It’s like you have an angel on your shoulder and a devil on your other shoulder but both of them are the same person and that person is you
—  My sleep-deprived words of wisdom for a coworker arguing with himself over whether to ask our supervisor for help with the coffee machine

The Night Shift | Pilot

It’s here and it’s queer! Follow four friends as they work their nights away post-grad learning about life, love, friendship, and how to stock a shelf properly.

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i  really  want  to  start  using  thomas’  two  modern  verses  a  bit  more ,  so  like  this  for  a  short - ish  starter  in  one  of  his  two  modern  verses    (   modern!college professor  or  modern!politican   ) .  just  lmk  if  you  would  prefer  one  over  the  other ~

“There is an urgent need to allow the healing light of Presence the opportunity to expose and transform this wounded planet (collective shadow).”   ~Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)