I absolutely love this tumblr alot can you please do one of hermione getting hurt by Victor at the yule ball and fred savings her please

I’m all about a naval battle between ships.

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“Hermy-oh-ninny, vait!”

“No, Viktor,” she called behind her, tears streaking her cheeks. “If you wanted alone time with her, you shouldn’t have asked me to come with you!”

Hermione rounded the corner, colliding solidly with Fred Weasley. She let out a soft “oh!” upon impact, backing up quickly. Fred reached out, grabbing her arms to steady her, his face switching quickly from amusement to concern as he saw the mascara lining her cheeks.

“Hermione, what’s -”

“I’m sorry, Fred,” she said, quickly. “I’m s-so, so s-sorry!” Hermione reached up to her face, wiping away the tears with the back of her hand. 

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“I can’t imagine a world without you.”

Sooooo, I just watched RTTE episode 4 where Astrid got sick. Jesus, I almost choked on my mom’s b’day cake when Hiccup said those sweet wrods. I WANT A MAN LIKE THAT DDDDD:

O my gosh, the feels are too strong in that episode. I almost drowned in their love for each other. Tho the last part, where they sent off the dead people, almost made me teared up D:

I shall ship them both till I could never breathe again :’)

if my nearsighted eyes didnt fool me, then i saw ben at jim’s birthday party at the end of the movie. he probably just got invited as sulu’s plus one, but what if he’s just really close to the crew of the enterprise? 

ben taking demora to visit papa hikaru at work, and the crew absolutely adores her. bones buys her these squeaky shoes (bc he remembers joanna used to love them so much ssshh) and chekov chases her around the corridors, bumping into spock who’s very confused as how to proceed with this tiny human. 

scotty demands to take her on a tour around the engineering section, and demora gets very excited when she sees keenser because he is tiny!!! just like her!!! but he’s got different skin and he’s working on the enterprise, and sulu feels a little bit :( when demora tells him she wants to be an engineer like uncle scotty. 

uhura pats his shoulder and tells him he should let demora be whoever she wants. (but she secretly steals demora away to teach her alien languages sshh dont tell sulu)

demora draws a picture of all the bridge crew for jim’s birthday. frankly, its shit, but jim hangs it on his quarters like it’s his most prized possession and calls her galaxy’s best artist. 

just. basically. i want sulu thinking that he has two families (and he’s glad for it, how many people get to have two loving, supportive families?) but when he sees demora playing with his shipmates he realizes that he really only has one, and it’s this big, boisterous, wonderful family of ragtag space explorers, his husband, and his daughter.

You know how sometimes, when you are aiming at a team mate and use the quick chat, the chat menu says that you are speaking specifically to that person?

Could you imagine a subtle update when suddenly a Mercy saying Hello directly to a Pharah would result in “Hello, mein Schatz!”
or “Greetings, mein Leibling.”
and a Pharah to a Mercy would be “Hello, ya amar.” and “ Greetings, I will be protecting you today.”

Hey guys

Just wanted to check in and let you all know I probably won’t be drawing anything again on here for a while. Nick has got me super busy and I won’t have much time for fanart. It’s probably for the best anyway, the shipping sector of the fandom is tearing itself apart once again and I honestly don’t care to be here for that. Maybe I’ll update here and there with a little doodle or something but nothing extravagant. Anyway, it’s been real.

I’m setting up a voltron AU in which Katie and Matt are twins, and both go along on the Kerberos mission. I’m calling it the Renegade!Pidge au for now but so far I have:

  • Katie stealing Matt’s identity to help him and Shiro escape from the Galra prison.
  • Katie being Sendak’s prisoner for at least another full year after the other two are freed.
  • Katie becoming Haggar’s personal guinea pig because she just won’t stop trying to escape.
  • A tearful reunion between the three.
  • Matt having to become the Green paladin at first before they find out that Katie can pilot the Green Lion too, and him being so relieved (because honestly he’s just a comms expert, he doesn’t feel he’s fit to be a pilot).
  • Katie misusing her bionic parts for antics in the Castle Ship.
  • Katie practically tearing the universe apart to find her father.
  • Katie refusing to be coddled by anyone.

After the emotional night Sami had at Battleground, he could use a good shoulder to cry on (even if it means ruining Cesaro’s suit, but that’s something neither of them are thinking about right now).