Okay, but imagine Laurel going to Central City and coming back with a different zip up hoodie every time.

Imagine her wearing that same zip up hoodie after she showers from her vigilantism and then taking a deep inhale and everyone noticing and wondering where she’s getting all of these new jackets from because she wears them every day for two weeks and then she gets a new one and they never see the old one again.

Next team Flarrow match up and it’s Oliver that connects the dots that Laurel’s been wearing Cisco’s jackets because Cisco always has a jacket or something on and he recognizes one of them.

And all he does is smirk a little bit and mention it to Felicity in passing and Felicity just shrugs because she figures it’s the same reason why she likes wearing one of Oliver’s clean shirts.

Because it smells like him, smells like home.

And like after the match up and they’re saying goodbye, Cisco hands over the jacket he’s been wearing the whole time over to Laurel and Laurel just puts it on, zips it up, wraps her arms around his neck and he lays his hands on her hips, and they make plans for next week when she comes to Central City for her visit.

so let me tell me you a story okay so i went on a date thing with this really cute guy he was white lol blonde hair blue eyes w/e and we met up pretty late because i was working and we walked in a park at like 10 pm for like 2 hours just talking and he plays soccer, and he came in his practice clothes cause he said it wouldve taken forever to change then come meet me up and like his musk was driving me crazy like my inner thot was activated and i kissed him (thank god hes a good kisser btw) and i was like just smelling him and his shirt (this sounds creepy) but moral of the story is im a nasty kinky hoe 

i was gonna type out some Lame Ass Post like “this shirt doesnt smell like him anymore” instead i made this post which still gets the words out but in a way that allows you to know im aware how lame it sounds

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I just found out my crush is a virgo and I sucked his dick yesterday n my shirt still smells like him -aqua


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Waking up with Minseokkie please!!! (Sorry! I'm on my phone so I can't copy and paste the little sun symbol!!)

The mornings that you go to wake up with the warmth of Minseok at your side were your favorites. You rolled over, refusing to come completely out of sleep and snuggling into his chest. His t-shirt was soft and smelled like him, his arms immediately hooked around you. You smiled because you knew he was still asleep, and yet his arms held you close. You breathed him in and relished in the warmth of his body next to yours. It was rare to have these moments with him because he was gone a lot. So knowing you could wake up next to the man you loved and adored was something you would never take for granted.

I’m giving myself a gold star for today. In no particular order: I drank a few glasses of water, I haven’t cried since like 6 pm, I got out of bed, I showered, I ate a half a sandwich, and I only clung to the shirt I left at his place (which still totally smells like him) like 3 times.

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Don't mind me! Just gunna swooce in and leave you a ☽ and ☼

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The shirts Arthur wears? The white ones that seems far too large and hang down too low? They used to be Lewis’s before he died. Arthur had been cleaning his room after the funeral and he found them in the closet. Lewis wore them around the apartment often, and they still smelled like him and the shirts were something that Arthur associated with the man.

Arthur took them as a reminder of the friend he couldn’t save, and he keeps them almost exactly how he found them. He is next-to religious in how diligently he took care of those shirts, and he chose one of them and wears it almost constantly.

☼ :

Something about me? um. I guess the most interesting thing about me is that I wrote a book. I didn’t try to get it published, but it was two-hundred pages of high-fantasy angst. 

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So my crush is a friend of mine who has beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous hair and we joke around with each other and hug and stuff and he gave me his shirt and it smells like him but i know he dosnt like me that way :(

im sorry that must hurt a lot im really sorry idk what to tell you being in the position is horrible

//sleepover friday////

When Words Tear You Apart

He figured their problems would always come down to words. Words that should never be said, but still managed to claw their way out of Stiles’ throat. Words that Derek would always regret as soon as he realized what he’d said.

Rating: General Audiences

Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)

Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski


It had been days since Derek left, days of Stiles stewing and beating himself up, wondering why he’d done something so wrong. Days of hiding away his feelings from Scott and pretending like his joy hadn’t walked out the door along with Derek.

He would curl up in the bed they’d shared at night, tucked into sweats and a shirt that was too big for him, but smelled so much like him. Stiles had cried himself to sleep the first few nights and hated the lack of heat and weight along his back, wondering how to be something Derek would miss.

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My parents don’t let Sid and I sleep together yet as they’re very protective over me so when he sleeps over he’ll cuddle me for a while before bed, often leave me his shirt because it’ll smell like him, then tuck me in and kiss me goodnight. It’s so adorable and puts me in a really good mood which makes for a pleasant night, but that doesn’t mean I don’t look forward to the day when he’ll kiss me goodnight and cuddle me until I fall asleep and 8 hours later I’ll wake up to him lying next to me.

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Finn to Santana: “I’m pretty sure that’s my shirt.”

Santana crossed her arms as she leaned against the door frame. She was indeed wearing his shirt and a lacy thong, but that was it. She didn’t think he should be complaining about the view or the fact his shirt was stolen. “Well duh.” She said with a little smirk. There was more than one reason to steal her boyfriend’s shirt. One being that it was comfortable, two it smelled like him which was comforting, and three it was sexy as hell. She finally pushed herself way from the door and walked towards her boyfriend who was laying in bed. She crawled into it and moved over him until she was straddling his lap. “You know you like it.” She leaned in further and kissed his lips. 

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"Is that my shirt?"

He can feel the heat rising from
his neck all the way to the very
tips of his ears. He hadn’t thought
Monty would notice the shirt

( goddamn it smelled like him )
but here they are ; Jasper
can’t find his voice properly.

                I - uh. Well - it - yes?