Finally my second Overwatch Academy Poster !
I have added Efi into the group and decided to make Hanzo a senior instead of a teacher, because I am making Mccree a new teacher to the academy 😉 If you know what I mean !

I really hope you guys would like it!
Was painting it with all my hearts for a whole damn week after my day job 😭
It’s very tiring yet rewarding at the same time, wish to have more time to do this !

Cheers love!
Happy Holidays!


She told me what if the girl in Young’s scene in Love Yourself was the one in the hospital? She told me what if the girl was diagnosed with cancer because of second hand smoking.

 Yoongi’s poster was shot in the hospital, though!!

And his first poster’s quote is something like “Don’t come near me or you’ll have bad luck”

and what if he meets JK at the hospital ??


when the actors who portray my OTP post their season 7 posters seconds apart 💕❄️

and like similar shippy tweet responses to those posters 👁️💕

Nikolaj CosterWaldau: Got something in the eye

and killing us softly by liking other ship tweets ❤️

here’s a bonus

I will never ever ever get tired of seeing Gwendoline and Nikolaj fangirling over Jaime & Brienne in every way, shape, or form! 😍

It feels like I waited forever for that
Now we only need to wait some more XD

From Dusk till Dawn

Another long overdue meta because Im shit lol

Brief analysis about the movie based on the official posters. 

First poster - sunset/dusk

Second poster - sunrise/dawn

Sunset and Sunrise interpretations and meaning through arts and literature: Death and Rebirth, Beginning and End. Sunset often describe that the day ‘has ended’ and thus represents the soukoku’s reign with shin-soukoku finally taking the spot light, sunrise: a new beginning. 

It is significant to notice that in the first poster (sunset), soukoku is facing their backs on the viewers like how most stories end, waiting as the sun set when in the second poster (sunrise, the sky is bright this time) shin-soukoku takes the lead while soukoku, the predecessors, are in the background as the guide to their successors. 

About that Epic MH haul…..

Ok. Like. I paid 75 dollars for what I thought was one playset and 25 dolls. Which would have made the dolls $3 each fully clothed. A decent deal, I saw quite a few dolls I wanted. But then…. then THIS is what I recieved:

The playset and all its pieces.

The 25 dolls, plus 36 EXTRA DOLLS. And their Diaries.

AND a bag of accessories. AND a bag of clothes….

And a hamper with doll stands and extras…

AND a box of furniture AND Draculauras Car AND a Nightmare.

AND second playset!?!?!

Also a poster and a few magazines and some of the stuff was EAH too? And Im just like in shock as I load all these boxes of stuff and they were totally content with just 75 bucks??????????? So. Ya. Haul of the century?I am the luckiest duckiest. Really helped me. I was feeling super down.

Joey: “jude.”
Joey: “what.”
Joey: “the HELL”
Joey: “happened to my posters!?”
Jude: “it looks the same to me, joey!”
Jude: “it’s still a vibrant collage of juvenile distractions, after all.”
Joey: “yeah but why do i have a second mom poster, instead of earthbound?”
Joey: “hell, where’s my final fantasy and metroid posters???”
Jude: “did you ever have those?”
Jude: “if you’re sure you did, then this could be interesting evidence of some sort of shift in reality-”
Joey: “wait.”
Joey: “my old dirty dancing poster now has two cute girls dancing together.”
Joey: “i’m completely okay with this now.”
Jude: “you gave up on this phenomenon quickly!”

A more concise examination on the posters because I like to overanalyze!

I don’t think Luke’s the villain. But I think he messed up. He did something, something that caused Ben to fall. That’s why he’s presented as the antagonist in the second poster. Also, there are very interesting things I’ve gotten from the layout.

1) Kylo and Rey’s sabers verge and become one (just like in the teaser poster):  

2) Kylo’s saber cuts through his face, which can symbolize his duality/conflict and that he’s still torn apart.

3) Kylo’s over the shoulder pose has been a recurring theme in the marketing so far for TLJ. In the TFA poster there’s only one person who looks over his shoulder:

Finn. The trooper that turns his back on the First Order. Here’s another image where Kylo’s positioned in a similar way to TFA Finn (I flipped Finn’s pic horizontally to get the point across more):

And here’s another comparison including Rey and one of the promo pictures of Kylo:

4) Snoke stands out as the true villain, being bathed completely in red.

5) The sabers divide the poster in three parts, representing the three plots:

  • Finn and Rose with the Falthiers (space horses) on Canto Bight
  • Leia and Poe with the politics/Resistance side of things
  • Luke, Rey, Kylo and Snoke…the force sensitives