• me:*wakes my mom up in the middle of the night* mom, don't you think it's fucked up that 2k3 brought back an "original Shredder" and then had him make really random, inappropriate advances on Karai? Especially after it had been established she saw him as her father? Wake up mom Im saying it was gross and unecessary mom this is important

Here’s my thing on shipping, I am perfectly happy with it as long as the two characters involved aren’t defined by it and it only. Leo and Donnie are not at all and neither are April and Karai. Maybe you can make an argument for April, but she isn’t, Donnie is more defined by it than she is to be honest. And Karai you cannot at ALL convince me about, her story is more defined by Shredder and Splinter than Leo. Neither girl strikes me as only existing to give Leo and Donnie a girlfriend and from what we’re already seeing, Renet won’t either.


So I woke up to these, which is pretty cool if you ask me. I really like the idea of playing Savage Combatant on turn 1 or 2, the value you get is pretty nice, and it lets your hero power kill stuff like Shredder. 

The Clockwork Knight is pretty nice too, actually. I still like Mechs, and I still like big Mechs. I don’t think this fits in any high-tier decks, but it’s still a pretty beefy guy to play on turn 4 if you have your Mechwarper out.

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i wanted to say that I loved how you worded your post about the shipping. I think the story between Splinter, Shredder and Karai/Miwa is more interesting AS well as the stories of the TMNT going up against the Foot and Purple Dragons. The romance parts are nice, but the other plots are more engaging.

Thank you sweetie~ I don’t at all mind the romance, but everyone whines about ti and ignores everything else. Romance is a part, yes but it’s not the ONLY part. Lets quit ranting about shipping and realize that there is more to the show than that.


This is incredible voice actor Kevin Michael Richardson and these are just some of the literally hundreds of characters he has given life to during his amazing career.

Sheriff Blubs - Gravity Falls

Temutai - Kung Fu Panada

Maurice - Penguins of Madagascar

Principal Lewis - American Dad

Dark Laser - Fairly Odd Parents

Captain Gantu - Lilo and Stitch

The Shredder - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Willem Viceroy III - Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja

Robert Hawkins - Static Shock