So I was looking at many posts and people aren’t happy that Stefan and Caroline were disrespecting Forwood. But can’t people see that their humanity is off for shouting out loud. They don’t care AT ALL. we should know by now that Caroline of all people will never think of hurting Matt and Tyler, even though she was hurt deep down because it didn’t went well for her and Tyler, she still considers him a friend. As for Stefan, when Tyler and Caroline broke up, he was there to see how badly Caroline was hurt, so obviously he is going to take side of Caroline, he is going to be biased if he has to chose between Tyler and Caroline. And now he was just stating what he thought about him Forwood broke up.
I was always a fan of Forwood, but Stefan calling him jerk made my day somehow. Hell even I am biased.

Stiles imagine for anon


I shouted out loud as I jumped around on the spot, it was a slightly chilly night so the jumping and moving was helping me keep warm. I tried to keep my attention focused on the game since both my brother Scott and more incredibly my boyfriend Stiles were both playing but there was this small niggling feeling in the back of my mind that something was off. It was like a buzzing in my ears, very faint buzzing but it was there. Lydia had been teaching me how to use my gift but honestly it wasn’t easy considering even she wasn’t entirely sure how a banshees power worked. Yep you heard right, I’m a banshee just like Lydia. I’d found out when my boyfriend was possessed by a Nogitsune, it was one of the most horrible things I’d ever been through and it all came out when Allison died. I felt it, the urge to scream building up in my chest until I could no longer hold it in, as the scream ripped from my throat I heard Lydia scream Allisons name and I knew what it meant.

“Embry are you okay?”

One of my fellow cheerleaders snapped me from my daze and I realized I was standing still staring off into the distance. The ringing in my ears was growing louder but the urge to scream wasn’t there and I had no idea what it meant.

“Embry can you hear me?”

The ringing was almost deafening then suddenly I heard it, Lydias piercing scream. I doubled over in pain clutching my ears as her wailing assaulted them.

“Embry, Embry can you hear me?”

The screaming stopped and I opened my eyes to find Stiles standing over me his expression a mixture of worry and confusion. I let him help me up onto my feet just as he touched my ear. His eyes widened in shock when he held his hand out and I gasped in surprise when I noticed the blood on his fingertips.

“Lydia, somethings wrong. We have to-”

Before I could finish Stiles face contorted and he lifted me off my feet and into his arms

“No way are you going out looking for trouble. Scott, Malia and Kira have it covered. I’m taking you to see your mom, then I’m taking you straight home”

Before I could protest he was walking towards the locker room.

“Stiles you’re in the middle of a game”

He simply shrugged and pressed a kiss to my temple

“you’re more important than a lacrosse game Embry, besides I’m 98% sure coach was about to drag me off the field”

I chuckled and buried my face in his neck

“You’re such a dweeb Stilinski”

He gave me his cheeky grin and kissed me again

“Yeah but I’m your dweeb and you love me for it”

Now that was the truth


Rock ‘n’ Roll Nature

There’s a cool record out on the market by Swedish group Shout Out Louds. Why is it so cool? It’s made of ice.

Bad puns aside, the band’s record, “Blue Ice” (2012) defies expectations of audio playing, creating a record that you have to maintain over time, either keeping it in the freezer after one play, or making yourself a whole new one again. When you purchase the record, it comes with a silicon mold and a bottle of distilled water, which apparently is better than regular water as it minimizes the “formation of air bubbles in the ice that made the needle jump”.

If records melting over time aren’t your thing, perhaps a laser-cut wooden record is? Artist Amanda Ghassaei, who previously used a 3-D printer to make her own record, has moved on to laser cutting slices of wood. For “Laser Cut Record” (2013) Ghassaei created a program that is “modified for any song, material, cutting machine, record size, and turntable speed”. The artist even provides instructions on how to make your own laser-cut wooden record.

Artist Bartholomäus Traubeck managed a similar feat, except instead of embedding music onto wood or ice, he uses the already present markings on his material to create music. In “Years” (2011) the artist takes a slice of a tree and through a specially designed machine is able to ‘play’ the tree rings that have naturally formed over time (you can literally say that these records took decades to produce). Instead of using a conventional needle, sensors are used to “gather information about the wood’s color and texture and use an algorithm that translates variations into piano notes”, creating a hauntingly beautiful symphony.

-Anna Paluch

Moon Pride
I want to support you
The tears roll down my cheek
Eyes burning scarlet
Someone is shouting love out loud
Like a flash of lightning

No matter how dark it is
I know I’m not alone
Moonlight shines upon us
We all have unshakable wills
We will fight on our own
Without leaving our destiny to the prince

Shiny Make Up
We are gonna shine bright
Under the starry sky
We are not helpless girls
Who need men’s protection

So… Shiny Make Up
We are gonna fight
With power from the starry night
A new legend begins right now
Right here
La La Pretty Guardian
—  Lyrics of Sailor Moon Crystal’s “Mood Pride

Indie band the Shout Out Louds have released their latest single in a very limited edition 7-inch record that plays on ice. ‘Blue Ice’ is the first piece of music the group has released for the past three years and is the first single off the band’s upcoming, as-yet-untitled, full-length album. The unique frosty vinyl was created in collaboration with ad agency TBWA Stockholm, and through experimentation, was created using distilled water to avoid bubbles in the tracks. The records can be spun on a regular turntable and rapidly diminish in quality once the melting process begins, so a specialized silicone cast allowed for quick removal out of the freezer and instant tunes and be heard.

Watch the embed video below

The song is quite nice too.

THINGS TRULY WICKED. a mix for ernest hemingway.
boys are fine, the smith westerns » spanish bombs, the clash » sixteen military wives, the decemberists » shadow stabbing, cake » your fake name is good enough for me, iron and wine » art of war, anberlin » wonderwall, ryan adams » the comeback, the shout out louds


Let’s not fall back to sleep like we used to.

-Impossible, The Shout Out Louds

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist Soundtrack (in order of appearance)
  • 1. Speed of Sound:Chris Bell
  • 2. Lover:Devandra Banhart
  • 3. William Tell Overture:Traditional
  • 4. Screw the Man:The Jerk Offs
  • 5. Twilight:The Raveonettes
  • 6. You Don't Have To Love Me (io che non vivo senza te):Dusty Springfield
  • 7. Xavier:The Submarines
  • 8. Middle Management:Bishop Allen
  • 9. Fever:Takka Takka
  • 10. Sonido Total:The Pinker Tones
  • 11. Our Swords:Band of Horses
  • 12. Snoopy:The Playboys
  • 13. Go Deep:Silas Hite and Mark Mothersbaugh
  • 14. Boys Don't Cry:John Enroth
  • 15. All the Wine:The National
  • 16. Insistor:Tapes 'N Tapes
  • 17. Just the Way You Are:Billy Joel
  • 18. Wannabe:Spice Girls
  • 19. After Hours:We Are Scientists
  • 20. Kennedy:Ratatat
  • 21. Negative:Project Jenny, Project Jan
  • 22. Very Loud:Shout Out Louds
  • 23. Where There's A Will There's a Whalebone:Islands
  • 24. Why:Colin Kiddy
  • 25. Slight of Hand:Army Navy
  • 26. Trust your Stomach:Marching Band
  • 27. 12 Gays of Christmas:John Cantwell
  • 28. Baby You're my Light:Richard Hawley
  • 29. Karate:Kennedy
  • 30. Little Motel:Modest Mouse
  • 31. You Sexy Thing:Hot Chocolate
  • 32. Riot Radio:The Dead 60s
  • 33. Silvery Sleds:Army Navy
  • 34. How to Say Goodbye:Paul Tiernan
  • 35. Last Words:The Real Tuesday Weld
  • 36. Ottoman:Vampire Weekend
  • 37. Electro Socket Blues:Rogue Wave

I was interviewed at Philadelphia Wizard World in my Gamora costume! They basically asked me for a quick summary of who I am, why I cosplay, and WHY ANYONE OF ANY RACE OR BACKGROUND SHOULD COSPLAY AS WHOEVER THEY WANT. And I told them. You can also see lallyinthesky pose with me as Nebula! <3 <3