“Why would God do this to me?”

“Do what? Have you die this way?”

“Have me live this way.”


Sam Sparro: The Shallow End (Official Music Video)

It’s been nearly four years since Australian singer Sam Sparro scored his UK #2 hit Black and Gold back in April 2008. The same month his self-titled debut album also went Top 5 and shifted over 100k copies but, despite the strong reviews and sales, further single success eluded him and there was a fear that he may become just another one hit wonder. 

However, he’s now gearing up for the Spring release of his long awaited second album Return To Paradise and earlier today fans were treated to the video for new track The Shallow End, produced by Greg Kurstin and Jesse Rog.

Both the song and the video serve as an enamoured ode to LA and Sparro’s life in the city and, whilst I haven’t been so won over by his previous, The Shallow End has an infectious Summery vibe about it, and is buoyed along by generous lashings of woohooing and sax breaks. And that’s not to mention the footage of the not-too-shabby-looking man himself in the video. Beneath the moustache anyway. 


This soul’s story line of Dead Like Me (ep The Shallow End) was one of the best on the show. It showed the pain those of us who were raised in a religious lifestyle feel when confronted with the fact that something about us that we cannot help makes us damned in some way.

See the whole clip here.