How I pack for my vacations
  • 1:*gets suitcases*
  • 2:*puts some stuff on the floor*
  • 3:*sits in front of it*

like out of every “guilty pleasure” ship you could have in ons wh y the FUCK would u choose crowley/shinoa thats disgusting im so angry about this right now why doesn’t this fandom love shinoa

The Free! dub is the funniest thing ever tbh every line is pure gold

Also it could’ve been worse I mean Funimation could’ve pulled a 4kids and give everyone English names imagine Makoto being called Mason or some shit and Haru becoming Harold count your blessings ppl

Brand new group and all the players are brand new to role playing. I voluntered to run a premade campain to teach them the basics. Early on there is a seemingly abandoned house they were walking past when our dwarf decided to check it out

Dwarf: (shouting)Hello there, open up and surrender

Me(DM): you hear sushing 

Dwarf(ooc): i kick down the door *rolls 1*

Me: your foot bounces off the door

 Dwarf(ooc): i jump in the window *rolls 1*

Me: you trip and go head first into the wall below the window

Elf(ooc): i try the door handle

Me: its unlocked

  • taylor swift fandom:*still openly hates joe jonas for being a douche 7 years ago*
  • taylor swift fandom:these calvin receipts are ridiculous and make no sense!! they're from 6 months ago anyway, he's changed!!
The Shit That You Hate
  • The Shit That You Hate
  • Bomb the Music Industry!
  • Vacation

214. The Shit That You Hate-Bomb The Music Industry!
The shit you’re afraid of has made you hateful and you’re letting on, tired eyes, all spiteful. And nobody cares. We all got sorrows, so hold onto your home and onto your hope. Sorrow don’t answer problems. Nobody cares. We’re all in trouble. The shit that you hate don’t make you special.  

they all died

context: my party had been on open water for a while and were bored with pirates so i made a dire dire squid for them to deal with, the party is an elf ninja, human paladin, elf fighter, half elf sorcerer, and human cleric.

ninja “ i try to stab the squid”

*rolls 11*

me “sorry no hit”

cleric “ i cast blessing”

me “alright”

fighter “i shoot it”

*rolls 18*

me “roll for damage”

sorcerer “ i cast a maximized fireball”

me “you sure?”

sorcerer “yeah i’m sure”

me “alright, would everyone roll a dex save”