Webcomic Wednesday: The Secret Life of a Journal Comic

Surprisingly enough this and next weeks comics banner were the easiest to find… anyways…

I just realized how hard it is to talk about a Journal Comic because again they are (for the most part) based on the real lives of the creator, so this isn’t an easy task. This comic is different in that its very dark… not the content but the shading style, it’s dark and it looks good it matches what the creator is trying to say with each comic… for me anyways, I like how everything is done and again I like journal comics because they are fun portrayals of characters in real life and looking into the life of a person and finding similarities is always fun, soooooooooooo….

Check it out, its good and journal comics are something you should always give a chance, you never know what you will like

Update: I forgot to mention that the creator has a tumblr that you can check out here