Where to start reading Felicia Hardy?

Her first appearance was in Amazing Spider-Man #194

  • Amazing Spider-Man (esp #195-196, 204-205, 226-227, 243-244, 288-289, 329-331, 341-343, 346-347, 368-372, 379-380, 606-630, 648-651, 677)
  • Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil that men do
  • Spectacular Spider-Man (esp #74-79, 83, 85-89, 90-93, 96, 98, 100, 128-129, 155-156, 201-207 Annual #4)
  • Wolverine & Black Cat: Claws
  • Web of Spider-Man #11-12
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (esp #50-53, 79-86, 152)
  • Heroes for Hire v2 #1-15
  • Marvel Divas #1-4
  • Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat 
  • Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #1-12
  • Spider-Man Unlimited v3 #14
  • Sensational Spider-Man v2 #33-34
  • Spider-island arc (esp Amazing Spider-Man #664, 670, 672, 677, Spider-island: Heroes for Hire #1)
  • Daredevil v3 #8-10
  • Defenders v4
  • Amazing Spider-man 700.3
  • Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #14
  • Superior Spider-Man v1 #20, 30
  • Amazing Spider-Man v3
  • Spider-Man Noir
  • Silk v1 #1-6
  • Silk v2 #1-6, 9-10

I’m probably forgetting some stuff so let me know if I skipped anything important

Mary Jane Watson/Peter Parker

Recommended Issues Reading List

  • Amazing Spider-Man #42-43, 96-97, 121-137, 141-143, 147-149, 151-153, 156, 160-163, 167-170, 176-179, 182-183, 191-193, 201, 241-247, 256-261, 273-277, 290-293, 300, 400, 419
  • Spectacular Spider-Man #1, 5, 7, 24, 26-29, 38, 116, 119, 121, 166, 219-220
  • Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #7
  • Web of Spider-Man #1-3, 11-15, 31-32
  • Spider-Man vs. Wolverine #1
  • Marvel Team Up #20, 74-76
  • Amazing Spider-Man Annual #19, 21
  • Amazing Spider-Man vol.2 #13
  • Peter Parker: Spider-Man #29
  • Amazing Spider-Man vol.2 #43, 50
  • Amazing Spider-Man #539-543
  • Sensational Spider-Man Annual #1
  • The Amazing Spider-Man: renew your vows

anonymous asked:

So I've only recently gotten into Spidertorch because I read Amazing Spiderman #680 so I went on TUmblr and read your fic and now I'm hooked. Do you have a list of MUST read comics for spidertorch shippers? That'd help me so much with my newfound obsession

I definitely do! Since we’re talking 50+ years worth of team-ups between two of Marvel’s biggest heroes, this is far from a definitive list - I mean, they literally meet in Amazing Spider-Man #1. Mostly I’m just highlighting my favorite issues. If anybody else would like to add onto it, please feel free!

Marvel 616

Recs under the cut! Surprising nobody, it got long.

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Chad watched from afar as the Super Hero Civil War was raging on off the coast of Manhattan. Captain America was battling the Red Skull in a due or die fight, and somehow Venom had made his way into the mix as well. Chad watched as Spider-Man Swung right by him, so close he could have probably gave him a high five if he reached his tiny hand out. 

Spider-Man fiercely kicked Venom in the back “Does anybody have a Sonic Emitter I can use, I left mine at home!” Spider-Man quipped out to no one in particular, as he thought he was trying to be funny. 

“Just tear him up, Bub!” Wolverine launched out at Sabertooth in his own fight. This was truly a war that needed to end. Many heroes were brawling, some already had been defeated and were laying around them dead on pier. 

“I’ll take care of your problem!” Scarlet Witch launched a telekinetic blast so strong she ended up sending Venom and Spider-Man flying. Part of the symbiote ripping off of Eddie Brocks shoulder as they crashed into the snack bait shop.

Spider-Man was hit so hard, his mask literally ripped off from his face and went fluttering into the water, landing next to young Chad’s feet. He bent down, picking up the mask. “Spider-Man…” he said looking back up to the pier, not seeing his hero move back into the fray.

Unbeknownst to him, the piece of Venom that was ripped off of Eddie Brock was right next to him. As Chad looked at the mask, the black ooze creeped up his foot and began to expand across his legs. “We Need Help!” Chad began to hear voices in his head. 

“Who…Who…said that?!” Chad was confused, scared even as the voice sounded so sinister, yet comforting at the same time.

“Perhaps we won’t consume you,” the voice continued stalking him in his head. “Weeeee are not impressed!”

“What do you mean your not impressed?” Chad asked the voice that kept speaking to him.

“Think your Biiiig?!”

“No… I am not big,” Chad stopped for a second. “But I can be…”

“UNLIMITED POWAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!” Chad began to stretch. His small stature of 5′6″ began to push more and more off of the ground as his body began to spand outward just as it did upward. He felt his tight bathing suit begin to feel more and more like hero trunks as his young cock began to thicken and stretch the material, giving him a massive Heroic bulge.

Boots like his hero Spider-Man slowly began to form on his growing diamond calves and gloves as well on his now thick hands and up his forearms. “FUCK… THIS…POWER!!!!!!” His torso pushed back as his pecs literally blew off his Size small tshirt, and a nice hard 8-pack spread out across is abdominal region.  In one last grunt of power he collapsed to his knees in the ocean water.

Chad began to breathe heavy. “Fuck… this feels AMAZING…SENSATIONAL…” Chad pulled on Spider-Mans mask over his face, making sure to keep his new hero status a secret. “I guess it’s my turn to swing into action!” Chad brought his hand up firing a black web up to the pier’s railing, and swung into battle.

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hi traincat! since keeping the 'secret' part of his identity secret seems like a big part of peter's character, what do you think he would be like now if his unmasking was never retconned in one more day?

This is so complicated to think about! I think it depends a lot on Aunt May, actually, and whether or not in this scenario she was still shot. While I may not like the consequences of One More Day, I do think that Aunt May being killed in a situation where it happens because Peter is Spider-Man is something that is very difficult for the character to get past. (Unlike, say, Aunt May’s previous presumed death in the 90s.)

(Sensational Spider-Man Annual – a good issue that touches on this a little.)

Ultimately the big thing with Peter keeping his identity a secret is that it’s about keeping his family safe. I think there’s a little bit of a “having a secret is kind of thrilling” aspect to it in the very beginning, when he’s just starting out, but as his rogue’s gallery expands, the very real threat of people coming after his family starts to hit. After all, a murderous supervillain going after him isn’t any more of a risk to his safety whether or not he’s in the costume, since the powers are his and not the costume’s. But a murderous supervillain going after his aunt or his spouse because of him? Big concern. I think a lot of who Peter is is a Protector which reflects both in his actions as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and in his personal relationships. On the far end of this means he has a tendency to make decisions for other people, though, like, say, keeping his identity from them “for their own good.” (Mary Jane notably told him she knew he was Spider-Man, not the other way around.) (This is also why ultimately re: Spideytorch scenarios, I do think he unmasks voluntarily at a good moment.)

But also now thinking about it I do want the comic where Peter and MJ do manage to go underground until in the aftermath of the Skrull invasion, Norman Osborn “pardons” him (in addition to Civil War stuff, Peter also committed nine felonies) in a bizarre power play setting up incredible celebrity Peter “Spider-Man” Parker vs the Iron Patriot. 

Anyway, I imagine he could be like the Peter we briefly see in House of M, before he gets his memories back, who has no secret identity

Anyway, please enjoy this paparazzi shot of Peter glaring while tying his tiny child’s shoe, which is where I think I’m going with this.