Good News: We are getting more Kiznaiver!
Not-so-Good News: It’s in the form of a novel, so we’ll be lucky if we hear anything about what actually happens in it. Sobs.

キズナイーバー -あの日のキズ、これからのキズナ- Kiznaiver  - That day’s Wounds, Here Onward’s Bonds - will delve into each of the 8 characters feelings and it won’t only tell us what they are up to after the ending of the series, but also about their untold pasts.

It has 10 chapters: 1 chapter per character, a prologue and an epilogue. And it’s coming out on October 27.  

…Let’s pray so someone is able to buy it and at least summarize it.


I Almost Forgot About You (2016)

“In I Almost Forgot About You, Dr. Georgia Young’s wonderful life–great friends, family, and successful career–aren’t enough to keep her from feeling stuck and restless. When she decides to make some major changes in her life, including quitting her job as an optometrist and moving house, she finds herself on a wild journey that may or may not include a second chance at love. Georgia’s bravery reminds us that it’s never too late to become the person you want to be, and that taking chances, with your life and your heart, are always worthwhile.

Big-hearted, genuine, and universal, I Almost Forgot About You shows what can happen when you face your fears, take a chance, and open yourself up to life, love, and the possibility of a new direction. It’s everything you’ve always loved about Terry McMillan.”

By Terry McMillan

Get it  now here

Terry McMillan is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Waiting to Exhale, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, A Day Late and a Dollar Short, and The Interruption of Everything and the editor of Breaking Ice: An Anthology of Contemporary African-American Fiction. 

Her interest in books comes from working at a library when she was fourteen. She received her BA in journalism in 1986 from the University of California at Berkeley and the MFA Film Program at Columbia University. Her work is characterized by strong female protagonists.

Her first book, Mama, was self-promoted. She achieved national attention in 1992 with her third novel, Waiting to Exhale, which remained on The New York Times bestseller list for many months. Forest Whitaker turned it into a film in 1995. In 1998, another of McMillan’s novels, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, was made into a movie. McMillan’s novel Disappearing Acts was subsequently produced as a direct-to-cable feature.

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anonymous asked:

So. I don't think this counts as an actual interesting ask, but: I had a dream that Finn was the long lost princess Anastasia from the animated film. Everything about the film was exactly the same, except it was Finn. I have to say, he killed it in that ballgown. John Boyega's performance of Finn as Anastasia was sensitive and moving and I woke up 30 seconds before my alarm going "whoa."

 you are a good person and may you have a weekend of excellent things and good and just wonderfulness.


Oh Allah (swt) you tell me to seek help through patience and prayer,

But how can I be patient when the son of Zahra (sa) calls my name?

Oh time quicken your seconds

So I may be on that dusty road

I long to walk on and be exhausted from it.

I long for desert heat and desert nights

Knowing you are waiting for me.

Oh feet lengthen your strides

And make those kilometres fade away.

Oh heart beat on

It swells just thinking about you.

Oh Hussain (as), I am insane for you.

Can we stop reffering to abortions as a "woman" problem

First of all that excludes many trans women and could be really hurtful for them.
And second of all many people who may need/want an abortion are not women

Fantasy does NOT have to follow real world rules. Fantasy does NOT have to relate to some real world event, country, concept, law, or history. Fantasy does NOT have to mirror any particular time period or country, even if you’re basing your world on a real world one. There is NO SUCH THING as “historical accuracy” in fantasy as it relates to the real world.

THE ONLY THING Fantasy has to do to be believable is follow the established rules OF ITS OWN WORLD. Fantasy can literally be anything you imagine it to be.

If your fantasy world excludes people of color or those belonging to the LGBT+ community, if it’s grossly misogynistic and white cis-male centric, that’s because YOU made it that way. Stop blaming “historical accuracy” or “believability”. It’s not the genre; it’s YOU.

We are GAMERS.

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remember that time when you didn’t know their names? when you didn’t knew who played which instrument, who’s your favourite and how their personalities are. when you had 4 albums that you’ve never listened to, finding out about so many new and amazing songs. when you still had to discover every little fact about them, not knowing that they’ll be your favourite band soon. yes? that’s my favourite part of discovering a band.

This is my dream


Potterlock: Three new cards were added to the collection of Chocolate Frog Cards.

Sherlock Holmes: A well-known Auror and the inventor of the Deductio charm.
John Watson: A healer who served in the Second Wizarding War - and who is now active in London at the St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.
Mycroft Holmes: The former Head of the Auror office and Great Britain’s current Minister of Magic.