A Day with Uncle Vinnie: Ch 2

Part 1

Ch 2-The Dryads of Minty Woods

On the way to Minty Woods, Vinnie showed off his cloud sculpting skills, carving Balthazar’s face out of a thick, gray nimbus cloud. He may have exaggerated the mustache a tiny bit, but otherwise it was a near perfect replica. Milo seemed to like it too. 

As they drew closer, Milo stuck his nose out and sniffed the air. He glanced around in confusion, nearly slipping out of Vinnie’s arms as he attempted to find the source of the scent. “Minty Woods is a great place to clear your head,” Vinnie explained as he descended. “And where your Aunt Savannah gets all her perfume from. There was this one time a few decades ago where I had this bright idea of collecting essences from the plant life here and created my own bottle of perfume to give to her, but it didn’t work out. Long story short, I mixed the scent of ripe doonkleberries with the scent of Silly Lilies, and turns out when combined they create a giant berry bush that never stops laughing. I had to reorganize the entire Grand Library by author as punishment for that stunt. Not fun, Milo.”

He set Milo next to a blueberry bush. Milo reached out and tried to pluck a berry, but flinched when a sharp twig cut his finger. Whimpering, Milo held it up to Vinnie’s mouth. Vinnie kissed it better, giving adding a loud smack for god measure. Satisfied, Milo sat down on the root of a large tree and played with the fallen leaves strewn about the base. 

Vinnie sung an improvised tune as he summoned a basket and began picking the blueberries. “Oh, we’re picking the blueberries. Picking the blueberries. And when we get through we’re gonna eat ‘em all too, cause blueberries are delicious. You know, I should make that a full song. What do you think, Milo? Milo?” 

No answer.

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This was a lil something I wanted to make for rebornica to cheer them up as they’ve been having a rough time and that just won’t do.

I made their version of the FNAF guards into Crystal Gems from Steven Universe, making this a Crystal Gem AU I guess. Lol For those that don’t know, within the show the Crystal Gems are warriors with gem themes and have a variety of powers and abilities granted from their respective gems.

Mike Schmidt would be Blue Topaz, but they can still be referred to their regular names.

Mike’s gem was damaged when he was a kid and it never healed completely, thus why his eyes are blank. This prevents him from using most of his powers, but can still kick ass with his weapon, some laser canon that needs work. Lol He’s dating a human named Doll.

Jeremy is Emerald and looks up to Mike a lot, who is his mentor and good pal. Though very anxious and nervous, he’s been getting better since Mike took him under his wing. Jeremy loves human anime and manga, as well as the lemon fruit for some reason.

Fritz is Citrine and is the team’s heavy hitter. He also loves to eat even though gems don’t really need to. He’s pals with Chica, the Amber gem, as the two are total foodies and often visit as many restaurants as possible.

Phone Guy, aka Scott, is Pyrope. He wears a mask that can express what he’s feeling. His weapon also acts as an orb that acts as an extra set of eyes as well as shooting blasts of energy and the like.

Lastly Vincent is Kunzite. He’s a corrupted gem that even before his corruption, was never quite right in the head. Pre corruption, he caused fellow gems (Freddy=Sunstone, Bonnie=Tanzanite, Chica=Amber, and Foxy=Ruby) to turn into near mindless beasts just because he wanted to see what it was like.

He and Pyrope used to be pals until Vinny showed his true colors. As a monster he’s referred to as the Naga (because Naga Vincent in the Mythology AU is my absolute fave). He’s a high level threat because he retains his intelligence and memories, as well as his weapons, the elbow blades.

These are it for now. I’ll get to the gem version of the animatronics when I can. Lol Hope you like these, Rebs! :)


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I love this!! Weeps deeply this is such cool thing to be told about thank you Higu for telling meeee he even showed my credit like wow!!
Vinny and Joel are my favorite <33 Thanks for such a great compliment it made my week since I binge watch them like crazy!
Draws Vinny running from Postman Joel jk jk not jk