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GOM reading reader inserts with their favorite character which is the reader maybe?


KUROKO: He’s so silent and poker-faced when reading his stories about you that he could do it in public. No one would know. He could be reading about the news, for all anyone knew. But inside, like with any good book, he’s deeply engrossed in the world that the author created. A world where you were in love with him and said things to him that he could only dream of. Reading these kind of fics were one of Kuroko’s favorite pastimes.

KISE: He reads the entire time with his hands on his face. It feels hot, and his heart is beating fast. Kise got really into it when it was you, his favorite character in the whole world. Every move you made, every sweet word that was written in-story made Kise squeal…a little too loudly. When it came to smut fic, Kise literally would shout out loud at the screen, things like “____cchi, that’s too lewd~!” His sisters have to bang on the wall and scream at him to keep it down.

AOMINE: He pretends to only be peeking at these sort of fics, but the truth is he gets pulled into them pretty quickly. Especially when they were written in-character, it was easy to imagine you saying and doing those things. Embarrassingly, the smut fics were Aomine’s favorite– the good ones really got him going, but only because he was so obsessed with you. Though he’d die before he told anyone because the idea of it sounded so lame.

MIDORIMA: Even though it wasn’t real, and Midorima knew that, he still began to blush during the fics. Any fics, whether sweet or dirty, he felt flustered reading it. It didn’t stop him from reading, though. One thing he does is really cling onto a line or phrase from the story that stuck with him, and then he finds himself repeating it out loud. “I knew from the beginning that you were special.” He reads it to himself. He was so immersed and he didn’t even realize it.

MURASAKIBARA: When he was infatuated with a character, like he was with you currently, then there’s no stopping him. He’d find fanart, fanfic, whatever there was and consume it. Imagining you doing certain things admittedly made him smile and sometimes get upset too. There was only love and hate in Mura’s mind, and he loved you. “That was stupid.” He’d say at the end of reading it, but who was he kidding? He was going to read more tomorrow night.

AKASHI: He looked really serious while reading them, even if the content was quite silly. The servants knew not to bother him during this time. Akashi put you on such a pedestal that any reader-insert about you was worth reading. Sometimes, you were very in-character, and it was a nice feeling to imagine you being in love with him. But at the end of the day, Akashi pulled himself away with a bit of sadness in his heart because he knew it wasn’t ever gonna be real. 


Normandie by The Shout Out Louds

How Exo Would let you know they were ‘in the mood’

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Baekhyun would be playful, blowing raspberries on your tummy just because it would tickle you. His fingers would creep up in the disguise of wiggling teasing but slowly, you’d realise his hands were now flat and soft, caressing your torso as if it was the most delicate thing ever.

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Chanyeol would first start with a kiss on the tip of your very nose, giggling once done. But with such a small distance between the both of you, with the both of you locking eyes longer than you should, it would escalate to soft kisses on the lips. Slow and languid before lust drove the both of you to the corner in which, the both of you give in.

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Chen would let his lips graze your shoulders, chuckling just because he was playful like that. He’d let his lips travel to the base of your neck and then upwards, taking a nip at your ears before letting out a short shout loud enough to jolt you out of your lustful haze. You’d run after him and he’d let you catch him, before the both of you did proper foreplay.

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DO has always had very gentlemanly ways of courting a girl, and this time it would be the same. It would start with a soft kiss at the corner of your lips, moving to your cheeks, then to your eyelids and your forehead before making a full circle where he ends it with the proper kiss on the lips. It was slow as compared to the reckless pace for some, but it set your heart on fire nonetheless.

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Kai’s would be kisses that pitter-pattered along the base of your collarbones on a lazy day. It would be the place where he was close to your heart and down below your eye level where you wouldn’t be able to see him because a single eye contact would break his bravado and leave him into a flustering mess.

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Lay’s would be comfortable where things just flow as naturally as they would, starting with a small kiss on the forehead full of adoration. He’d smile and when you go up to playfully peck on his lips, he’d gently pull you forward and initiate a kiss so genuine, you’d just know.

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Sehun would be very suave about it where he would have your back against his chest, him dotting your shoulders with his kisses. If he didn’t get the reaction that he wanted, he’d leave purple marks on your skin to rile you up and you’d get a very heated tango at night.

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Suho would have a firm grip of your waist when the both of you slowly danced to the music in the living room. He would look at you with gentle eyes full of love before leaning down to kiss you on the lips. His grip on you wouldn’t let go and it seemed to be even stronger, even more desperate with every sway before he would finally lead you to the bedroom.

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Xiumin would be lying on your tummy, just relaxing. Or so you thought because you’d feel the soft flighty touches when he runs his fingers across your bare skin. When he knew that he had your attention, those flighty touches would become more tangible and definite and they would travel to places that you would cause you to breathe out his name.

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Shout out to my aromantics
Shout out to my aros who are still discovering themselves
Shout out to my aros who still form sexual relationships
Shout out to my aros living in a situation that isn’t safe
Shout out to my aros who are loud and proud
Shout out to my aros who have a mental disorder
Shout out to my aros who are only discovering they are atomantic after years and years
Shout out to my aromantics


The Shout Out Louds - Normandie

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