You had to think this would happen someday, if it hasn’t already lol

June: “So, you too, huh? Secret life for your little guy?”
Barbara: “Yeah, he’s not so little anymore either. I’m lucky he hasn’t sliced off an arm or gotten into an accident on that Vespa of his.”
June: “Oh, don’t get me started on two-wheeled modes of transportation. Jack’s is…known to be tempermental. In more ways than one.”
Barbara: “Oh, Nurse Darby, I think I can understand.”

Art is mine, Barbara Lake belongs to DreamWorks/Trollhunters and June Darby belongs to Transformers Prime.

signs that your family is abusive:

  • you feel the urge to hide from them whenever you’re vulnerable
  • you cannot bear the idea of them seeing you cry
  • when you’re hurt or in pain, you don’t go to them because you feel they’ll tell you that you deserved it or that it was your fault
  • you don’t feel like you can confide in them, either because they don’t seem to care, or try to control how you act, or yell at you and punish you, or use the information against you
  • you feel very self-conscious around them and keep expecting criticism and insults
  • you can’t tell them about your struggles because you already know they’ll side against you
  • you keep things in your life secret from them because you have a feeling they would ridicule, humiliate, and judge you if they knew, or take everything away from you
  • you feel scared of letting them know when they hurt you
  • you feel scared and guilty when you so much as think about them in a bad way
  • you feel the urge to remind yourself of all the things they did for you, whenever something bad comes up, to be sure that you’re seeing them the way they want to be seen by you
  • you’re scared of being accused of being a burden to them
  • you’re scared to hold them responsible for things they did to you, because you know they would argue otherwise, and insist they had full right to do what they did, or that you made it up
  • you have the inner sense of dread that nothing you ever do or say will be taken seriously by them, and your life will always look like a joke to them
  • you dream of living far away from them and feel guilty for wanting to cut them from your life
  • you don’t feel like you’re really important in comparison to them, it feels like it’s better to just step aside and let them be important, your life doesn’t matter as much anyway
  • you’re worried about how your every action might affect their life, their reputation and social standing
  • you feel that they’re ashamed of you and you’re trying your best not to bring further shame on the family
  • you feel like you’ll owe them for the rest of your life and nothing you ever do will be enough to erase the debt, and this fills you with dread and feeling of being trapped
  • you don’t count on their help when you’re in trouble, you’re scared of them finding out and punishing you for being in trouble in the first place
  • you don’t count on them sharing their resources with you, you know you have to be grateful for how much they’ve given you already and feel like you have no right to ask for anything more, even if you need it
  • you can’t feel warmth or safety when surrounded by family, instead you wish you didn’t have to be there, and seek a place to hide and protect yourself
  • holidays spent with family are just painful and something you try to endure instead of enjoy
  • you can’t imagine a world where you’re free and not defined by these people

kevin spacey got fired from house of cards and will be recast and literally edited out of ridley scott’s new film that comes out next month… louis ck has been fired from secret life of pets 2 and his new film that was set to come out next week is not being released by the distributor…. some things….. are good

Quick Guide to Celebrating the Sabbats 🌻


🧀Fruit & veg, herbed bread, cheese, honey cakes, chicken, pork, sunflower seeds, lemonade, ice tea.

🍋Lemon, orange, cinnamon, rose oils.

🔮Moonstone, tigers eye, amethyst, flourite, agate. {Or any crystals in warm colours}.

🌞See the sun rise & set, eat outdoors, make or buy a sun catcher, bake a sweet cake, let sunlight cleanse your rooms, clear cobwebs, wear a flower crown, make honey/sugar scrub, wear warm tones.

🎬Peter Pan, Fairy Tale, Ferngully, Stardust, Tinkerbell, Maleficent.


🌽Multi grain bread, corn on the cob, bbq meats, fried chicken, potatoes, soup, rice, nuts, black current juice, beer, peppermint tea.

🌹Rose, chamomile, passion fruit, all spice oils/scents.

🔮Citrine, clear quartz, tigers eye.

📖Finish a project, make a bread to share, enjoy nature, take care of plants, decorate or craft, acknowledge what you are grateful for, journal future hopes.

🎬Parent Trap, Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, Cheaper by the Dozen.


🍇Pies, nuts, smoked or roast poultry [bbq chicken with smoky bbq sauce], soup, corn, apples, plums, grapes, cinnamon donuts, caramel popcorn, peanut butter, butterscotch.

🌲Sage, pine, cinnamon oils/scents.

🔮Amethyst, clear quartz, citrine, yellow agate.

🌾Make scented pinecones, spend time under the stars, donate food or goods [RSPCA], burn bad habits, visit the deceased, harvest take care of plants, bask in nature, meditate.

🎬Open Season, Brother Bear, Spirit, Pocahontas, Brave.


🎃Pumpkins, toffee apples, ginger bread, chai, nutmeg or cinnamon spiced foods, hazelnuts, sweets.

🌰Nutmeg, cinnamon scents.

🔮Obsidian, onyx, bloodstone, amber, fossils.

🕯Cook a family recipe, light a fire, remember & honour the deceased.

🎬Hocus Pocus, Addams Family, Monsters Inc, Little Vampire, Corpse Bride, Casper, Hansel Gretel Witch Hunters, Underworld, Van Helsing.


🍪Cookies, fruit cake, turkey, eggnog, ginger tea.

🕎Cedar, frankincense, myrrh oils.

🔮Bloodstone, citrine, clear quartz.

❄Give or volunteer, bake shortbread or sugar cookies, share a meal with loved ones.

🎬Santa Clause, Rise of the Guardians, 101 Dalmatians, Frozen, Snow White Winters War, Narnia.


🍩Poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, bread butter pudding, scones, muffins, garlic, onions.

☕Vanilla, cinnamon oil.

🔮Amethyst, bloodstone, onyx.

🕯Light white candles, plant seeds, bless your pets, declutter & clean your living space, bake orange and poppy seed muffins or cake.

🎬Mr Poppers Penguins, Happy Feet, Balto, Ice Age, Mirror Mirror.


🍌Roast ham & pineapple, eggs, milk, seeds & nuts, banana bread, chocolate milk, green vegetables.

🌹Jasmine, light florals, sweet garden, wild flowers.

🔮Amethyst, rose quartz, moonstone.

🌹Light candles, plant seeds, share a roast ham with loved ones, bake banana bread, finish spring cleaning, lay tumbled stones in your garden bed, take deep breaths [inhale new energy & exhale old energies], wear spring colours whites & florals, collect wildflowers or buy flowers that call to you & research what they mean, walk through nature.

🎬Epic, Strange Magic, The Secret Garden, Spiderwick, A Bugs Life, Barbie Fairies.


🍞Breads, cakes, honey, leafy greens, fruit & veg, seafood, iced tea, lemonade, milk.

🌼Florals, sweet garden, honeysuckle, jasmine, rose.

🔮Amber, citrine, moonstone, red jasper, rose quartz.

🌼Wear a flower crown or flowers in your hair, dress in red or white, make a bonfire & roast marshmallows, garden, take a walk, spend time in nature, pick fresh flowers to decorate.

🎬Moana, Arthur Trilogy, Avatar, Jungle Book, Tinkerbell, Barbie.


☾Sage cleanse the house, light candles, diffuse oils.

☾Clean sheets/bedding/pillowcases/towels.

☾Eat at least one traditional food.

☾Watch a relevant movie.

☾Take notes in my BOS of how I celebrated the Sabbat to look back on next year.

☾Charge my crystals & tarot decks in the full moonlight.

☾Do a tarot reading relevant to the Sabbat.

☾Spend time outside with my dogs 🐶


Here’s the secret to being happy: just pretend you are happy, and eventually you’ll forget you’re pretending.
—  BoJack Horseman
Tarot: Astrological Correspondences

Aries:  The Emperor

The driving force of ambition and the pursuit of ideals for himself and others around him, the Emperor is the “father figure” of the tarot in the sense that he offers success of the self in spite of how it affects others. He is synonymous with achievement and authority, having the forceful and outgoing demeanor that allows him to achieve his goals. His kingdom is ruled on his own ideals, and he is a force to be reckoned with when these ideals are threatened; however, he looks to teach others the benefit of his own world-view in a material and observable manner.

Taurus: The Hierophant

This is the card of looking past material achievement to come to a more complete sense of spiritual achievement and fulfillment. The Hierophant is looking for a life path or religion that is representative of himself - his desires and his values. He is a teacher for those that will listen, and allows a source of wisdom for those who have not yet found their own worth within their values. It is thus a card of enlightenment; it is a card of moving past the mundane values of life into a more solid sense of value that aligns with the person that you are.

Gemini: The Lovers

The Lovers, while seemingly a card of love, instead warns us against the ambiguity of attending to all choices and details before committing to something. The path of the Lovers is to learn and teach that certain matters are inexplicable in a concrete way - particularly matters of the heart - and that focusing on these details will lead to misguidance. Every choice has a consequence, and overthinking the decision will inevitable lead to complications. While this may be interpreted as promoting following whim, it is rather teaching that choosing what seems traditional or “practical” may in fact thwart the chance of sacred love - for oneself or others.

Cancer: The Chariot

The Chariot presents the problem of balancing opposing forces of desire - particularly in regard to the desire to go forward, yet the need to stay secure and comfortable. The goal of the Chariot is to find the middle ground between these two, recognizing when one will suit him better than the other; it is pertinent for The Chariot to understand that the conflict that he faces between desires is pushing him forward, and that no change ultimately results in stagnation. There is, thus, a fight for self-assertion despite the fear of the unknown and a desire to stay within the tried and true; the image of the card, however, suggests triumph despite this uncertainty.

Leo: Strength

The card of Strength can be described as a child learning to exercise self-control in spite of their personal desires and wishes; it is learning that there is more than the fickle desires of the self, and that there is courage in achieving self-mastery and will-power. It is thus a card that teaches strength and determination in achieving self-awareness so that one may achieve an integrative sense of individuality among the masses, allowing them to consider others without compromising their sense of self and individuality.

Virgo: The Hermit

The Hermit is a card of withdrawal for the purpose of soul-searching and meditation so that the individual may work things out quietly and efficiently. Through solitude, The Hermit can master its fear and anxieties about facing certain things alone; through solitude, it can be learned that achieving inner understanding will allow them to encourage that around them to blossom into something more mature, yet equally beautiful, instead of holding onto that which is outdated because they fear change.

Libra: Justice

The goal of Justice is to learn to solve problems impartially through logic, remaining fair in his decisions and weighing the aspects of the problem so that he may properly balance them. There is often an ideal present within the card of Justice, and while reason may not solve all of the nuances of human nature, this is a card of striving for the achievement of his world-view: one that is based on an equilibrium that will promote justice and equality within the social structures. While this card fights for a balanced mind, its goal is to be merciful despite its reason and logic, and is thus a fight for the ideal for all parties involved.

Scorpio: Death

Death, while a card of human death and descent into the underworld, symbolizes change that is a catalyst for the birth of a new life. While this may be literal, it is most often metaphorical, allowing a person to transition skillfully into a new phase of life. It is a transition in which we strip ourselves of the physical and psychological barriers to individual growth - a transformation, rather than physical death itself. Feelings, emotions, thoughts, and values are thus subject to dying in order to achieve these transformations; however, this is not without the overwhelming feeling of pain a loss before one allows themselves to be reborn.

Sagittarius: Temperance

Temperance is the bridge between the divine and death - a heavenly figure who is generous in what they give to that which lives upon earth. In order to properly guide, or help, the living people around them, they must first exercise moderation and rid of excess in their habits so that they have something to give to all. It is thus a card that reminds oneself to be moderate in their emotions, and to extend compassion and forgiveness to those that threaten or question their divinity - taking into account the emotions and ideas of others.

Capricorn: The Devil

Like Death, this card is more metaphorical than literal. It is the acceptance of that which is not perfect, and thus the acceptance of the light and dark parts of oneself despite the scrutiny of the external world. It represents “The Devil” in us that must be faced before we can overcome and achieve anything that is of vast importance to us. In accepting this part of ourselves, we in turn can have compassion and acceptance for the flaws of others - in turn allowing a path in which we can guide the whole individual toward accepting limitations and strengths in a way that will benefit everyone.

Aquarius: The Star

The Star is faith and hope not just for oneself - but for others. The Star gives us a belief in our dreams and their ability to come true, supporting this hope and ideal within others; this is the ideal that keeps us going despite the stress and disappointments of our everyday lives, and is the glimmer within the monotonous structure of life. There is an inspiration and sense of promise in the future which allows The Star inner radiance and joy, encouraging others to find their own inner light that will illuminate the path toward a renewal of whatever holds one back.

Pisces: The Moon

The Moon is the mystical intuition of emotions, ruling dreams, thoughts, and fantasy in an uncontrolled way that is largely dependent on the environment. She waxes and wanes based on the pull of the earth, and is largely susceptible to outside influences - though this may be able to translate into wisdom for oneself and others if managed properly. The Moon is representative of constant fluctuation and change, pointing to uncertainty and illusion based on the inconsistency of one’s environment; however, through flowing with the tides, the Moon has the power to find its solutions through dreams and intuition, rather than reason and logic.

Sun: The Sun

There is vitality and strength in The Sun, as it stands for the solid life force that drives us toward structure and expression. Though The Sun’s rays are capable of healing in this sense, they are also capable of burning the person if mismanaged or embraced to a fault. It is with caution that you should approach The Sun, allowing it to provide for you a source of strength and a path toward prosperity and happiness; if too focused on it, one will experience a drought and the lack of growth in one’s environment due to its overbearing heat.

Moon: The High Priestess 

The High Priestess is the ruler of the occult, secret, and unseen matters of life, and is thus a card of intuition and receptivity. She is nurturing of spiritual ideas dwelling in the occult and encourages creativity, creating aura of enchantment and magic. She teaches us to understand and trust our unconscious, as well as to allow ourselves to follow our intuition toward that which will leave us fulfilled and embody us with a sense of wisdom.

Mercury: The Magician

An intellectual guide that offers education and enlightenment; the mode for possibilities and potentials, attempting to balance his duality between human and divine in his endeavor. Creativity, initiative, and skill are characteristics of The Magician, and this card suggests new opportunities to meet your creative or intellectual ventures.

Venus: The Empress

Venus is the feminine figure of the tarot who teaches us to learn to care for ourselves, and others. She is earthly and thus susceptible to the cycles of life, learning to value her relationships with others and in turn teaching others to do the same. The Empress is growth, stability, love, marriage, and motherhood - the feminine aspects of life that allow the creation of new life, as well as its growth and prosperity.

Mars: The Tower

The Tower is a card of conflict and destruction to catalyze change. While intimidating, it is the assertion of our needs and desires despite the structures being enforced on us. The Tower demonstrates that allowing and causing this conflict and destruction is what will allow us to reach our dreams and ideals. While it means defeat, it is not in a fatalistic sense, but rather means one is facing a defeat in attempting to conform to false philosophies and limiting structures - allowing a path for development of personal truth and ideals.

Jupiter: The Wheel

This is a card of fate, in which the person still carries an amount responsibility for their own destiny. It is a card of optimism in this sense, as there is a recognition of one’s own actions that lead up to their disappointment or failure - and a drive and desire to turn toward something brighter and better in spite of the misfortune. It therefore teaches that luck is not fate exercising its will upon us, but rather fate is determined by our ability to turn and meet our fate - courageously and without excuses for why we may have come upon a bout of “bad luck”.

Saturn: The World

The World is the complete integration of the self into the world around them, establishing one’s own rightful place in relation to the balance of the cosmos and world around them. It is the success and achievement of goals despite our oppositions, and the harmony that we achieve when we don’t deny ourselves the satisfaction of achievement through self-doubt. The World is not only ourselves at our best, but rather a more unified world because we no longer deny ourselves the joy of expressing our talents in the larger structure of society.

Uranus: The Fool

The mythological hero, embarking on his quest through life to achieve his ideals. He is searching for a sense of purpose, or new meaning among all that is known; he is looking for the truth, and willing to abandon his old ways to leap into the unknown of progressive change. The Fool is a card of the unexpected, and offers potential for new opportunity - if you are willing to leave behind what is traditional and familiar for what is new and original.

Neptune: The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man has reached the point in his life where he recognizes that he must come to grips with the unconscious forces inside of himself. The path of The Hanged Man is to sacrifice the control of his ego by surrendering to the territory of his internal world, and in turn sacrifice a part of himself so that he can gain greater understanding and value of both himself and others. It is, therefore, death of the self by one’s own sacrifice for something that independent of how the world acts upon him.

Pluto: Judgement

Judgement is the card of karma in the sense that it determines whether one should receive reward or punishment based on their actions. It promotes honesty, sincerity, and coming to terms with the unconscious forces that have perpetuated conflict in the individual; it also stresses the need to evaluate ourselves and others honestly in regard to our accomplishments and egos. Judgement is therefore the card that signifies preparing for the reincarnation into a new life, our own lives laid out in front of us to teach us strengths and faults in a way conducive to positive change.