This is Detective Floofers. His face looks like that because he’s only got one canine tooth left. The vet says it’s because he comes from the shallow end of the gene pool. I love my jellybean!

Gemini and Their Rising/Ascendant

Gemini with a Aries rising/ascendant communicates brashly and might see the world as a place to always have the last word. They show passion and action but can leave projects unfinished and might not follow through with things.

Gemini with a Taurus rising/ascendant leads people into false security unintentionally but can be more level-headed than other Geminis. They can be a better listener than other Geminis and treats people with respect. This combination also might appear to be stubborn with opinions.

Gemini with a Gemini rising/ascendant exuberates wit, humor, and charisma. They can wear many faces when it comes to making a first impression.

Gemini with a Cancer rising/ascendant is a very friendly and accepting person. They might appear to understand emotions well and can easily fool others with surface level receptiveness. Ultimately they understand the shallow end of emotions but can struggle with deeper feelings (unless other influences say otherwise). 

Gemini with a Leo rising/ascendant basks in attention, knows how to please a crowd, and is good at spreading positivity. They are vocally competitive and pays attention to the loudest or most impressive person in the room.

Gemini with a Virgo rising/ascendant oozes intelligence, is a quick communicator, and might want to look “smart”. They are flexible, cares about their reputation, and hates to be wrong.

Gemini with a Libra rising/ascendant is super social, knows how to make others like them,and sees the world as a place to gain acceptance. They want an attractive appearance, might smile and laugh a lot, and hates to be pinned down.

Gemini with a Scorpio rising/ascendant flaunts their outer intensity, can’t resist a puzzle or mystery, and wants you to see them as complex. They might come off as very sexual but if this is true or not depends on other factors.

Gemini with a Sagittarius rising/ascendant is bursting with energy, always appears to be cheerful, and is highly spontaneous. They can see the world critically and desires truth but has a open, changeable, and tricky personality.

Gemini with a Capricorn rising/ascendant is very clever, can sometimes seem distant, and comes off as confident. They try to control their environment through communication.

Gemini with an Aquarius rising/ascendant can be very aloof, can be a good public speaker, and likes to show off their quirkiness. They have a forever changing view on the world.

Gemini with a Pisces rising/ascendant wants you to notice their creativity and ideas and likes cheering others up. They can can seem sensitive but is most likely not as touchy as they appear.

Your kink doesn't have to be in sync.

Just sayin. Don’t stress if you’re not in perfect lockstep with your partner. Kink or D/s or whatever you call it: it’s ok to be on opposite sides of the pool. Don’t fear that you’ll be alone. Go where it feels right, be in the deep or shallow end: if he or she loves you, you’ll meet in the middle.


Right. So 4 seconds of footage can be turned into 6 gifs. True, the last two are the first 5 at fewer frames, but that strand of hair is just mesmerising to watch. But I’m fine. I’m great. I don’t have a problem. (x)

Hello Darkness, My New Friend

aka a sneak peek of the dark!Felicity avenging Oliver and basically destroying Prometheus fic we all need


“I’m not afraid of you,” she called to the hooded figure in the shadows, the one who stood so proud, so ominously, as though destroying a man’s life was a privileged to be gained, as he ought to receive a medal for feasting on the soul of the man she loved.

“You should be.” 

His voice was warped behind the meaningless mask he still wore, but she could feel his sneer, feel his cold dead eyes staring back at her, but that thought only fueled the fire in her veins. 

She remained just as unwavering in the darkness she had once been so intimidated by. Many years ago, as a naive hacker in college, she had tiptoed her way into the shallow end of darkness. As Overwatch, she had swum with the most cunning of sharks and come out unscathed. But now…she had gladly taken the plunge into the deep. She would never come out the same. She wasn’t entirely sure she wanted to. 

The girl that she was before all this began…the girl who joined a crusade just to save the boss that was nice to her…she had vanished a long time ago. There was no getting her back. 

There would be time to mourn her loss. But not tonight. Now, she was numb to all feeling save one, one singularly sharp sensation that was firm as ice around her heart and as seductive as the very aired she breathed.

Rage. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been so angry. About anything. It was likely that she’d never been this angry in her life. And never would be again. 

And she was secretly pleased to discover that her heart liked it, reveling in the sensation of what she was about to do to him. And at last, she understood Oliver on the deepest level–a cornerstone he’d never really been willing to show her, and yet she’d somehow ended up here anyway. Maybe some things were just meant to be. As much as he might come to despise her for this…there was no choice to make. Justice had to be served. And if Oliver wasn’t going to save himself, well then she had to save him. 

Thinking about him now–somewhere across town, oblivious to what she was about to do–was almost enough to make her falter, to make her reevaluate her priorities. It was one thing to think it…it was another thing entirely to follow through on her dark agenda. 

He might never understand why she was doing this. He might even come to despise her for it. And yet…it was because they shared such a pivotal understanding about so many things that she would go where he was no longer willing to go to take their enemy down. The risk of losing him in death was worth the cost of losing him in life. 

So she swallowed the last traces of her fears as she took a step closer to meet her doom. “No. You should be afraid of me. I’m going to burn your entire world to ashes.”

She had plans for Prometheus. 

At the beginning of the end, she whispered a final prayer, wishing it could somehow reach his ears.

I’m doing this for you. For us.

Forgive me, Oliver.


So the muse apparently couldn’t wait till the weekend! Here’s a snippet till I can write the rest.



Terry always wanted to be a writer of hard science fiction, and he used to describe what he did as paddling around in the shallow end while watching writers like Greg Bear and Larry Niven do multiple somersaults off the high board.  His early aim was to outsell Niven & Pournelle’s Footfall.  But what he wrote instead applied some of the conceptual rigour of the best science fiction to the materials of fantasy, and thereby uncovered a brilliant, unique and apparently inexhaustible wellspring of humour.

When Terry and Neil Gaiman collaborated on Good Omens, it was decided that the jacket photo would feature Neil dressed all in black and Terry all in white.  It’s my proud boast that the white jacket Terry is wearing was mine.

I particularly remember a World Fantasy Award banquet in Tucson.  When the speeches began to drag (pretty early on!), Terry fired up his laptop and wrote a few thousand words of the latest novel.  He could, and would, write anywhere, any time.
—  Malcolm Edwards (editor), “The Terry Pratchett Diary”
It's always raining these days

I always associated the sound of rain with the feel of us.
Gentle and caring
Not too overbearing

But torrential downpours flood lives and lungs until the water makes up all of you and your breaths are droplets dangling from the edge of an eyelash.
They roll down
They’re no more
I am no more
And I always thought drowning was a peculiar way of death
Because death and water are best friends you see
70% of the human body is made up of water
70% of the human body is already dead
And if you start handing out the remaining 30% to fantasies of strangers and other halves and kisses in the rain-you’re killing yourself.
Because the afterlife isn’t heaven or hell -it’s a sea.
With deep waters and shallow ends and not enough room.
Not enough room to house our memories of blue walls and hurried breaths and a very sudden passionate hate for clothing.

I can’t hear anything but the rain.
Suddenly I hear the deep timbre of your voice
You walk in the room wearing that black shirt I hate but love to see on you
You move closer and my heartbeat accelerates debating the decision to run away or stay
I can SMELL you now
You bend down and whisper but my ears lose track of your words because the sound of our heartbeats drown out the rain and shroud your voice
I can feel the heat from your body envelop me in a warm tight hug
Why are you walking away?
I’m sorry. I don’t know what I did wrong.
Please stay.

And my subconscious digs out the whisper in your voice that said-
“I love you but I can’t.. I just can’t do this anymore.”
And I’m trying so hard to cling to this 5% of me. To not give you the rest of me.
You say you love me but you’re still leaving.
You see I always associated the sound of rain with the feel of us.

And I still do.

ASTRO Reaction To Finding Out You Can’t Swim

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Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

Astro reacting to finding out you can’t swim.

MJ: *he’d be confused for a bit then just brush over it. I don’t think he’d flip out with surprise.* Oh, well, I can take some time to teach you if you want to learn. If not, we can go skiing instead of to the beach.

Originally posted by chemyungjun

JinJin: *Definitely more surprised than MJ* What do you mean you never learned how to swim? How’d you get to be over twenty without learning how to swim? Aish.

Originally posted by jiyonzi

Eunwoo: *Alternatively, either way toangelic and encouraging about it or way too logical* That’s ok Jagi, we can stay in the shallow end and I’ll be right here for you OR That makes sense, you grew up in the city and most likely did not have some form of nearby lake or something that would have made it necessary for you to learn how to swim

Originally posted by astrobinn

Moonbin: *He’d probably tease you about it (because he teases the people he cares about, from what I can tell) but he’d genuinely offer to teach you if you want to learn.* I can’t believe you don’t know how to swim. But don’t worry, I’ll always be here to save you. I am your hero after all ;)

Originally posted by astrobinn

Rocky: *Genuinely confused.* But isn’t that something you usually learn when you’re a kid? Do you want to learn now? I mean, we can go to a pool next time I have time off…

Originally posted by eunwooz

Sanha: *Actually finds it adorable because it’s something he can teach, which is refreshing since usually he’s the one getting taught everything.* Oh my god! That’s adorable! want me to teach you??

Originally posted by mxnbin

  1. He can’t swim. Bonzo once threw George Harrison into a swimming pool at a posh country club and everyone jumped into the pool but Jimmy just walked down the steps and stood in the shallow end (in a white tailed suit) because he can’t swim.
  2. He can’t drive. When he was in The Yardbirds, Chris Dreja was his main chauffeur.
  3. Jimmy usually slept after every concert on the way home if he wasn’t occupied with a groupie.
  4. Chris Dreja almost killed Jimmy and Jimmy doesn’t even know it. While speeding home from a gig with the Yardbirds in Dreja’s Mini Cooper S (Jimmy was asleep as usual), Chris turned a corner and almost hit a donkey.
  5. While Jimmy slept in Chris’s car, Chris would swerve left and right to see how long it would take Jimmy to wake up from hitting his head on the window.
  6. His  most common nicknames are Jim, Jim-jam, and Pagey.
  7. The only song Jimmy ever sang in and played all instruments in (besides drums) was She Just Satisfies. He thinks he’s a terrible singer, but if you have listened to the song, his voice is beautiful!:
  8. Jimmy is in 60% of all songs in the 60s. Bands like The Rolling Stones, The Who, Them, and The Kinks hired Jimmy to play guitar for them while their guitarists were developing their skills.
  9. His first guitar was attained by accident. When he moved to Epsom at a young age, the house that he had moved into had an old acoustic guitar in his room. The family that had owned the house he moved into before his family had left the guitar behind. Jimmy took it and began to teach himself guitar. Talk about fate!
  10. Jimmy was, and still is, really good friends with Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck (both formerly of The Yardbirds).
  11. Jimmy was rated the third best guitarist ever by Rolling Stone magazine in 2011/2012. Eric Clapton was second, Jeff Beck was fourth, and Jimi Hendrix was first.
  12. Jimmy was into The Occult (Black Magic for a higher spirituality) but it was normally good-hearted. Jimmy said Zoso was an Occult symbol for something.
  13. He left school at 16 to join a band with his friend Christian Neil. It was around this time he got his first Les Paul (a Custom with 3 humbucks) and learned how to play with a Cello bow. He named the Les Paul “Fretless Wonder”.
  14. He appeared on Huw Wheldon’s All Your Own in 1957 and played Mama Don’t Want Me to Play Skiffle Anymore:
  15. Jimmy was the creator of Led Zeppelin. Contrary to popular belief, it was notRobert who founded the band; it was Jimmy who formed it from the remains of The Yardbirds.
  16. He wrote most of Led Zeppelin’s songs including the famous The Song Remains the Same and Stairway
  17. Jimmy was the one to suggest Jeff Beck join the Yardbirds after Clapton left instead of Jimmy, himself. They were friends since childhood.
  18. During the 1975 Madison Square Garden concert for the filming of The Song Remains the Same the movie, Chris Dreja tells Guitar World magazine that he was invited backstage and as soon as Led Zep began to play, the whole building began to shake precariously.
Voltron Positivity Week Day 3

Fave Ship

Yup, you guys are seeing this right. My fave ship is Allurance~ ( ˘ ³˘)♥~ But this is such a tiny ship. I wouldn’t even call it a ship. More like a little inflatable canoe bobbing along in the shallow end. Because of that, I haven’t made much content of these two. And I really should. 

Because I love their dynamic. God, I love it. 

At the risk of being really personal and sappy, theirs kind of reminds me of my own relationship with my husband. I’m such trash for adorable goofballs, And my hubs is about as adorable and goofy as they come. And he was so determined to get my attention back when we first met. Unlike Lance, tho, he was incredibly shy at first. He didn’t really get all flirty and punny until after we started dating. Flirty puns, draping himself all over me, slowly peeking his head through the curtain while I shower, making me question with no small amount of affection why I married him four years ago, definitely Lance and Allura. 

The badass princess and her goofy-ass knight. 


Why do I love myself?

Because I didn’t think I was ugly until the fourth grade,
When Chase Duncan called me fat on the playground.
Because when all my friends wore two pieces,
I waded in the shallow end in a soggy tshirt.
Because in the sixth grade I made a pact with my best friend to skip breakfast.
And lunch.
And dinner.
Because I was sick of crying in dressing rooms,
Squeezing my body into clothes that would not fit.
Because boys who kissed me in the dark,
Wouldn’t even walk me to class.
Because I avoided striped like the plague,
And was taught that bright colors were
Because I never hated myself more,
Than when I was hunched over a toilet,
Trying to throw up every awful thing inside me,
Trying to purge out the
The sadness.
Because these were the things I thought I had to do,
I was supposed to do,
To make me beautiful,
But there is nothing beautiful about the smell of vomit
And the everlasting taste of self loathing.
Because recovery is not a smooth,
paved road,
With signs and directions,
But a rocky Mountain,
With shaky stones,
That must be climbed.
Because girls start to hate themselves,
Before they even know themselves.
Because magazines will preach acceptance on
Page ten,
And diet tips on
Page twelve.
Because when I say I am fat,
I’m told I’m beautiful instead,
And I don’t understand why I cannot be both.
Because I tore my body down,
When I should have been building my foundations.
Because I am growing,
And I am learning,
And I am accepting.
Because I deserve it.

I kissed him after I kissed her,
I kissed her after I kissed him;
and the story never ends.

This shallowness.
This pit of lovelessness;
pure vain, pure lust
and pure trust.

Having more than one lover,
a trial between a triangle
and a circle.

But there is no love triangle.
The circles in your eyes,
opens a bit wider.

It’s a drug.
It’s a habit.
It’s an obsession.
It’s needed.
It’s wanted.

And sometimes;
you’re chasing yourself
more than loving yourself.

Running away from love
for a multitude of it.

Too little or too much
of anything, especially love–

—  can fucking kill you. (Polyamory, right? Anon.)
// k.c.