Thieves like us

My party were trying to get some info on some evil bards. One party member was buying them drinks downstairs, whilst the others were trying to break into their room.
Thief, rolling to pick locks: Nat 1
Me: OK, the lockpick snaps in the door.
Thief, to the mage: Can you Mend it?
Mage, casting Mend spell: Sure, no problem…Nat 1.(I had houserules for spellcasting.)
(Both look at me in trepidation)
Me: OK, you fixed the hole in the lock so well that the lockpick has merged with the keyhole. The door is now permanently locked.
(Players sigh)
Mage, brightly: There, they can’t get in to stop us. Let’s go in the window…

you’re my sweetheart

(for @youreturningscarletscarlet, who needs a little bit of silly fluffy nonsense in her life after writing SAD SAD THINGS. ily! <3)


Len wakes up the morning of February 14th to a cold, empty bed.

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I really dont understand shitheads who claim “aromantic asexuals don’t belong in the lgbt+ community cause they’re straight!!”

I’m a fuckin aro-ace woman. In NO conceivable way to I feel anything for men. That’s as far from “straight” as you can possibly be. On what planet does “I don’t wanna fuck/relationship/do anything sexual or romantic with a dude” mean I’m straight? Dickheads. That nonsense makes about as much sense as claiming lesbians wanna fuck dudes too

Bascially- if you call aro-ace people “straight” or claim we do not belong in the lbgt+ community- unfollow me. Get off my blog. You are 100% wrong

This is true art. I call it Portrait of an Obsession or The Stalker, because yes, all of these are from the same person: 

These are all from Emily´s Instagram. 

Shame Melissa doesn´t have an ING. Because then she will be here saying how wrong to ship mcr33dus is, right?

Now her in Twitter, talking about TD and tagging actors and TD members: 

Here you have her recruiting people for her mission to harass Emily until she shuts down TD because reasons: 

And my favorites; her begging for Emily´s attention:

Looks like she is very…dedicated.

Getting hella tired of the drama in this community and that’s without even being involved in it. 

To all of you drama-llamas, shit-stirrers, emotional blackmailers and people with exceedingly easily offended sensibilities  :

  1. Grow the fuck up. Just… do it.
  2. Start assuming responsibility and fault if it’s yours.
  3. See about getting a life outside your simblr, it certainly helps with all of the following points. 
  4. Grow a thicker skin, nobody’s gonna wear gloves with you irl, so why should the internet be any different?
  5. If you can’t handle the shits & giggles fron anon hate, just turn it off. IT’S THAT FUCKIN’ EASY.
  6. Learn to see shit from another’s perspective, the Earth does not gravitate around you, you self absorbed POS.
  7. Just because something isn’t your cup of tea, doesn’t mean you should be publicly shitting in said cup of tea. That’s disgusting, you sick fuck.
  8. Rationalize before you speak or act, because you’re not seven and see no 1 & 2.
  9. Originality is dead. Originality has been dead for a few centuries now. What we have nowadays is derivative creations. So stop thinking you’re the fuckin’ messiah because you did something and X did another something that looks sort of, kind of, maybe-in-an-alternate-universe close enough like yours. (This does not, evidently, apply to unashamed theft. They used to cut hands off thieves, ah, the gool ole’ days)
  10. And for cheesus’ sake, stop taking everything so seriously. It’s the fuckin’ internet, ffs.
  11. Fuck the people who aren’t your kind of people. But don’t fuckin call them out simply for the fact that they’re not your people. They’re somebody else’s, if they’re not yours, and they don’t give a shit about your petty insecurities and your trolling hard-ons. See no 1.
  12. Chillax. Enjoy your game. Just play in your little sandbox and be zen and have a larf with people you relate to and people you can connect with. At the end of the day this is supposed to be about a hobby, a fuckin hobby, which inherently means something you and other people like to do. Stop giving yourself a fuckin headache man, it’s not worth it.

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I hate when a dominant male comes to me knowing I'm a dominant female talking about he could turn me submissive. NAH BITCH I've tried the submissive shit I hate that shit I'm better than you and will be treated like a fucking Goddess.

i know you’re going to see this tomorrow and i’m calling you after 1:30 pm tomorrow after class because i don’t give a shit. i like being around you and i hate being mad at you, i’m no good at arguments and i’m sorry if i hurt you. don’t leave.

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You aren't that great. You're a girl that lives with her parents and has a decent following on social media. Stop living for people that don't even know who you are. Take your talents and bring them to the real world. You'll find the love you want from real people. I'm sure these compliments you get feel empty because they're praising parts of you that you let them see. Praise from the real world, from people seeing you as you really, are all parts is a lot more fulfilling and heart warming.

Dude you don’t know anything about my life haha why act like you do and send this? I don’t talk about it on here. You don’t know me. I’m so sick of people like you on the internet. What makes you so entitled? What makes you think my real life is empty? Fuck off. I hate this self righteous shit. You either put me up on a pedestal or attempt to push me off of the one that you created. Just stop already. Stop thinking you know me. Stop trying to make me humble or whatever the fuck it is you’re trying to do. I’m not that great? Look at yourself. Sending shit messages to a stranger on the internet. Why???

lmao you must be a really bitter person if you put a shit ton of hate about clexa in the “anti bellarke” tag only because you want clexa shippers to see it. i’ve always said that bellarkers remind me of johnlockers lol

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so i checked the notes on one of ur posts one time and a lot of Fucking Messes happen on them and tbh ur so wise and good for not responding to every little piece of shit. You're awesome.

I respond to way more hate than I ever should.

But thank you!

Blog Update

Have you ever thought “’Ey Steel/Stellar, I hate your obnoxious shit posting, but sometimes you have some dank warframe shit.”
The blog will be mainly featuring “Morty” my awful Valkyr OC, but my other OC’s will make appearances there as well.
This blog will just be random shit and maybe even some warframe stuff here and there IDK, it’s still a WIP and i need to transfer all my shit OCs still but the looks are about done.
Interested in the new blog, Go follow Puerile Valkyr! Namewillmostlikelychange