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I'm very, very new to Wicca, and have heard some conflicting views on this, but do you think that marijuana use would somehow interfere with my practice? Because I personally feel that when I do use marijuana I'm in a much more relaxed state, and am able to focus better.

I smoke a lot and find it helps me channel my personal energies. However, I personally find it interferes with my complex spell-casting. It’s up to your discretion. 

-Tema Koinu

If you’re a smoker, you should be fine doing witchy activities as well as your normal ones. (Then again,  I’m pretty much a career smoker who sets aside top shelf buds for Sabbats.) I agree with Tema Koinu, it’s entirely up to your discretion and how you feel.


And for the sake of covering our own asses, it’s also up to your local laws.

- mountain hound

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Changes! New account!

So, I’m gonna keep this as short as I can!

I’ve decided to completely reboot my personal blog, this blog, I guess I just want a new more organized place for my art and dumb rambles lol

I know some of you wanted a heads up SO, this entire account will be removed this Thursday, September 1st. 

If you still want to follow me once this blog is gone and the new one is up and running, I already set up a new account so you can re-follow me right away! I really hope I’ll see some familiar faces over at lolepopenon-new (will be changed later haha)

I’ll get to saving all the important stuff cough all my pet pictures cough and re-follow the blogs I’m currently following and, yeah! 



An Introduction

I wasn’t entirely sure how to start this new blog of mine, and so I thought I’d start with an introduction. Hello, my name is Hannah and I’ve set up this blog to celebrate all things TJLC and Sherlock related. I fell into this community about four months ago and I’ve come to a point where I can’t just go on watching it from the sidelines and not doing anything myself, and must join in! Here I will post some of my own observations on the show and its subtext, as well as admiring and reblogging all of your wonderful additions to the community.

I’d like to start by thanking the beautiful and incredibly talented @quietlyprim for her excellent video series TJLCE which introduced me to this community in the first place and I genuinely can’t put it into words how much I am thankful to her for that, as I know many others are.

I’d also like to thank a few others of the many hundreds in this community of whom, over the past few months, I have stalked their wonderful blogs and been drawn even more into this wonderful place - @tjlc, @graceebooks, @welovethebeekeeper, @isitandwonder, @bug-catcher-in-viridian-forest, @finalproblem, @shlto, @shag-me-senseless-watson, @janewatsonholmes, @captain-liddy, @thejohnlockhell, @marcelock@deducingbbcsherlock and so many more that it’s getting obvious that I can’t name you all here, but thank you all for your contributions and I can’t wait to contribute too ^-^

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Hey I'm writing a character who's on probation and if u can, I'd like help with a) how probation works and b) things that could have gotten them arrested in the first place. If it helps, it's a female in her late teens. Thanks I live ur blog

I’m going to leave this one up to Gigi, she knows more about this stuff than me.


Hi there! 

 So this is very dependent on where you set your book! I am acquainted with the Australian legal system (Victoria specifically) but if you are setting it somewhere else my answers might not be entirely correct….. 

 In Australia, probation is more commonly referred to as a community corrections order. A probation is essentially an alternative to jail time and can involve a number of things including mandatory rehabilitation programs, community service, injunctions (not being allowed to do something or go somewhere) and always mandatory reporting to an authority(e.g. Probation officer). I assume it’s similar in the UK, and probably somewhat similar in US. In Australia it can last a while, but often 6 months. 

The way to be put on probation varies by jurisdiction (where you live) so probably best for me not to advise on that unless you live in Victoria! In fiction, you can probably just say they decided to not put them in jail because it was their first offence, it was a minor offence, there wasn’t enough evidence to fully convict etc etc. 

To be very specific it would probably be something related to theft or robbery, minor assault, drink driving or otherwise threatening a person (online or maybe through letters etc. Maybe stalking?) It would not be something like murder, aggravated burglary, manslaughter, culpable driving (killing someone while drunk driving), or any federal offence (terrorism, treason, defamation etc.) Think small! To help you out, googling “probation order” with your area or state would probably produce some good results. If you are Victorian feel free to message me and I can give you some much more specific answers! If you have any more specific questions I am happy to answer but this is a very general area that took me 6 months to learn so I don’t want to write an essay! 

If you don’t want an extremely specific answer and it’s only a passing reference, go with something like theft :)

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people seem to be sharing how they got out of larry this days, for me it was.. nothing to do with HL first, but remember when that blog came out how big larries were conspiring behind their followers back to direct the kind of discussion that goes on to control what is being said? that really knocked me off. i trusted them. i didnt question them before. That led me to doubled check all their master post & i found holes all over. it didnt take me long to delete my larry blog & move on

Yeah, that entire situation really highlighted just how manipulative they were. 

That reminds me - back when I was still a larrie, I would read their theories and set out to prove that they were right {because I had a hard time just accepting things at face, even when I was tinhatting} and I would almost always end up proving that the theory was wrong. It used to drive my friends on our private message board crazy because we would be so hype about a larry moment and then I’d discover it was fake. lol Anyway, after a while, I set up a side blog where I started cataloging the debunks. Unfortunately I didn’t know any “antis” at the time so the posts never got spread. That blog got deleted when I deleted my old blog back in 2014….

so it’s 3:15am and i’m just about to head off to the airport for my first ever visit to the mysterious world of central time zone, but far more importantly i get to hug @aria-lerendeair in SIX HOURS. can you believe it?! i can’t, but i am ridiculously excited because this is a very long overdue hug

i have a queue set up for the entire time i’m away, but there will also be con blogging for definite - blacklist #minncon or #rose does cons if you don’t want to see it

alternatively, if for some reason you do want to keep up with my adventures, i will also be on twitter @caswinchester11 and on snapchat @actualcastiel 

((I just wanna clarify this now. There’s more people than these five, they have families and some existing relationships are already in this universe! Please don’t ask for an entire family or all siblings in one answer since I already have the Sakine and Kamui family up on the characters page you can find here. I’ll be making the pictures bigger so you can see them better soon along with adding the Shion, Eries, and Hiyama family, I’m trying to make this blog as cleanly made as possible! But please ask about other families, if certain Vocaloids are here, relationships, how characters feel about another, etc. I’m still setting this blog up and I plan for it to be my main. Please be patient with me, thank you.))


As I’m going to be moving back to university for the upcoming term on Saturday into a new house, it means it’s going to take a couple of days for me to get wifi again. Our router is set to be delivered on Monday so that means I’ll be without wifi for the weekend (there’ll likely be some phone blogging going on, but don’t expect me to answer anything in my inbox like ask memes or prompts). Hopefully I’ll be able to set up a queue amongst packing tomorrow so the blog isn’t entirely inactive.

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Just wanted to thank you for posting that you're going to stop dieting. This is literally my first time on your page, but you've already done so much for me. I was just fat shamed by my ENTIRE family (who are aware that I was literally hospitalized twice this year for my EDs) and I was in the mind set to start starving myself again- but something about your post changed my mind set. I don't believe in fate, but it's not accident that I found your blog.

Wow, this made me tear up. I was feeling really down yesterday because I made myself very vulnerable here and it caused a great deal of anxiety. But knowing that what I said helped even one person, it makes it all worth it. You are worth it and I hope the best for you as you go through this journey. Just know you are never alone.

I’M MOVING! i spent the entire night setting it up, though i still have to work on some pages and post starter calls and so on. also, i have to go through my drafts to see which ones i’ll keep or drop but that will be done tomorrow. hopefully all of you will follow me on the new blog, as this one will be only an archive from now on.


I feel disappointed in myself for not keeping this little online journal blog going the entire time until the end. I did continue to make notes on my phone, in hopes to remind myself of the gist of the day later on, but I didn’t really write all about what happened and how I felt like I did early on. I just lost motivation and energy and that is my only excuse. Every night it seemed like there was no time…finish biking, find shower necessities, shower (or worse, sink bath), do stretches, rub Tiger Balm on legs, set up tent, think about dinner, go get dinner, explore town if there is one…somehow these things and other various things that I know I’m forgetting took up so much time and before I knew it it was always nine or ten o'clock, and when you know your alarm is set for 5:30 and you have 80 miles on the agenda for the next day, all you want to do is lay in your tent and drift off to sleep and hope you won’t be interrupted in the night by a pee break, since the bathroom is what seems like a mile away on the other side of the campground.

I think the last day I posted was the day before Yellowstone. What a perfectly beautiful and beautifully perfect day that was. Oh god, this is why I stopped writing maybe. To try to sum up that day is impossible…I was in heaven. Biking all day through that park I felt so elated and free and happy that words cannot do the experience justice. It was a long day, about 90 miles, and even longer because of all the stopping to gawk and take pictures of the beauty. Everything was perfect–the endless wildflowers on the side of the road, the thick forest on either side of me, the rolling hills, the excitement of possibly seeing a bear or wolf or elk or buffalo (only saw elk but from very up close!), the valleys with rivers down below, the waterfalls, Old Faithful and so many other colorful and amazing geysers, the clean air, the sunshine, and taking it all in on two wheels, unlike the cars and trucks and campers zooming by missing it all. Later I spoke with other bikers about Yellowstone and they said it was a “nightmare” because of the traffic–cars do go super fast and there is no shoulder. They said it ruined it, that it was scary and dangerous, that cars were too close, that they were too concerned with cars to enjoy the view. I was completely and utterly shocked. I was on cloud nine! I absolutely loved loved loved the day in Yellowstone. I think maybe eight or so years of biking in Philly got me used to nightmarish cars and traffic that Yellowstone was nothing–I didn’t even notice. In fact, I thought the cars were nice and respectful and even gave me thumbs up a lot of the time. I felt a camaraderie with them–they weren’t just usual outside traffic–we all had something in common, we all paid to be in there, we all wanted to see and experience the nature. It was like a mutual interest club. (Although as a side note it really irked me and all other bikers that bikes are charged $20 to enter the park and cars are charged $50. There could be eight people in a minivan and that would be $160 if it were by person, yet they only pay $50. And bikers pay $20?? There’s no shoulder! We’re at zero emissions! We all felt that was way too high.)

Anyway, Yellowstone was perfect and the rest of the trip ended perfectly as well. I was feeling restless and not completely happy with my little family group for a couple of reasons and I think I just needed time away from the people I was spending 24/7 with. I met some new people who I started biking with and ended up hitting it off with, and in the last ten days or so we became very close and it really ended the trip with a bang. It was just what I needed, and I think from each of them I gained a certain perspective or inspiration that I needed towards the end of the trip, before the next chapter in my life. I also was able to take a few days off, and my weary body was thankful for the rest. I was pushing myself way too hard with “team America,” but I’m thankful for those long days because they really showed me what I am capable of. They strengthened me and allowed me to finish the Transam in 60 days, and brought me to my new and final friends of the trip.

I made it to Florence, Oregon on August 11, and it was so foggy I could just barely see the ocean. It was a little anticlimactic; more emotional was that last day in general, arriving to the town Florence itself, knowing I really did it, and knowing how much I still had ahead of me now that I could no longer just focus on biking.

I spent a few days in Portland before flying home. I arrived in Philadelphia just after 6am on Tuesday morning, took Septa home, packed a bag for the beach, and headed down to Ocean City for a little beach time with my sisters, nephew, dad and stepmom. I just went on a very early bike ride on the boardwalk and while my knees felt creaky, it felt so good to roll and pedal and have that wind wrap around me. I’m glad to be able to rest now but I do miss biking. My bike is in the mail on its way to my neighborhood shop in Philly; they’ll put it together again for me and give it a tune up. I’m really excited to go for some rides around town again, and to do some somewhat long distance rides on the Schuylkill River Trail. Anyway, whoever is reading this, thank you for following along.

i’m probably going to either reboot or abandon this blog; i haven’t decided which yet. it’s impossible to continue writing the character the way i had before after the person whom i set up this entire ‘verse with ditched me both in RP and outside of RP, and that’s really soured my feelings for this account. i don’t know what will happen, though. 

                ( I’d like to thank my entire sanity for letting me get through today. It’s been really damn stressful. Good news is that closing went smoothly. Bad news is that the last owners of my apartment never shut down their cable provider, which means I will not have internet for at least a day as of tomorrow. [ thank you incompetent sellers, we ASKED you to have it terminated so I could call in today to have it turned on. ] 

                 So, I will have a queue set up on this blog for the day, as well as a queue on my other two blogs [ if ya’ll are interested ]. 

             kyxraku - Queue starts at 1 AM EST and runs until 11 pm EST

             @cnglishgirls - (OC blog, mostly music based muses) - Queue starts at 6 AM and ends at 12 AM EST. 

              @kvtscne - (OC Blog, mythical creatures of folklore, sideblog to cnglishgirls) - Queue starts at 5 AM and ends at 11 PM EST 

               Thanks for your understanding !!! See ya’ll sometime on Sunday !!! )

This blog is under going a great deal of construction. I have put up a temporary theme because I have yet to make mine. I have yet to put together rules, navigation, tags, make a promo etc. I also have quite a bit of screencapping to do for making icons. Because this blog will contain Barbra throughout her career and various film roles (I’m familiar to them all), it’s going to be a massive blog, so please be patient with me. I am eager to write as things get set up, though! Also, thank you for following me and my precious baby who has been my hero throughout my entire life. I just lived my childhood dream and saw her from the front row the other night. Needless to say, I have died and I’m writing from the grave. This blog was absolutely necessary. Not to mention, I have written for Barbra during MySpace days. Anyway, much love everyone! Here’s to new friendships and future storylines!