Kamen Rider assessment day 25~ Favorite form change

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I gotta say, Im a sucker for the shift cars. I love them. And each one brings a unique power up. Although some are only type specific like Rumble Dump for Type Wild, Road Winter for Type Technique, the pit crew for type formula. 

Unless of course, youre using a mach driver, and you can use any shift car. Unless its the tridoron shift car cause that dont fit. 

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billiejoeshappytrail answered: Shiftverse spin off thing where Abel and Frederick are on the run and they end up in some crappy 24 hour diner and they’re snarky and overtired :’)

“So, what are we having?” Abel forces something that’s probably supposed to be a smile to his mouth, an attempt at politeness to try and stop the tremors in Frederick’s fingers clicking the fork in his hands off the table.
“Something just as sweet as you!” Frederick replies serenely, saccharine sweetness doing nothing to hide the venom in his tone as the brim of his hat lifts to reveal a glare.
“Sausage eggs and bacon, then?” It’s a cruelty he can’t quite resist allowing himself when Frederick’s too out of it to do more than flip him a finger Abel’s never noticed the ring’s missing off, a petty remark he’d hold back if the other man wasn’t so pathetic when tired. 
And then all joking stops. Abel gets up, fights back the adrenaline that apparently makes his face tight and his smile anxious, checks his reflection- still balding, still busted: he squints a little more on Frederick’s murmured suggestion- and orders two bowls of porridge, shuffling back to their seats on car-numbed legs with them in hand a few moments later.
“Porridge?” The disgust in Frederick’s voice indicates he’s made the wrong decision, but Abel’s past caring, happy with his bowl and armed with a wide variety of foods he enjoyed under the man’s care that were far worse if confronted.
“Didn’t want to risk pancakes again.”
Abel’s sure he hears a murmured grumble under the other man’s breath before he fills his face with it.

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i’m an hour early to work omg

i hope my boss doesn’t ask me to lift and move things today, i’m so tired

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