rug in the basement so that it can actually function as a school if desired.

Most if not all of the decor and furnishings should be included as they were downloaded as sims3packs. As far as expansions go, I used a lot of objects from University (for obvious reasons) as well as some items from Showtime for the theater, Ambitions for the lockers, and one piano from Late Night.  Required cc is the entire school set from ATS3 and this schoolhouse rabbithole rug if you want it to function as a school.

Download library file


After a long long time I’m finally sharing other house, right near christmas! Such as it do is my christmas gift for you guys, hope y'all enjoy it (´ω`)

Woodlands (3br, 2ba, office, atelier/studio)

  • Unfurnished
  • 20x20

Recommended EPs/SPs:

  • World Adventure

Custom Content:

T.O.U: Please don’t re-upload.


- 30x20
- furnished: $18,903 / unfurnished: $17,918
- required ep: Late Night
download (in .sims3pack)

Been wanting to share this for the longest time but I’m a master procrastinator so… Anyway, this is actually where my sims Grayson and Blair currently live. It has one large kitchen/dining/living area, an office, a common bathroom, a laundry room, master bedroom with walk in closet and en suite bathroom, and an extra bedroom. The plan was to share it if/when they move out but I’m an impatient potato. It’s basically unfurnished except for the most basic of the basic necessities, lights and ground floor lobby. If it’s not too much trouble, do tag me if you use it in your game. I’d love to see what you do with it. Thanks!

P. S. It’s my first time to export a lot so please message me if there’s any problem.


Hello everyone! As I promised I’ve made a Warehouse. So, it’s simple is a warehouse industrial style. One of everything (room, kitchen,…) as always, the file includes the house in both formats and versions, more pics and a cc folder. (I forgot the instructions so: first install the cc in the cc folder and then install the version of the house you like and don’t forget to put the .package format file into the library folder in the sims 3 folder). Well, I hope you like and enjoy it. If you like it please fav or reblog and thanks ^^


- Don’t claim as your own

- If you use it tag with “houseof84sims” so I can see ^^


Oldpine Warehouse

I wanted to make a second warehouse but with different exterior and here it is. The lot has a kitchen-livingroom, another sitting area upstairs and two bedrooms and bathrooms. The file is cc heavy (sorry) and icludes CC folder, more pics, the lot files and instructions. Please don’t steal or claim as your own, enjoy. (You can place it in Oldpine in front of A district lot).


More Oldpine Lots:




A District



Downtown Part 1

Here’s the first part of Downtown, a lot inspired by a city street. The lot has three buildings and an abandoned warehouse, the one furnished is the one on the right and the café. The second part will include the other building and maybe the café’s attic. The house has an industrial style with one of everything and a tub and chairs on the roof. The file includes the house in both versions, more pics and a CC folder you must install. I hope you like and enjoy it and thanks for downloading.

(First install the cc from the folder, then the house and remember: put the .package format file of the house into Library folder or it won’t show up!)

- Don’t claim as your own

- All the cc credits go to the creators

- If you like it please reblog, fav and tag ^^

- Second Part



For the second part of my lot dump, here’s Seastrand Springs I originally made for Aurora Skies. It’s unfurnished, and it has 3 bedrooms + a nursery. It also has 3 very large rooms which could be split up into smaller rooms if you want. It has a massive wrap-around pond with fog emitters to make it look like hot springs, and a really cool pool with a bar, bridge and waterfalls.

Lot Information

  • Size: 50x50
  • Furnishing: Unfurnished
  • Floorplans: x

Required Content

  • EPs: WA, AMB, LN, PETS, IP
  • SPs: None
  • Patch Level: 1.67
  • Custom Content: Included

Terms of Use

DOWNLOAD | .package

Install into your Library folder. Please feel free to tag me in your pictures etc. I love seeing what you guys do with my lots! More information is also available in the readme file.


The Delphinium

  • 15 x 30 lot
  • $17,335 (Unfurnished) / $80,134 (Furnished)
  • 2 bed. 2 bath.

The fully furnished version of this lot is pretty CC heavy, but I’ve included a list of CC in the zip. I have all expansion and stuff packs, so they might be required for certain objects. Both versions need the required CC below, but you can download the unfurnished version if you want it undecorated. 

House plan is from here!

Required CC:

Download Unfurnished: SFS / Mediafire 
Download Furnished (CC list in zip): SFS / Mediafire


East Side Avenue

Happy Valentines day! This is my gift for you with all my love. Two buildings: a bank and a record store. I always wanted to make a bank so I made a little one, and the apartment well, it’s just my style. I hope you enjoy it and happy valentine, and don’t worry if you don’t have one, neither do I ^^.

The file includes the house, a CC folder, instructions and more pics.

- Don’t claim as your own

- All the cc credits go to the creators

- If you like it please reblog, fav and/or tag



Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! <3 <3 Honestly, the simblr community is so great.

Anyway, here is my “reverse birthday gift” to all of my lovely followers. You guys really seemed to like my last townhouse, so I plopped it on a bigger lot (40x30) and added two more!

The new houses are completely unfurnished and hidden, but they have the same floor plan as the first one. Just type in “buydebug” and “restrictbuildbuyinbuildings false” and you’ll be able to edit the other two. (:

Have fun, and don’t forget to tag me in pictures!


Edit: Make sure to download the neutral black roof by Qbuilderz at MTS! I forgot to include it in the original download

These two lots, like my Townhomes, were made for Arcady Bay. Both are completely bare inside and are basically shells. Do what you want with them!

Lot Information

  • Sizes: 16x33 + 25x25
  • Furnishing: Both Unfurnished/Shells

Required Content

  • EPs: WA, AMB, SN
  • SPs: None
  • Patch Level: 1.67
  • Custom Content: Included



Install into your Library folder. Please feel free to tag me in your pictures etc. I love seeing what you guys do with my lots! More information is also available in the readme file.