me normally: its cool, characters with no explicit mention of their gender or sexuality can be headcanoned any way you want, just don’t be mean to other people about their headcanons and everyone can play this awesome game and relate to these characters :)

me after seeing this shit: actually you know what fuck you Blanche is totally agender now, Candela is a trans woman and her and Blanche are FUCKING MARRIED and Sporky my son is a bisexual trans boy FUCKING  F I G H T  M E

Ugh, OMG, fuck Henry in that scene.  “You’re just like Regina because you lied to me this one time about something that caused you lifelong trauma!”  

Stupid kid doesn’t know shit.  I really hated him in this little string of episodes where he’s shitting on Emma because he thinks Person is some hero, despite Emma telling him otherwise.  Like, kid, listen to your mom.  You can be upset that she didn’t tell you the truth, but don’t be an asshole about it.  Henry worked so hard to get close to her and then he pushes her away in favor of his deadbeat dad?  Makes perfect sense -_-

god damn this shit makes me mad. and while im at it you know what i hate? the fucking SJW strawman people use.

“WELL IF YOU INSULT THE NEW GHOSTBUSTERS THE ESJAY DOUBLE US WILL CALL YOU A MISOGYNIST” who does this? who did this? literally nobody. dude youre projecting the image you saw of like zoey quinn or some shit onto things you don’t like so you can better cope. NOBODY has called anyone a misogynist over shit like that. step outside the goddamn house and see that NOBODY ACTUALLY ACTS LIKE THIS GOD DAMN

people blame “”“sjws”“” for EVERYTHING. its never a change, its those damn sjws!!!!! it pisses me off man. oh no they got rid of some fanservice!!! oh no!! if you miss it that bad go buy the original shit. it still exists man. i dont know what my point is anymore but im just sick of this shit

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People need to learn the difference between hating someone and calling them out for their shit. Everything you say about Luke isn't hating, it's called not being up his ass and letting him get away with shit. The only thing I've seen you "hate" on him for is say he's dumb which he is and that he thinks with his dick which he does. The worst you've done is call out his cheating and this nasty relationship but everyone should?? No one should support any of that??? Sorry we aren't all up his ass

Exactly!! I have never hated on him, people need to relax

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You like incest and you hate black people. You're a walking stereotype Becky. Let me guess your pro guns, and drink mayo?

Where in the shit did you gather that I liked lncest? Or that I hate black people, for that matter? Source?

To anon who is sending me hate

Please stop,
I understand your words are trying to hurt me, but your just being childish. I done know who you are and why blocking you isn’t working maybe there’s more then one.

If so I’m sorry I make a horrible Aph Norway cosplayer, however that doesn’t mean you can hate on me and shit. Please stop

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Yikes you're pro HAES? We shouldn't be encouraging obesity, especially with an obesity epidemic on our hands. Being obese doesn't just affect that person, it increases the costs of healthcare for everyone else, and that hurts poor people the most 1/2

2/2 also why would you compare someone being “fatphobic” to racism? You can’t control what race you were born as but you can sure as shit control not being obese. Fat people have never been oppressed for their weight either. So yeah, fuck HAES. 

Lmao dude why bother with two messages all you had to say was “Im a fat hating piece of shit” 

You know what your fucking war on obesity does? Here read this article on how eating disorders have risen 119% in kids under 12 in the last decade. Congrats on that. Can you tell me what thats doing to healthcare costs? Go yell at smokers for being unhealthy and raising healthcare costs? Or disabled people for raising healthcare costs? Oh what you wouldnt do that because thats a shitty thing to do??? 

Control not being obese= “I’ve never had to lose weight in my life why don’t they just stop eating” 

“Fat people have never been oppressed for their weight” literally you are sending me hate mail against fat people I’m sure that statement is totally unbiased. Anyways. [X] [X]

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13. “I love you.” 
14. “I hate you.” Freezer burn something like I hate you but I love too much or whatever you feel is best

13. “I love you.” 

14. “I hate you.

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“I love you.” Yang playfully teases. She leans a little close to Weiss. The smaller girl places a hand on Yang’s face and forces her back. After telling a horrible pun and smiling like an idiot about it, Weiss is in no mood for any more of Yang’s shenanigans.

“I hate you.” Weiss grumbles back. She lets go of Yang, who is still grinning. Yang wraps an arm around Weiss, pulling her close.

“Come on Weissy. You know you love my puns and you love me.”

“If you make another pun, I swear I am going to smack you.”  

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Funny how if you post anything negative about the dnc, you get shit ton of hate, but yet if you post shit about the rnc, it's perfectly fine. Real mature, lefties.

They can’t take any hate

During a 5e one-shot I was in a few months ago, the party had to protect a village from a goblin horde and do some other stuff I don’t remember. After attacking the goblins in a large cave a while away from the village, they reach the village gates being chased by the goblin horde, when this happens:

*please note, our fighter was a new player who wasn’t taking the game really seriously at the time*

Fighter: Alright, I got a plan, I’m gonna distract them so you guys can get inside safely!

Everyone else: Alright thanks! 

DM: alright, what’re you gonna do to stop these goblins from attacking?

Fighter: I’m gonna whip out my dick and shock them with its awesome size!

DM: … Alright then… *fails saves for entire horde* oh god… wanna roll for size while you’re at it?

Fighter: Heck yeah! Check out this natural twenty!! *crit fails*

The entire part is bursting out laughing now, and the DM keeps it going

DM: The goblin horde stops dead in it’s tracks as you whip out your dick and start to laugh uncontrollably

Fighter: F*** YOU!!

DM: A few of the goblins begin taking out theirs to show you what a real dick looks like.

Fighter: *death glares at everyone, especially the DM*

DM: Now a few townspeople are laughing! And members of the guard too!

*DM mocks the fighter, doing several voices for every NPC who’s laughing at his tiny wiener*