A physician calls right in the middle of a very busy time at the clinic.

Doctor: I’ve gotten complaints from several patients about an issue. [Patient] has been playing Pokémon Go and catching Pokémon in the clinic.

Me: I see. I’ll talk to her about our electronics and privacy policies. I’m sorry this has been disturbing your patients.

Doctor: I’m joking! Did you think I was serious? Ha ha ha!

Me: …I see. Ha. Very funny, sir. Was there anything else?

Doctor: …no.


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Ah but to come home and play with light…been a long week, and it just started , so a little flipping of the energy is needed… Done!
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we are wicked men, looking for buckles to loosen
  • Not only did I got to the beach and procure some interesting tan lines, I also went to  karaoke with my friends up until 5:30 this morning. The level of exhaustion I feel, runs deep into my bone marrow.
  • Though another persons opinion of me, is no concern of mine, I have the tendency to feel terrible when someone I care about, has a negative opinion of me. 
    • In that same vein, I also just need to work on just standing my ground, calling out the bullshit, and stop the incessant apologizing…but alas, baby steps
  • This is the second time where a man felt it was okay to pull his entire Impala up on the curb, hop out his vehicle and accost me. I’m getting a taser. 
  • I last minute, colored my hair black yesterday and there is a long stripe of chocolate brown RIGHT IN FRONT smh get with the program hoe, black strands matter
  • Penny Points
    • If the train car is significantly empty, and its rush hour…theres a reason its empty
    • don’t party late while in the city, cuz you’ll be stuck trying to get back to Brooklyn for hours
    • Make sure you get the sand out ya butt before you leave the beach
    • be honest if you no longer want to speak to someone, much better than ghosting 
    • be courteous if someone says they no longer want to speak to you, don’t berate them or try and convince them otherwise
    • having coffee is a perfectly good first date
    • if you’re going to snoop, be prepared to be embarrassed, confirm your suspicions or get some if you haven’t already, either way its all bad
  • My anxiety is on 12 today, and I have no idea why. It’s always worse when I don’t know why. 
  • “if you take everything personally, you’ll die offended, and no one will care”

I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday, if not, at least we’re 4 days closer to Friday lol Also, shout out to all my Leos, our season has arrived, back by popular demand. I wish all of you a great upcoming birthday month. 

we had one worker who recently moved from Cali get her apt robbed so she told my mom, whose the boss, that she needed a week off to get things together like find a new apt and stuff and u know what my mom does? she fires her over shit she could have never controlled she has kids too are u kidding she needs at least a week to figure things out and I remember her telling me she rly needs this job bc she needs the money and my mom! fires! her!

dr. mccoy is that officer who can’t function until he’s had at least two cups of coffee and he’s been awake for an hour and a half. 

nanjinoseto replied to your post:ok, no more pocket mirror for me because the few…

haha yeah the chase scenes is much more terrifying

oh man they are

until you get boringly used to them. which is hard because of all the horror elements but somehow it happened here. 

why cant we have harmless horror games without the dozens of chases owo;;;;;;;;

The need for divine presence requires a state of urgency for the healing of this planet. -Anon I mus (spiritually anonymous)

Are you ready for an upgrade by expanding your consciousness NOW?

-Anon I mus