I Saw The Script!! :D

I finally got to see The Script live in concert yesterday! I was at their show in Birmingham and it was amazing! :D

I’ve liked their music since 2008 - nearly 10 years ago - and I’ve wanted to see them since then. As you can see by the picture, I got there super early and was the 42nd person there - arrived at about 11am!

It was worth being tired and waiting around for hours! The only thing that was annoying was that there was a problem with the tickets and by the time it was sorted, me (and my sister) didn’t make the front row - despite having queued and waited for 8 hours, longer than most of the people there! 

But everything else was amazing! They played almost all of my favourite songs, and they put on an incredible show! It was even more special because they have influenced my own music a lot. I may or may not have cried a little… I love them so much <3

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If Louis shows up at iheart with his own band, I might pee in my pants. In a cool way.

not to be a lesbian but i hope there are girls

Hello just wanted to put into yalls head louis covering i’m yours by the script on tour byeeeee

or look after you by the fray‼️

not to sound greedy but I desperately need audio of Harry’s Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart right from some Jamaican studio like yeasterday

the studio version is out there somewhere i can smell it 👃

I haven’t written in a while (which is mainly my own fault, and I apologize) but I’ve recently seen too many babies getting ready for Halloween, and I couldn’t help myself; I missed Daddies!CC too much.  

“This is harder than I thought it would be.” Darren groaned, placing his laptop on the nightstand and rubbing his eyes. “Why can’t we just dress him up as a pumpkin.”

“No son of ours is going as a pumpkin, Darren. Not on his first Halloween.”

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the latest ep of night vale is basically just a shameless self promotion for the novel coming out in 5 days, but yknow what, after over 3 years of a free podcast series being shared with us, with special and fun live show scripts being toured in many different places, with the novel being A Dream for the writers and has been in the works for a while and can finally be a reality, then yknow what. im not gonna complain im a big sap and night vale trash and im hyped for this 8)

Touring Our Facility with New Nursing Students
  • STANDARD TOUR GUIDE SCRIPT: Welcome! You are about to begin your exciting new journey as a nursing student. We are thrilled you have chosen this profession, and this college. Over the next couple of years, it will become like a second home, and we will do whatever we can to support you.
  • WHAT I AM TEMPTED TO SAY: Welcome, before you take another step, do you know what you're getting yourself into? Nursing is tougher than how they portray it on TV. There's no glory in being elbow deep in human excrement, and sustaining verbal and physical abuse from patients, families and other health care professionals. You will be frustrated by the limits of your job, and you will second guess your abilities from the moment you graduate. The hours are long, and you will be tired, and you will realize it's more about what you do, than any recognition or credit you will ever receive. This nursing college will at times feel like a prison, and you will start to wonder what's it all for. You will spend hours and days in the library, or cooped up in your room researching, studying, and writing plans of care. You will endure ridicule in clinicals, fear examinations and long for the day you escape the four walls of the college.
  • WHAT I ACTUALLY SAY: Welcome. We are thrilled you have chosen to share the career of nursing with us. Today, you begin your journey as a nursing student. Nursing is one of the most rewarding careers, and it can also be one of the toughest careers, TV only captures the surface of what we do. You will at times be frustrated by the limits of your job, but you will find an endurance that is priceless when you are able to make a small difference in the lives of your patients. Your fellow nursing students and coworkers will become a sort of family, and you will lean on them in tough times and give one another strength during the stress of college life and the heartaches of patient deaths. Some days you may want to quit, but you will discover a resilience you didn't know existed and fire to carry on. You will share the joys of learning, and miracle of saving lives; even though at times you will become apprehensive about performing skills, but you will be supported all the way, and you will learn to support people during the most intense time in their lives. You will look back on your time and often wonder how you got through it, but you will - and you will share the victories of graduation. When you start to practice, you will share the blessings of how extraordinary it is to be the frontline person entrusted with human life. Welcome, and thank you for choosing this college. We are here for you every step of the way and beyond.
So, I got to see the Outlander Writer’s Panel tonight!

Didn’t even have a ticket, but all to the magic skills of @sassenach-j we got in. We didn’t hear the very beginning of the panel, so i missed who the moderator was. She did say something weird like she thought the rape scene was almost beautiful, which the audience didn’t agree with at all!

I’m just going to ramble a bit and I’m getting sleepy. Someone asked everyone in the panel what was it that made them want to become a writer and or actor. Tobias said that he remembered the first time he understood that there were actors he was around 5 and he was taken to a theatrical production of Wind in the Willows. He had to go to the bathroom on a break and he looked next to him and the character of Mr. Badger was taking a piss. He then understood that Mr. Badger wasn’t real. Then Sam made some kind of joke that he was Mr. Badger. 

Sam said that he loved the theater and remembers this kind of modernized version of Merlin that he enjoyed as a kid. Cait couldn’t remember the exact thing, but that she always wanted to be an actor. 

Matt Roberts said he just loved The Wonder Years and wanted to work on TV because of that. Then he and Cait started rifting on the show and Cait suggested that she and Sam were Kevin and Winnie and they both wondered who Tobias would be and they decided he was Paul. 

Toni Graphia said that it was when she held a script to Cagney and Lacey in her hands it made her realize that someone created that dialogue and it got put to the screen. 

Anne Kenney said that she was always reading novels and knew she always wanted to write. 

Ron told how he first became involved in Star Trek by handing over a spec script on a commercial tour of the set. 

Cait talked about how there is a scene in the upcoming season where Claire chooses all these fabrics to make her fancy French dresses. She thought a key to that scene was that Claire was coming from a world that was still under rations because of WWII. So this was a real luxury. But soon the clothes, like a lot of the Parisian society soon became restrictive to Claire until she got an outlet. (I’m assuming she means Mother Hildegarde’s hospital.

There’s other stuff they talked about and maybe I’ll talk more about it tomorrow when I get moer sleep. 

I;ll try to post blurry pictures tomorrow too.