Again, this isn’t about any one person or any one thing, but if you feel the need to get all defensive…  Well, that’s something for you to think about.

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why are nasty people saying Harry grew out his hair ONLY to donate them to a charity, making it looks like he didn’t enjoy having long hair lmao??? he literally had long hair for himself, because he liked it….and when he needed to cut them, he donated them but it wasn’t the purpose,,, as if having long hair is impossible..stop


Serious talk here guys.

Is Harry’s hair more important than his good friend who recently passed away? Don’t get me wrong but it’s nice to hear Harry cuts his hair for charity and all but his good friend passed away. If you are in Harry’s shoes what’s truly important here? A haircut? or a loved one’s life?

If you’re gonna hate me saying shit like “You’re so fake! We just lost Harry’s luscious hair! Blah blah…” Then congratulations, you’re considered the most idiotic person ever next to Donald Trash.

I love Harry and his curly hair really I do but let’s not forget that his close friend passed away unexpectedly okay? At least show some respect for the guy who took amazing pictures with the One Direction boys and many other celebrities. His photography work will NEVER be forgotten and unlike Harry’s hair he could grow them long curls again and we can see the same old Harry in him but unlike Matt’s passing; that’s a different story.

Big love to Matt Irwin, my hearts and prayers go out to his friends and family. As Harry would say… All the love.


the beach boys // little honda (1964)

[Brian] does exactly what he wants to do. I remember [sits back and laughs] — this is so funny — when we did “Little Honda,” Brian wanted me to get this real distorted guitar sound, real fuzzy. “This guitar sounds like shit,” I said. “Brian, I hate this.” And he goes, “Would you fucking do it? Just do it.” When I heard it, I felt like an asshole. It sounded really hot. That was before fuzz became a big deal. -Carl Wilson

aro/insert female character here* fanfics that shit all over sulpicia’s character

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man i love you guys so much but holy shit that bee shirt. i hate it so much the bee looks like it knows. like it just told my parents that what im doing online at night is watching a day in the life of cronkri on loop for hours. that bee. i hate them. smile is too menacing. its existence is a daily reminder of what im doing with my life. why did you choose that specific bee? did you sumon this demon bee? was that part of the deal? please..spare me from the bee. they know and theyre ready to kill

Mituna: MY B33 KN0WS WH4T Y0U D1D 1N TH3 D4RK!!!!1!1!1!1

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Hi Gabi! I've been lurking in the 1D/Larry fandoms for a while, low key at first and then more closely this year. Because I haven't been following Larry from the beginning and most of what I know is from masterposts and videos, it makes me wonder if I only see Larry as a possibility because I'm looking for it to be there. Has anyone ever tried to find "evidence" of a relationship between L or H & one of the other boys, just to see if you could fabricate a different narrative?

Hi love!! Oh i am sure they TRIED to find but never really succeeded. Ot4 are close friends but they don’t show anything romantic apart from LouisandHarry. Nothing can explain the treatment of Larry: from a PR standpoint it is a disaster that the narrative is that they hate each other. This shit is normally hidden and you only hear about it years after a band dissolves. When there’s hate they usually overcompensate. When there’s friendship they don’t hide it to an extent that we haven’t seen them out offstage for years!!! Why why why. And then you analyze the looks the fond the touches the difference in body language the tattoos the aligning mia times and realize they ARE indeed together.

All the ships were pushed and encouraged by 1dhq but LouisandHarry. Just look at the numbers. Larry had that ONE interview alone. Larry is hidden and denied for six years. If you go to my page/masterposts and search for the ENEMIES LOVERS FRIENDS masterpost somewhere in the end there is a chart about the pairings in interviews for the last x years and Larry is basically non-existent… compared.

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ok i seriously hate when blarkes use brownface and lexa's "bindi" as a reason to hate the lesbian character like that is literally 100% the crew's fault and has nothing to do with lexa as a character. if you're going to hate someone for that shit direct it at the crew. it makes no sense to hate lexa because of the stylist's decisions. it's just another example of them pretending to care about racist themes on the show all the while doing literally nothing useful to combat them

lexa’s character is still lesbian rep, the racism and cultural appropriation in the show is another issue entirely and it’s one we are actively fighting against. but we’re the bad ones for speaking up while they continue to watch the same show that they complain about “brown face bindi” shit in. funny because those same people will cry racism when someone doesn’t like bellini or blarke, they’ll bring up brownface when it comes to lexa, but they’ll turn a blind eye to any other racist element of the show. 

Background: Our party has been offered a retrieval mission that involves doing a B&E.

GM: Roll perception on the door.

Wizard: *crit fails* [OOC] SHIT!

GM: You perceive that the door is locked.

Wizard: [In character] It’s locked.

Rogue: Are you sure? *rolls perception, passes DC*

GM: There is no lock on the door, it appears to be safe to open.

Rogue: [to Wizard] I’m pretty sure it’s not locked.

Paladin: [OOC] I’m rolling perception on the door, too. *crit fails*

GM: The door is locked, you detect an aura of evil like it’s boobytrapped. 

Paladin: [In character] It’s definitely locked, and there’s something on the other side. We will have to be careful.

Rogue: …are you sure?

Wizard/Paladin: YES.

Rogue: [OOC]…guess I’m rolling to pick the lock? *nat 20*

GM: You successfully pick the lock that doesn’t exist. Congratulations. You may now enter the castle.

Roll for dick size

Context: We’re doing a homebrew game, it’s a party of three currently. Me (half vampire summoner), a human monk, and a human chronomancer. Earlier in the campaign the monk crit failed with two spears, and has been desperately trying to get an enchanted uber spear since. He also tried (and miserably failed) to seduce our chronomancer upon first meeting her. We’re currently in a city and the monk finally got his uber spear encrusted with gems we pulled out of an earth elemental.

Me: You really, really wanted that spear. Are you trying to compensate for something?

Monk: I absolutely am not.

Me: I think you might be.

Monk: (OOC) Do we know our dick size?

Me: (OOC) Can we roll for dick size?

DM: I mean…. (small sigh) Roll a d12

Monk: (Crit fails)

*Entire part bursts out laughing as we find out the monk has a 1 inch dick and is overcompensating with large spears and muscle mass*

Me: (OOC) This is probably why you couldn’t seduce the chronomancer when you first met her! (She has a passive perception of 20)