The desire to seek out the truth regardless of whether that truth is comfortable or convenient; that is what journalism is all about, isn’t it? Otherwise it stops being news and simply becomes propaganda… But who’s really dictating your agenda? You report what has happened fairly and honestly but what if the events you report are being manipulated? I mean, how do you check your facts when the government has a near monopoly on information?
—  The Seventh Doctor, Live 34

omg guys seven and river are the freaking best. seriously. if you haven’t heard the big finish audios it’s a necessity. he wont drink her “forget-me” tea, he wont eat her forget-me crumpets, he won’t kiss her knowing she has hallucinogenic lipstick, so while Seven’s working on deducing who she is SHE SHOOTS HIM WITH HER STUN GUN AND HE SCREAMS AND FALLS OVER and then River asks the TARDIS to help her wipe his memory I AM DYING IT IS SO FUNNY