1. Write his name on a piece of lined paper over and over again. When it stops looking like poetry to you, light a match and watch the flames devour the page. Breathe in the smoke and smell the chemicals until you feel sick then cough, cough him out of your lungs. It’s the only way to let him out without leaving a mark.
2. Go outside and go for a walk. Don’t bring your coat. Let the cold air cling to your skin and cover you in goose bumps. Don’t bring your iPod either. Listen to the sound of the world spinning, changing and moving. Feel alive without him .
3. Sit on the floor of your shower and let the steaming water fall down on you like rain. Think about how seconds ago the very water that was touching your skin is now circling the drain. Remember that everything is temporary.
4. Stop sleeping with his worn out T-shirt. It doesn’t even smell like him anymore and as each day passes you feel more pathetic falling asleep with it wrapped around you hoping to wake up beside more than just a reminder that he’s fucking gone.
5. Sing the song that reminds you of him. When you get to the chorus scream each lyric as loud as your shaky hesitant voice will let you. Reclaim it as your own and stop letting him have the biggest parts of you.
6. Sleep in until 2 in the afternoon, then go to the diner he took you to on your first date and have breakfast by yourself. When you stop shaking, drink your coffee slowly and write a poem in your journal that isn’t about him. Eat the shitty eggs they bring you and leave a big tip. When you’re leaving smile at the waiter who has been making eyes at you the whole time you were there. Not to flirt, but to show him and even to show yourself that in time, you’re slowly getting better.
—  How to be okay again (H.S)

How to Be Just Friends

i. Change his name in your phone. No more “sweetheart” or “cutie”. Lose the heart eyes emoji. Just his name, no extras, makes it easier.

ii. Give him back his sweaters. If he tries to loan you another, say you’re not cold even if you’re freezing. And no matter what, don’t let yourself sleep in his shirts. I know it still smells like him and I know it’s the closest to being held you can get but I promise you it’s not worth it.

iii. Don’t read through old texts. Don’t read through old ‘I Love You’s. Don’t give yourself a chance to rethink the things you’ve said. The past is gone and all you can do is bury it.

iv. Stop listening to the mixed tapes he made you.

v. Whatever you do, don’t think about kissing him hard, your back pressed against the wall and your hands in his hair while he mumbles empty words against your neck.

vi. Stop looking for him in a crowd if you don’t want to see him with someone else.

vii. Don’t tell him you love him.

viii. Stop listening to your song on repeat when you miss him. I promise it doesn’t help.

ix. Stop hoping he’ll come back to you.

x. Drink a lot of water and listen to a lot of sad music. It’s okay to cry if you need to, just don’t let him see.

xi. Always make yourself smile when he’s around. Fake it until you make it.

xii. Don’t get your hopes up on staying friends with someone if you break inside every time you look at him.

xiii. Move on.

—  How to Be ‘Just Friends' 
Random headcanon

Harley is constantly wearing Joker’s shirts which often results in him having to dig around in her closet to find whichever shirt got stolen that week.

Dating Brett Would Involve

*Him being so much taller than you

*Being really cute all the time

*Stepping on your tippy toes to kiss him but still being too short

*Him giving you piggyback rides just so you can be tall

*Wearing his shirts

*His shirts being the perfect dress for you

*Him being a kinky shit

*So much sex

*Him being over protective

*Cuddling all the time

*Being human

*Him being the big spoon while cuddling

*Make out sessions

*Being in his pack even though you are human

*Lori loves you

*Being his mate

*Being couple goals

*Wearing his shirts right after sex

*Smelling a lot like him because you wear his clothes a lot

*Your parents loving him

*Getting a dog together

*Getting a place to live together

*Him getting jealous very easily

*Him leaving small kisses on your head

*Surprise hugs all the time

It’s been a while now and I still miss the way he said my name. I didn’t know my bones could ache for so long. They say there’s beauty in sadness, but I don’t think so – at least not like this – when it’s 3 am and over the counter melatonin is the only thing that helps me sleep.

I found his t-shirt the other day and it still smells like him and the summer we spent telling each other we’d be forever. I didn’t really think about how forever could end. He used to call me beautiful and look at me with eyes that meant it. Now I just don’t know how I’m supposed to hear that word from anyone else.

I’m somewhere caught between moving on and holding on and not knowing which I can handle most. I feel messy and uneasy and I don’t understand how one person can destroy an empire inside me, just by walking away.

His lips tasted like air after rain and these days all I do is think about the way they felt between my thighs. But still – my pillow isn’t him, and the song on the radio isn’t ours. I get coffee from a boy at the café every morning, but we can’t talk for hours.

Where do I go when a lover and a friend becomes a memory and a dead end?

He waited until the day after to wish me a happy birthday and told me he misses me too before he stopped responding to my messages. He’s teaching me that real ghosts have heart beats and spend their nights in another girl’s bed.

—  2:53 am
Midnight Snack (Darry): Imagine for katelynmumford

It’s 1:00 in the morning when you awake to find the other side of the bed empty. You yawn, reaching to the end of the bed and grabbing Darry’s button up flannel. You pull it over your bare shoulders and step out of the bed, shivering when your feet touch the ground.

His shirt smelled like him, and you inhale deeply as you tiredly make your way down the hall. You pad into the kitchen to see that the kitchen light is on.

Darry is sitting at the table, eating a sandwich with a glass of chocolate milk next to him. You smile from the doorway and walk forward until you’re behind him. You wrap your arms around his large frame and nuzzle your face into his neck.

“Midnight snack?” You yawn, and he turns to look at you. You give him a quick peck on the lips and he pulls his chair back. You raise an eyebrow, and he pulls you into his lap. You wrap your arms around his neck.

“I didn’t really get a chance to eat when I got home – I just went straight to bed.” He says, and you nod, sighing nearly inaudibly. Darry had been working even more lately, and you hated that he had to leave at 5:00 every morning and not come home until 9:00 that night. You missed him, not to mention the fact that you knew all this would work him to near death.

“So, what kind of sandwich?” You ask, turning to his plate. He chuckles.

“See for yourself,” He says, pulling off a corner. You part your lips and he places it in between them. You bite down as the sweet jelly and savory peanut butter hit your tongue. You scrunch your nose in surprise, and he grins. He leans forward and kisses your nose as you chew. You smile and swallow.

“You should go back to bed.” He says, resting his forehead against yours.

“I’m waiting for you.” You say, smiling.

“Whys that?” He replies, and you pull your arms tighter around him.

“I need you to protect me; the dark is a terrifying place.” You say, and his chest rumbles as he chuckles.

“Anything for my Queen,” He says, kissing you once more. 

Louis Imagine #2 - He cheats on you while away on tour.

Your (POV) – You arrived home to your empty flat for what felt like the millionth night in a row. Louis had only been away on tour for four weeks and you were missing him like crazy. You hated how quiet the flat was without him, you hated how lonely it was to eat dinner by yourself, you hated how cold your bed was when he wasn’t there. You sighted as you dropped your bag on the floor and made your way into the kitchen, grabbing ready-made mac and cheese from the fridge and putting it in the microwave. You went upstairs while it cooked and changed into a pair of jogging bottoms and one of Louis’ t-shirts, which smelled exactly like him. You waited for your dinner to cook before flopping down on the couch to watch TV and eat. You were just about to start eating when you heard your phone go off, you pulled it out of your pocket to see that you had a text from Niall. ‘Hey Y/N, are you free just now… I need to call you and tell you something… x’ You immediately began to panic, thinking the worst had happened so you texted him back saying you could talk and he called you a few seconds later. “Niall? What’s wrong? Is Louis okay?” you fired questions at him. “Y/N, will you please calm down, Louis is fine!” he said loudly so you would listen. “Oh okay,” you replied, “then what is it you have to tell me?” you asked, slightly confused. “You’re not going to like it Y/N… but me and Liam have talked and decided you had to know.” You sat up straighter as you prepared to hear what they had to tell you, “okay Niall, you’re scaring me a little now, can you just tell me what’s going on?” Niall sighed down the phone; “Louis cheated on you… he slept with another girl last night.” He went quiet for a few seconds, waiting for you to reply, but you couldn’t speak. “I’m so sorry to be the one to tell you this Y/N, but we felt like you had to know… it’s not fair on you.” You cleared your throat down the phone as tears cascaded down your cheeks. “Thanks, for telling me,” you said quietly. “What are you going to do?” he asked, obviously feeling sorry for you. “I, erm… I don’t know,” you said slowly, “but don’t worry, I won’t tell him I heard from you.” Niall sighed down the phone, “I really am sorry Y/N.” You nodded your head, even though you knew he couldn’t see, “it’s okay, it’s not your fault my boyfriend is an piece of shit.” Niall chuckled lightly down the phone, “look Niall, I’m going to go, I need to figure out what I’m going to do.” “Okay Y/N, well I’ll call you tomorrow and see how you are, let me know if you need anything, bye.” You hung up the phone, taking a deep breath to stop yourself from crying. Louis wasn’t worth your tears anymore. You threw your dinner in the bucket, not being able to face eating anything because your stomach was churning so much. You marched straight upstairs and began packing your things; one thing was for sure… you weren’t going to be here when Louis got back. You packed up most of your things before getting to work writing Louis a letter you were going to leave in the kitchen for him to read when he got back.

‘Louis, you might be wondering why I decided to leave, I want you to know that it’s you, not me. You really think you can cheat on me while on tour and I won’t find out? I can’t believe you’d do this to me, does a two year relationship mean absolutely nothing to you? I thought I was going to marry you one day. I hope you regret ruining this relationship everyday for the rest of your life. I don’t want you to come looking for me, or try to contact me again. We’re over, have a nice life. – Y/N.

You left the note on your kitchen table and gathered your stuff together; you were going to stay at your sister’s place until you could find a place of your own. One thing was certain and that was that you couldn’t bear to stay in yours and Louis’ flat so you left as soon as you could.

His POV – The guys had been giving me a really hard time since I cheated on Y/N. They were all absolutely furious about it, which was understandable, but it was one mistake and they were all acting a bit harsh in my opinion. None of them had spoken to me since it happened. The thing that made it worse was that I was really paranoid that Y/N knew about it because she hadn’t answered any of my calls and texts. I decided to wait a couple of days before I tried again because I knew she was really busy with work and things but there was still no answer. Two weeks had passed without me hearing from her and I was starting to get really worried. I was just happy that we had days off scheduled so I could go home and check on her. I couldn’t wait to see her because the boys still weren’t really speaking to me and none of them even seemed to care when I couldn’t get a hold of her which bothered me but I didn’t really have a leg to stand on when it came to arguing about people not caring about Y/N. I arrived at our flat and pushed the door open. It was empty, which was strange because Y/N usually got home from work at around 6pm and it was 8pm. I walked up to the bedroom and I noticed that all of her stuff was gone. I panicked as I ran through the whole house yelling her name. I eventually got to the kitchen and noticed there was a note on the table with my name on it. I ripped it open quickly and as I read it, my stomach dropped. How did she find out? I could only presume one of the boys told her. I immediately reached for my phone and dialed Niall’s number. “Hello?” he said bluntly when he answered. “Niall… did you tell her?” I asked, my voice cracking a little as I spoke. “Yup,” he replied as if it was the most casual thing in the world. “What the fuck Niall? Why would you do that to me?” I asked, voice trembling uncontrollably. “Because Louis, she deserved to know, I’m sure if it was the other way around you’d want me to tell you. Y/N is just as much my friend as you are and the boys and I thought she should know so I called her and told her.” I couldn’t really argue with him to be honest, he was right. She did deserve to know and if I had been in her position, I would want to know as well. I went completely silent; Niall said my name a few times before sighing and hanging up. I felt tears sliding down my cheeks. I couldn’t lose her… she was my everything, the love of my life. I knew I needed to find her as soon as I could so I headed straight for the only place I thought she could be: her sisters flat.

Your POV – It had been two weeks since you left your flat and you had done nothing but be absolutely miserable. Your sister and your friends had done absolutely everything they could to cheer you up but nothing was working. All you wanted was the ability to forgive Louis but you couldn’t even bring yourself to answer his phone calls or reply to his texts, you didn’t even know when he would next be home. You were sitting in your sister’s living room watching television when you heard a knock at the door. You walked up to the door and opened it, not expecting to see Louis standing in front of you, eyes bright red and puffy but that’s exactly what you found. Your eyes began to sting immediately at the sight of him. “What are you doing here Louis? Did you not read my note?” you tried to remain composed but your voice cracked. “I did read it, that’s why I’m here,” he said quietly, “I want to talk to you…” His eyes watered and you seriously thought about slamming the door in his face but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it so you stepped aside, allowing him to walk into the living room. “What do you want to say Louis?” you asked, hoping for him to have a speech, so spectacular, prepared that you couldn’t say no to taking him back, but you knew it was going to take a lot for that to happen. “I don’t expect you to take me back Y/N… what I did was unforgiveable,” your eyes began to water immediately as he spoke. “I’ll understand if you don’t want to be with me anymore, but you should know that I will be completely broken, you’re everything to me and I never ever could have dreamed of having someone as perfect as you in my life.” You sighed as you lowered your head and tears began to stream down your cheeks. Louis walked over and out his arms around your waist; “I just wanted to tell you that I love you and I’ll regret hurting you everyday for the rest of my life.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead before walking towards the front door with tears streaming down his face. He walked outside as you sobbed quietly into your hands, you couldn’t let him leave… you loved him and you had managed to find the strength inside yourself to forgive him. You began running. You ran down the stairs two at a time, desperate to reach him. You ran out onto the dark, quiet street; head whipping from side to side. You spotted him about 100 yards away from you and you immediately started calling his name. Tears streaming down your face as you ran towards him and he turned around to face you. You threw yourself straight into his arms, sobbing into his shoulder as he held you. “I forgive you, I do want to be with you, because I love you.” Louis pulled away from you and began planting kisses all over your face, his own tears mixing with yours. “I love you so much Y/N, you’ll never know how sorry I am for hurting you, I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to you.” You gave him a watery smile before he pressed a kiss to your lips and then speaking softly against your lips, “I love you.”  

what if when percy was missing annabeth started out coming to sally’s on the weekends and during christmas and holidays and stuff she’d just stay over, sleeping in percy’s room and wearing his baggy shirts (‘cause, you know, they’re comfy and they smell like him and she likes putting her fingers through all the little burn holes) and pretty soon she shows up just for dinner and just to do her homework and just because, you know, she was in the area, and then after the war percy comes back and finds her stuff all over the place.

The 10 things I hate about being in a LDR

1) My relationship depends on WiFi and cell service
2) Seeing other couples walking around and being with each other when I don’t know when I’ll see him again
3) Going back to my hometown when he’s not there because it just isn’t the same without him
4) Not having him here to cuddle up in bed and have long talks
5) Getting a ton of “date night” gifts from relatives and not knowing when I’ll be able to use them
6) When the shirts he gives me stop smelling like him because it’s been too long
7) When I’m having a bad day and all I want is a hug and I can’t have one
8) Everyone acting surprised that we have lasted this long because “long distance relationships usually fail”
9) When guys who try to hit on me find out I’m in a ldr and they say “well he’s probably cheating on you anyways”
10) Not being able to wake up to him every morning

#4 Slow Dancing (Luke and Michael)

Luke: With a tight grip around your waist he held you close. Your head rested on his chest with your arms wrapped around his torso. You could feel his hot breath in your hair as you swayed to the slow music in the background. His heartbeat was beating steady beneath his washed out Nirvana shirt, a shirt he had used so many times but yet never grew tired of. His smell was almost printed into that shirt and it was the perfect shirt to have whenever he left since it always seemed to smell like him. You could feel his heartbeat quickening and you looked up, only to be met by those piercing blue eyes. “What were you thinking about?” you asked. “You.” His word was simple but you couldn’t help that faint blush from spreading across your cheeks, so you immediately look down and buried your face in his chest. “That’s so chliché” you mumbled into his chest. You could feel him chuckle before giving the top of your head a quick peck. “But so true” he said, putting two fingers under your chin, carefully tilting your head upwards so that you were facing him. You wrapped your arms around his neck leaning in before kissing him, a kiss he gladly responded to. “I love you so much” you said, your voice slightly shaking from the kiss.
“And I love you more”.

Michael: Neither one of you were particularly good dancers. As a matter of fact you both kind of sucked, though that didn’t stop you from actually dancing, even though it probably looked awful to most people. But neither one of you cared. You loved the feeling of having him close, feeling his strong arms around your waist as you not so gracefully swayed to the music. You were at a wedding together, one of the few couples left on the dance floor and soon to be the last. You had lost track of both time and room and was instead caught up in Michaels embrace. His hot breath in the crock of you neck as your upper bodies were intertwined together. Your eyes were becoming heavy after the long night but you didn’t want this perfect moment to end. Nor did Michael. He held you tighter every time he felt your grip loosen a bit, afraid of ever letting you go. And that was one of the many reasons for why you loved him. His love for you was grande and he was never afraid to show it, no matter who was watching. “Do you want to go home?” Your voice was sleepy against his neck and made small goosebumps appear on his skin from the vibrations. “If you’re tired we can go, if not we can stay here, as long as get to hold you close I don’t care where we are.” You couldn’t help but let out a small laugh. “You already got me Clifford, you don’t need to charm me anymore.” You straightened up and the leaned in to give him a quick peck on the lips. “I know, but if I don’t I might lose you, and I can’t risk that can I?”

strangestorys  asked:

Spacedogs prompt: Adam wants Nigel to start wearing more decent clothes, or at least clothes that don't look like he found them in the dumpster of a discotheque in 1987. They go shopping together with predictably disastrous results, and Nigel "compromises" by just walking around the flat naked more often.

  • It starts because Nigel smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, which is an improvement from the two packs he’d inhale when Adam had first met him (his shirts smell like nicotine and Adam can’t stand the stench,the thought that the stink will spread to his floor, to the rug, to his sheets, to any part of his home. He likes Nigel and he wants Nigel to stay but he can’t take the smell anymore, it’s suffocating)

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“ I Missed You. ” ( Sami Zayn )

Requested by @darlingkatrina

It’s been three weeks.

Three weeks since you’ve seen him.

Three weeks since you’ve kissed him, or been in his arms.

You sighed and got out of bed, stretching. Once again you were wearing one of Sami’s t-shirts. It was way too big on you, but it smelled like him so you didn’t care. You left your room and went into the kitchen, making a bowl of cereal. You were way too lazy to actually cook a large breakfast that you wouldn’t even end up eating most of. As you ate your bowl of cereal, you glanced over at your calendar. There was a date that has a heart shape around it, which is the date that he was suppose to be home. Three days. You could wait three days. You’ve waited three weeks, so what’s the harm in a few more days. Or, that’s what you’ve telling yourself.

‘Spooky scary skeletons send shivers down your spine. Shrieking skulls will shock your soul, seal your doom tonight.“ You heard your phone sing. It was the ringtone for your boyfriend, Sami. You had changed it a week prior to get into the Halloween spirit. You put the cereal bowl on the table, running to your room and answering his call. “Hey babe!” You said, happiness laced in your voice. “Hi, Y/N.” He replies. You could tell he was happy about something. “What’s up?” You ask him, an eyebrow raised in confusion. “Oh nothin’. Just happy is all.” He responded to you reassuringly. You nodded, choosing not to question it. “Well that’s good, how’s life on the road treating you?” You sat down, wanting to pay full attention to the voice you’ve been craving the last three weeks. “Ah, not too bad. I miss you so much, though. You’re all I can think about.” He admitted, making you smile softly at his words. “I miss you too baby. I’ve resorted to sleeping in your clothes.” You laughed, rubbing the threads of his shirt you were wearing in between your thumb and forefinger.

“Hey, I’m so sorry babe, but I have to go. I’ll call you later okay? I promise.” Your boyfriend said, and you frowned. “Yeah, of course. I’ll talk to you later.” You replied, signing softly. He hung up and you put your phone on the bedside table, laying down. You had completely forgotten about your cereal. At this point, it didn’t matter. You cuddled close to a pillow and fell asleep, trying to make the day go by faster.

“Y/N…” You heard someone say next to you and you opened your eyes quickly, fear starting to set in before you saw none other than Sami Zayn standing in front of you. You were confused as to why he was home sooner than expected, but you didn’t say anything as all you could think about was the fact that he was actually home. “Sami!” You exclaimed, standing up and hugging him tight. “Hi, baby.” He mumbled, hugging you back. You pulled away from him, your eyes starting to water because of how happy you were. It had only been three weeks away from him, you knew hat. But it felt like a lifetime. He smiled at you, sitting down on the bed and pulling you down so you were sitting on his lap. “I see you were telling the truth, you are wearing my shirt.” He rubbed your stomach through the soft material of the shirt you were wearing. You giggled and nodded. He lifted you up and laid you down, laying down behind you and wrapping his arms around you. He pulled the blankets over the two of you and cuddled close. “Sami?” You asked him, moving backwards to get as close as possible to your boyfriend. “Mmm…” He mumbled. “Can we just cuddle for awhile? I realy missed holding you.” He mused. “Yes, we can.” A soft content smile took over your features.

“I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too, Sami.”

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Airport sex - Luke Hemmings(Smut)

Two months. 61 days. 1464 hours. 87 840 minutes. It felt like i had been without him for a decade. It was torture being away from him. Skype calls just didn’t do it for me. On the other hand, the time we did get to spend together meant much more now that we were in a long distance relationship.

These past two months had been crazy for Luke and the boys, the new album was released, tour was going great and everyone loved 5 seconds of summer. Luke always told me how we could get a place of our own in Los Angeles once tour was over, then we could spend more time together since i would be closer to where everything was happening. 
Today i was finally going to see him again. Tonight i wouldn’t have to fall asleep with a shirt smelling like him. I could finally fall asleep with his arms around me, although we probably wouldn’t spend that much time sleeping tonight.

I sat at the airport, waiting for him to show up. Probably wearing one of his Ralph Lauren-sweatpants and a t-shirt with rolled up sleeves. He would probably have messy hair and tired eyes, he would never have looked sexier. My legs were shaking, i couldn’t relax. The thought of my boyfriend, who i hadn’t seen for two months, walking out of the door in front of me was indescribeable.

Suddenly the door opened and a tall, thick man dressed in black entered the room. He smiled softly at me, i recognized him, he was their security guard. I stood up and waited for Luke to enter the room. After the tall man, Calum showed up and behind him Ashton and then Michael. Michael closed the door. “Hey (Y/N)” they screamed and hugged me all three of them.
“Hey guys!” i said and didn’t want to be rude and ask for Luke instantly. “Uhm…where’s?” i asked and they looked at me with the same look they had when Luke throwed me a surprise party and they tried to keep it a secret. “Guys..where is he?” i asked and at that moment i felt two arms wrapping around my waist.
“I’m here.” he whispered in my ear and my eyes filled up with tears.
“Luke!” i screamed and turned around. I threw my arms around him and he lifted me up in his arms so that i had my legs wrapped around him. He sat down in one of the armchairs.
“I’ve thought about this moment for so long.” he whispered against my shoulder and hugged me tighter than before.
“I love you so much.” i cried against his chest and he placed his hands on my cheeks, lifting my head up from his chest. He looked into my eyes for a seconds before kissing me softly. I didn’t care if anyone saw us. To me, there was only him and me.
“I’ve missed your lips.” he said and kissed them. “I’ve missed your bum.” he said and squeezed it hard.“And i’ve missed your beautiful breasts.” he said and rested his head on my chest. I leaned in and whispered as seductive as i could:
“I’ve missed having you inside of me.”
“We’ll have to do something about that, don’t we?” he said and my whole body shivered.

“Uhm..i guess you’ll meet us at the hotel Luke?” Calum asked.
“Mhm.” Luke said and the boys laughed.
“HAVE FUN!” Michael screamed as we walked away. Luke sneaked me into the boys bathroom and luckily it was a single-bathroom and not a bunch of stalls. He pushed me against the door and instantly pulled off my shirt. He unclapsed my bra and reached inside of my sweatpants for my bum and squeezed it hard while taking my right breast in his mouth. He made circular motions around the nipple with his tongue and did the same with the other breast before pulling off my pants too.
“Hey, not fair.” i said and turned him around so that he was against the door. He smiled at me and i pulled off his shirt exposing his abs.
“I’ve missed these.” i said and kissed them. I slowly pulled off his pants and reached down to stroke his innerthigh.
“Okay okay okay, my turn.” he said and turned us around again. He pressed himself against and i could feel his length press against my thigh. He kissed my sensitive spot on my neck and leaving a trace of kisses down my chest while stroking my innerthigh and moving my thong to the side. He found my clit and touched it slightly, just to make me shiver.
“Lay down here.” he said and spread out our clothes on the floor. I layed down and he slowly pulled off my thong.
“Spread your legs for me baby.” he said and I did as he said. He stared at me and licked his lips. He layed down with his face between my legs. He reached out his tongue and slightly licked my clit to make it wet. He then blew on it, he knew this was torture for me.
“P-please Luke. Don’t tease.” i begged and without me noticing he pulled down his boxers just enough for him to thrust inside of me. I whimpered and he leaned down so he could kiss me.
“I couldn’t wait babe.” he whispered in my ear and his breath made me shiver. “Baby, i-i’m gonna cum. I can’t hold it in.” i moaned and he pulled out.
“What the fuck Luke?” i yelled, still laying exposed on the floor.
“Hold on.” he said and stood up. He pulled off his boxers completely and sat down against the wall.
“Come here.” he said and i crawled over to him.
“I want you to ride me and just when you’re about to cum, i need you to stop okay.” he said and i just nodded. He was always trying new things and it was always amazing when he did. I positioned myself over him and slowly filled myself with his length. I moved back and forth, i could see that he had a hard time holding it in and so did i.
“I need you to be on the edge okay?” he said and i nodded. Once more, back and forth. And then i stopped.
“Good job my love.” he said, still being inside of him. My body was on the verge of exploding. I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed him inside of me. “Luke, make me cum. Please.” i said and he smiled.
“Lay down, and spread those beautiful legs.” he said and i did as he said. Finally. This was it. He laid down on top of me and his hand traveled down my body, inbetween my legs. He slowly rubbed my clit before pushing three fingers inside of me.
“Oh my god Luke, please don’t stop. Please.” I moaned as he pushed them in and out. He pulled them out one more time, just as i was about to cum.

“Are you kid-” i said just as he, with one thrust, pushed himself inside of me and made me cum. One single, deep, hard thrust. I had never experienced anything like that. He relaxed his body and laid down on me.
“That was…” i said and he rolled down beside me on the floor. “Incredible.” he finished my sentence.

Arrived {Kim Jongdae}

Description: Surprise, Jongdae’s home :)

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Kim Jongdae x Reader

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Originally posted by sevnghyuns

I got home from a long day at college, unlocking the door to mine and Jongdae’s shared apartment. Jongdae, also known as EXO’s Chen, had been on tour for the past few months, and I missed him so much. We tried to FaceTime, call, or text whenever we could, but in times like this, sometimes we couldn’t always stay in touch.

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