♡ friends first fest ♡

hi fam! as you know, “fmly fest” is an international recurring collectively-organized music and arts fest that has taken various shapes over the past 6 years in new york, boston, los angeles, phoenix, orlando, minneapolis, and elsewhere. in advance of a similarly-minded fest we’ll be hosting later this fall, we’re getting ready with a special 1-night event at the silent barn in new york city.

on saturday, august 23, silent barn will host “friends first fest”, a first timers mini-fest and fmly fest fundraiser. in order for fmly fest to be the inclusive and open event that we’d like it to be, we need to work to create spaces to intentionally showcase voices typically underrepresented in music and art communities (and in general).

“friends first” aims to celebrate new projects & new artists. every project on this line-up is being debuted on this night! at least half the members of each act have never “been in a band before” or are trying a new instrument/project for the first time. all are welcome to apply for a spot on the line-up, though since space is limited, preference will be given to queer, POC, and female-identifying artists.

♡ call for submissions ♡

if you are an artist interested in performing please email friendsf1rst (at) thefmly (dot) com by august 8th. the line-up will be announced the following week.

if you need a place to practice before the 23rd email us and we will help you coordinate something.

shouts to philly’s first times the charm + similar fests for endless inspiration ♡♡♡

bklyn fmly friends

idk if anyone would care, but

The Brave Little Abacus played The Silent Barn over 5 years ago (weird). The Silent Barn used to record all of their shows straight to tape, then put it online. I went through and edited it a bit to get rid of the tape hiss/boost the audio, then i separated all the tracks. It’s a little sloppy (no idea why break 2 sounds like that…), but I’m content with it. So if this interests you, download it.

Here’s the original file.

1. 45 Minutes from “Somewhere Out There”
2. Break 1
3. For geOn
4. Break 2
5. Careful (Paramore Cover)
6. Break 3
7. Untitled

Also I got the pic from this video of the show.

idk how long zippyshare keeps files up but if they get deleted at some point just let me know