_I don´t mind the rain_|Part VII|

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Sighing,you let go of the Scaffolding feeling yourself drop.
You groaned in pain as you hit the floor,but you were finally down on the ground again.It took the two fo you nearly 10 minutes to get down.
A second after you stepped to the side you saw Bucky jumping off,now standing in front of you again.
The sun was high in the sky,making you guess that it most be noon already.You started walking away from the scaffolding,not really knowing where to go,the two of you just slowly walked along the pathway.
“Where do we go now?”
You looked at Bucky,who was waiting for your response.
Shrugging,you answered:
“We can either try to get a train and get away as far as possible…Or we will walk.”

“I don’t want to walk, and I think you don’t either…But how do we-”
“Well,the poor inspectors on the train are always old guys ..”
“You hide from old people?Low blow.”
You chuckled a bit,before you nudged him with your elbow.
“I sneaked my way out of there, ok? And we will sneak around also, if we get cought."You looked at Bucky again,noticing something:"Close your jacket,you look like you just escaped a zombie or something.”
With a look to his shirt,Bucky pulled the zipper of his Jacket up so no one would see the ripped shirt and the bloodied bandages.
“Sneak away?”
Bucky grinned at your words and walked with you.
As you stood on the concrete sidewalk again,you could already see some people walking around.
To your right, there was a clock.
You thought for a moment,before you remembered when the train comes.
“The next train comes in 2 minutes,then one in 12 and then in 32”
“Do you think we can get the one in 12 minutes?”
“If we hurry up."You answered as you started to jog a bit.
Buckys eyes widened a bit,as he asked you:
"You can run again?”
“The painkillers started working.”
You looked over your shoulder and grinned at him,making  him shake his head.
Bucky knew that you had to get away soon and fast,so he understood what you wanted to do…
But He was sure this wasnt the safest way to get to the train in time…
“What about the wound itself?It will open up.”
“Yes,but yours will also open up if we get into another fight.”
This time Bucky saw your point,and hurried after you.

You ran down the sidewalk until you were at the crossroad.
“Ok. If we go straight ahead it is the normal way. But if we turn right, I know a shortcut and we may get there on time.”
“Right it is.”
Bucky started sprinting again,and you ran after him. You were really glad that the painkillers you took earlier were working their magic now.
You had taken them just a few minutes before Bucky came to your room.
Already seeing that the street light was red now, you grabbed Buckys left arm,pulling him along with you.
Just like you thought,the cars came to a stop nearly 10 meters away from you, right at the street light.
Running over a street was always fun in a weird way, you didn’t know why.
As you reached the other side, you kept on jogging,Buckys Wrist still in your right hand.
Bucky was seriously wondering where you got all that energy from.

“Here!” You called out to Bucky"Left now! “
As you turned around the corner, you saw that the gate was locked…And..The wrong gate?
"Ah no!Wrong gate!”
With a groan, Bucky let you pull him along.
At the next gate,you stopped again, but this time you leaned against the small wooden gate.
It opened without much noise and you began to jog again.
The gravel under you shoes was a weird feeling after feeling concrete under your feet for some time now.
“Ae you sure we are right?!”
As you heard Buckys confused voice, you chuckled:
“Yes! Trust me.”
“Ok ok.”
Running along the small path between trees and bushes, you decided to turn sideways a bit.

After a few seconds, Bucky realized that your idea was pretty good and turned his upper-body sideways too.Here and there the both of you felt a few branches hit your faces, but you didn´t pay much mind to that.
The uneven earth made it hard to keep your balance, but whenever you or Bucky stumbled, you either would pull each other back  up or a tree was standing at the perfect distance to keep you from falling face first into the dirt.
Nearly a minute later, you could walk normally again and the trees parted to make way for a normal sidewalk.
You stopped,catching your breath while you wondered why Bucky wasn´t really out of breath after that.
He turned his head to you and pulled a leaf from his hair, making you grin.
“What was that path, anyway?”
“An old way that would lead to different gardens,"You answered Bucky” But the houses were never build, so the little path still remains for no reason.“
Without anymore talking the two of you started running again.

People were walking everywhere and the street was busy. Many people looked at the two of you.
The two weirdos.
You honestly looked like some survivors of an apocalypse..
Turning left once again, crossing another street and running over a big market place, you finally reached the train station.
Once you were inside,you feared you would lose Bucky in the mass of people.You looked at the plans and were glad that you got the times of that particular train right.
Motioning for Bucky to follow you,the two of you rushed to platform 21.

"See?” You asked while stopping at the top of the stairs, Bucky next to you.
In front of you stood the train.This train would drive across the whole country.You could get to wherever you wanted from here,
“Nice job.Did not think you we would make it.”
“Have more faith in me, please.”
You were glad that the whole atmosphere around the two of you was back to normal again,you liked it much better like this.

The both of you hurried inside as no one was paying attention.If you could get past the first inspectors it would take hour s until one would check the train.
Inside the train everything looked tidy and expensive, and you knew it also was.
Because you made the very unwise decision to walk into the first class part of the long train.
People where pulling bags along with them, putting them in the storages above the seats.
You looked at Bucky,seeing him walk forwards before you pulled him back by grabbing his jacket.
“Wait for a moment,I have an idea..”
He looked at you with a raised brow,before shrugging to himself.
You turned around and walked past the door the two of you came in through,walking into the next first class part.
That was the moment when you finally saw what you were looking for.
“Come on”
Bucky was still following you, wondering where you wanted to go.
He just wanted  a break, he would have sat on the floor.

With a grin you opened a glass door,leading to a small room with 4 seats and one window.
“Finally.” You began glad that the private rooms were not reserved that day.“We can pull the curtains over the class door and no one will notice us.We can also lock the door.Perfect place to take a break for  a bit,don’t you think?”
“Yes…It seems nice..”
You let out a sigh before stepping inside.Bucky walked after you,closing the door.

Bucky sat down on the right side and leaned back, his head resting against the seat.
“Do you really think they won’t find us ?”
You looked at him before turning away to close the dark blue curtains, hiding the two of you from view.
“I have no idea when, but I am pretty sure that someone will notice us…”
Bucky just nodded before closing his eyes, finally trying to calm down a bit.
“You can sleep if you want to, Bucky.”
You began as you sat down opposite of him as he just looked at you with those shocked blue eyes of his.
“Are you serious ? What if something happens ? Or someone-”
“Then I will wake you. And I am sure I can handle some problems myself. I may don’t have a bullet deflecting metal arm, but I will manage”
You grinned at him, waiting for his reaction.
“[y/n] are you sure-”
“Yes I am! I can clearly see how exhausted you are.Please,” You sighed before laying a hand on his knee"Get some rest,ok ?“

Bucky was not used to this.
He was so not used to this.
Just close his eyes and sleep? Not having to leave one eye open at all times ?
He gave a short glance to your hand on his knee,before looking back at your face.

Your expression was soft and you looked directly into his eyes. 

This was the moment Bucky noticed how serious you were.
You really just wanted him to get some shut-eye.
“You deserve it.” Bucky looked up at you again,wondering if he hears correctly.
In Buckys eyes,he didn’t deserve anything.
And he did not deserve someone as kind as you.
“But you need rest too,you are hurt and tired-”
“I’ll manage. Just like you did last night.” Your tone changed a bit,sounding amused now “Don’t think I haven’t noticed that you stayed awake. I knew you were still awake as I fell asleep,and as you were not there in the morning,I knew you hadn’t slept for one minute.”

Bucky just sat there,mouth agape and his breathing normal and steady for once.
There it was again.
That calming feeling you gave him, the one he already noticed at the bus stop.
You were the one of the first people for decades, that valued him for who he is right now.Not just for his skills or for who he once was…
Bucky returned your genuine smile and decided to listen to you. Your hand slowly slipped from his leg as you saw him lean his head back again and close his eyes with a sigh.
Proud of yourself,you turned to the window,looking at the sceneries that went past you in a green blur. You could already see how the sky got grey again,meaning it would probably start to rain soon.
Bucky heard your breathing,felt how you moved every once in a while and he felt your hands brush the hair from his face once.
He let out a content sigh,before he finally fell asleep.

You looked at his peaceful form.
He looked nearly childlike like this.
His head was now resting against the window to your left and his hands were on his lap. Whenever he moved a few strands of hair would fall in his face,making you smile and carefully brush them back in place.
You also noticed the small cut he had, it already looked much better.
Thinking about it, you remembered that you could´ve cleaned it a bit too.
And now that your thoughts went in that direction,you couldn´t stop.
You looked at his right shoulder,wanting to check if it was still bleeding so badly, but the leather jacket blocked your view.
If you did not know how badly Bucky needed to sleep now, you would have just opened the jacket a bit.
But you would not risk to wake him.

But what both you and Bucky did not think about,was that a person dreamt while they sleep. Bucky forgot how much he dreaded these dreams,just because you cared.
He forgot his nightmares because of you.
But the Nightmares did nor care about how Bucky felt.
You sat there,picking a broken nail on your ringfinger as you noticed it.
Buckys breathing got uneven and to your surprise you noticed it immediately.
At first you thought he was awake again and would just cough or maybe sneeze,but nothing of these things happened.
You grew worried as you saw his furrowed brows and how he clenched his fists.You could even see a slight layer of sweat glistening on his forehead.
Was he…Having a Nightmare?
As Bucky let out a small whimper,you sat up straight.
Not really knowing what would be the best thing to do,you decide with waking him up, for a start.
You laid your hand on his shoulder and started shaking him,softly at first.
“Hey, Bucky.."You called in a low voice ” Bucky.“
Shaking his shoulder did not seem to do much, so you made your movements a bit rougher and your voice louder :
"Bucky! Hey !”
The only reaction you got was that he turned his head a bit, making his hair fall in his face.
You had raised your voice and grabbed both of his upper arms.

Before you could move away again, Buckys left hand grabbed your right wrist, which was in mid-air in front of him right now.
You gasped as you felt his grip tighten, but then you saw his eyes open slowly.
“[y/n]?"Slowly, Bucky moved his head to look at you and with wide eyes he let your hand go again "I-I..I am sorry…”
With a small smile, you answered him:
“Dont be, it didn´t hurt. I did not mean to scare you, but you were having a nightmare..”
Bucky let out a sigh as he let his head hang low a bit.
“I know.But that should not have happened, I could have hurt you.”
As he looked up at you again, you saw something in his eyes that was new to you.
And while you also admitted that you were already staring a bit long, you could not blame yourself.
You stared for a bit and after you had taken in as many details as possible, you were sure Bucky had Ocean eyes.
Eyes that were a clear blue and so full of emotion that you could drown in them.
And it seemed like you were running out of oxygen.

“Are you ok?”
He thought for a moment before answering your question with a short:
“Yes.And you?”

Feeling that your right leg had fallen asleep, you had to lean back from your weird crouching position and sat down on your seat again.
The grey material was soft enough for you to sigh out of content.
´Does he often have nightmares? Is that why he doesn´t want to sleep?…´
Your thoughts started running wild, until you came to the conclusion that Bucky would probably tell you if he wanted to.
So you tried you best to get that topic out of your head.
The movement of the train was nearly unnoticeable, but if you concentrated on it, you could feel every little bump.
You leaned your elbow on the small frame of the window and rested your head on your hand.
Outside was a big grass field with a few trees. Behind a tree you could see a small house. How peaceful it is to live here?
The scenery changed quickly as you drove past and now you were looking at a small sea, maybe even just a pond.
The sky was full of grey clouds again and everything seemed a bit darker than normal.
But right now,you wouldn’t mind the rain.

“Where are we going?”
Your question hung in the air for a bit, before you saw Bucky turn his head to you.
Bucky looked at you for a few seconds, before looking back at the window,were now single raindrops could be seen on the glass.
“I have no idea…Do you have some idea? Where we could lay low?”
“Actually,there is this small house near the docs,a few cities from here. My uncle lived there once, but after he died no one cared for the house, so it is kinda falling in on itself,but it should suffice for one night until we figure out where to go.”
“Ok,just tell me when we get there”
“I will.” You smiled at him before asking- “Hey Bucky,what is your favorite color”
Your weird sentence made Bucky furrow his brows.
´Oh god.´
Bucky spared himself the headache and just said:
“Just wanted to know, I think I am at least allowed to know that” You laughed a bit at the end of the sentence.

After a few minutes of silence,Bucky asked:
“Why did you do that earlier..?”
His serious tone nearly made you jump. It was so unexpected now.
“The thing on the scaffolding.”’
´Oh that thing…´
“I don’t know,I got mad."You knew that mad was an understatement.You were furious.
"Yes,but why?”
“Because they hurt you. In case you didn’t notice?”
Bucky glanced at you, genuinely surprised.
You did all that because they hurt him? But…
“You only know me for nearly two days. That should not have made you mad…”
“Why not? I care for you. You are my friend. We are going to be sticking together for some time now.”
Bucky felt everything fall away for a second as you called him friend.
“Friend?” He asked,his voice low “You think I am your friend?”
“Don´t say it like that, sounds like you want to kill me.”
“No no! It is ok, but yes. You are my friend."Turning away from him, looking out of the window now, You grinned."Why shouldn´t you be after all this?”
“Because you only know my name.”
“And you didn’t know anything else about me as you came back for me.”

Bucky couldn´t deny this. He came back to get you away from all this, but here you are now,in the middle of it.
He felt so guilty, it was nearly painful.
You called him a friend,not knowing who he is and what he had done all these years.
Bucky clenched his fist as he bit his lip.
He either had to get you away from him, or tell you the truth soon.

And right now Bucky didn’t know which one was worse.

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