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BREAKING: 1 dead, multiple reported injured in Azusa, California, shooting 

Police responded to an active shooter near a polling place in Azusa, California, Tuesday afternoon, the Los Angeles Times reported. At least one person was reported killed. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Capt. Jeff Scroggin said police were there is at least one suspect, who is heavily armed. This is developing.

Come and witness my fifth court hearing concerning Cabot Oil and Gas, a billion dollar Gas Company suing Vera Scroggins, concerned resident and citizen of Susquehanna County.

I have been documenting with videos, photos, and  gas tours, of Cabot and other shale gas companies in my county since 2008. Unfortunately, they continue to industrialize our rural towns, villages, and expose us to the water, air, land pollution, in addition to heavy truck traffic.  The road damage caused by this heavy-truck traffic is the worst I’ve seen in my 25 years of residency.

I can not stand, stop or park within 100’ of a Cabot driveway, and cannot be within 100’ of their gas sites.

On Feb. 25, 2015, during a court hearing, Cabot produced a gas worker who testified under oath that I had violated these restrictions by parking on a Cabot driveway/access road in Dimock, Pa., on 1/16/2015.  However, he had no photographs of this eventhough he produced a photo of me legally at the next door neighbor’s driveway, where I have permission to be…

I have two witnesses and myself who deny that I was on or near Cabot’s driveway.  I was parked about 672’ at the next door neighbor’s driveway where I let out my visitors and waited for them to come back.  I have witnesses who testified under oath
that I was not with them on or near the Cabot driveway.

But Judge Seamans believed the gas worker more than us and found me in contempt.  This Thursday, April 23, at 1:30 I am to be sentenced.  He may be willing to hear and consider the testimony of additional witnesses on my behalf.

My intention has always been to follow Judge Seamans’ injunction.  Nevertheless, the Judge can order punishment of fines, jail, and legal costs that Cabot has incurred.

Also, at this hearing he will hear more testimony from both sides about whether to place a permanent injunction on me for the rest of my life.

Come and witness all the citizens who stand up to the abusive power of the shale gas industries and are willing to expose what is happening.

I am asking for all to hold a space of support, peace, light, and love, for myself and all in the courtroom no matter their position on the issue.  

Thank you.  I and others are grateful for all the support we are receiving.  After the court hearing, which may last till 4:30, we can commune together at Mazar’s, the restaurant across the road.

Once again, the time and date is 1:30 on April 23, 2015, in the Montrose County Courthouse, 105 Maple St., Montrose, Pa.

Blessings to all …..Come if not a burden or coming from too far….thank you…


Vera Scroggins, Citizen Journalist, Citizen Gas Tours

Consider coming out and supporting Vera if you’re in the Susquehanna, Pennsylvania area. She needs all the help she can get.