What is this thing?

The shake it out project is the name we are using to describe the process of creating a very large and detailed Cosplay Music Video, or CMV, set to the song “Shake it Out” but Florence + The Machine

What’s going to happen?

The video will follow, in conjunction with the music, the experiences of Aradia Megido, from dying to being brought back to life, and the more internal effects this has had on her. As a result of this, it will be a very ambitious project, requiring a variety of detailed cosplays, much planning and many hours filming. Many different cosplays will be used, including:

  • Ghost form Aradia
  • Aradiabot
  • God Tier Aradia
  • Equius (as well as a dead form)
  • Sollux (as well as a dead form)

We will be posting the various stages of our progress on our cosplay blog, land-of-character-and-film. So for those of you who are curious you will be able to find things such as storyboards and cosplay work shots there.

Why are you telling me this?

Well the main intention of this post is to simply inform our followers about the existence of this project, and hopefully give them something to look forward to. However, as this is such a large project for so few of us, any assistance you would be able to give us would be greatly appreciated. This would largely be in the form of any cosplay, artistic or film advice you could give us, or any resources you may have stumbled across that you think we may find useful. You don’t need to help us, but if you wish to do so please feel free to contact us, or show us things via our submit box.

Hey thanks for reading this post!  We all appreciate your interest (or at least your willingness to read long text posts)

We will make sure to keep those of you who are actually interested in the project updated as much as we can!