I’ll never forget that dream I had in which @skookumthesamoyed was lost in my neighborhood, and I tried to find him to return him to his family, but the Shredder was also after him because he wanted to use the power of doges to rule the world or something like that. It was a wild ride. I sketched it out as soon as I woke up that time, but I never bothered to do anything with it till now. 


Interviews with Sean Astin (Raphael: our tough cinnamon roll), Gwendoline Yeo (Shinigami: Karai’s new girlfriend), Kevin Eastman (honestly you better know who he is) and Ciro Nieli (Executive Producerconcept art god of tmnt)

Interviews with Rob Paulson (Donatelloour nerdy little love sick goofball), Greg Cipes (Mikey: idk where to start with this pizza loving child) and Eric Bauza (Tigerclaw: shredder’s bitch

Wounds That Never Heal - July Flash Fiction (Regrets)

Written for tumblr’s ( @tmntflashfic) July flash fiction – regrets! Hope you enjoy.  Takes place in the 2012-verse immediately after the season 2 finale.

 Wounds That Never Heal

Black and blue.  Who knew the dark splotches they once wore like badges of honor could grotesquely tarnish their green skin?  He should have been used to the sight by now.  Their training and general rough housing normally left a series of discolored souvenirs to gloat about – usually about who delivered the painful gift – usually by Raph.  Even battle wounds were a normal occurrence he routinely attended to.  But this…this was different…more purposeful.  The contusions served as nothing more than an agonizing reminder of Shredder’s lethal intentions.  And while he was used to nursing his brothers, Donnie could barely stand the site of laying Leo unconscious in the bath tub.

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I have a cheese shredder at home. That’s the positive name for it, cheese shredder. They don’t call it by its negative name because nobody would buy it, sponge ruiner! Because I wanted to clean it, but now I have little bits of sponge that would melt easily over tortilla chips.
—  Mitch Hedberg

tmnt artist #1: here i finished the panel that shows shredder’s skull
tmnt artist #2: wtf r u crazy how will the readers know thats shredder?
tmnt artist #1: i-i’m…..who will think thats another persons sku-
tmnt artist #2: add hair!!! 
tmnt artist #1: thats not how it works….
tmnt artist #2: do it!!!!!
tmnt artist #1: okay here i did it
tmnt artist #2: perfect now no one will get confused good job