• Leo:If you want to take Karai, you’ll have to go through me.
  • Mikey:And me.
  • Shredder:Is this a joke? I will not be threatened by two little mutants.
  • Mikey:You don’t want to mess with us.
  • Leo:He’s a hair puller.
  • Splinter:And you’re not just dealing with them.
  • Donnie:You’re dealing with all of us.
  • Raph:Except me.
  • Donnie:Except Raph.
  • Raph:I don’t care what happens.
May I just State some facts here?

I dont know if anyone in this fandom ever read into this, but back in the day, mutant comics weren’t made to say that fictive People have it harder than everyone else, they were made to symbolize People who are different. This goes as ALL kinds of people! And to show the World how awful it is to treat each other badly. After all this war in the fandom over the fact, that People think the turtles have it worse, think of it like this; the turtles are symbols! They symbolize the People in the World who gets shamed, called freaks, who gets beaten up for being different. All we get from fighting this Way, is doing the exact same thing that the Shredder, the kraang, all the turtles villains do, and I am ashamed of this. I feel bad for being in a fandom that gets this crazy over something symbolic! Something that should get us together and enjoy each others differences…

All Im asking for, is for this fight to end, and once again enjoy what we love without feeling bad about it…


   The end of the Lost Light was nigh. 

   The Decepticon Justice Division had swept over the crew like a furious hurricane, taking one life after another, leaving none alive. As a group of five Decepticons (or six, if you included the Pet), the odds should have been stacked against them but then again, they were not ordinary Decepticons and soon the ship’s crew found themselves with the odds against them. And they almost seemed loathsome to admit that, for they were resisting and fighting their inevitable fate with a passion. 

   No matter. They would all fall eventually. 

   Leaving the rest of the team behind (really, Tesaurus was getting messy; best to leave the hulking shredder to his own devices), Tarn ventures into the medibay, fusion cannon at the ready should he spy any signs of life. 

   And he does, but he cannot bring himself to shoot. Not when– 


mamashelle80 asked:

I read somewhere that the pointy end of the sai is called a saki. So if you stab The Shredder with your sai, you're basically stabbing Saki with saki. It seems like sweet justice to me.

HA! I know right?

So yeah, the tip of the Sai is called Saki, the handle is called tsuka, The Hand guard a Yoku and the blade is a Monouchi.