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Okay, so how do you feel Mike and Harvey are intimately? Do you reckon either of them is loud, both of them? I don't know how to imagine it, but I see Mike as a 'screamer' and Harvey as a quiet enjoyer?


Ooooh yes, I’m in the same boat as you!

I see Mike as being really loud, which is something Harvey loves and never hates because even when they’re supposed to working but instead are doing other, more fun things, Harvey kind of loves watching him try to be quiet but finding it impossible.

And yeah, with Harvey, I think he’s quiet, but I think he’s very encouraging and alsoooo very name-friendly, and cussing-friendly, so he might not scream or shout but he likes a good, grunty “fuck,”, you know?


God fucking dammit Jesus Christ Jesse McCree holy fuck who even did this to me he’s so good Jesse fucking McCree oh my god dear Christ I love Jesse fucking McCree so much he’s a good noodle let him live he’s trying his damn best god damn Jesse fucking McCree holy shit


Kindly reminder that this video exist~

(In case u haven’t seen it already xD, the program they used is MMD, and the 3D model is so perfect ;A;!)

plz screamer forgive me, I really love u, but people must know the existence of this video Q7Q!

How to tell if a video is a screamer

halloween is fast approaching, and sending screamers has become an increasingly popular trend over the past few years. while some people may enjoy them, they can also trigger anxiety attacks in others.

  • check the section/category of a video. if it’s under “comedy”, “prank”, “horror”, or something similar, close the tab immediately.
  • comments are also a giveaway. scroll to the comments section before playing a video. if comments are disabled, there’s a likely chance the video is a screamer. close the tab right away. if you see comments like “whoa, that made me jump!”, close the window! and if it’s impossible to disable comments, look for multiple comments deleted by the creator.
  • check out the video itself, while it’s paused. if it has very low music (this makes the audience want to turn the volume up, so the scream is louder and scarier), or if it has very small text (which makes you want to go into full screen), that’s a good indication that it’s a screamer. exit out and close the tab!
  • look at the content of the video. if the clip itself deals with the scary or supernatural, like a film about ghosts, you can’t be certain. be careful, and exit the tab if the content seems triggering. pause the video and forward all the way to the end. If everything is good feel free to watch. if a frame with a scary picture comes up, close the tab immediately.
  • if the video shows a room or picture, and invites you to “find what’s wrong in the picture”, or “find _____”, close the window immediately! 
  • there’s a new trend going on where videos describing people reacting to screamers are actually screamers themselves. if you suspect this, scroll down and see the comments. if the maker of the video disabled comments to purposely lead viewers to believe the video is genuine, scroll down just enough to see the video time, so you don’t see the video itself. Turn the volume down, just in case it is a screamer, and if the video plays out and there’s no scream, it’s safe to watch.
  • check the time on the video. if it’s suspiciously short, exit the tab.
  • look at the related or recommended videos. if any of them fit the above, the video is a screamer.

stay safe this halloween season!


I was going spleefing with some friends and we came across a haunted house.  I was reluctant to go in, but my friend Rick insisted.  Since he just dicked me down like…five minutes prior in the middle of the woods, I kinda had to go.  When we went into the house, everything was normal.  No ghosts, no goblins…nothin.  But there was a door upstairs that said “Do Not Enter.”  Weird, I thought.  I decided to go in.  No furniture.  No windows.  No nothing.  Except for a VHS tape, a VHS player, and an old television.  I decided to put the tape in and watch, and this is what I saw.  Not sure if this video is cursed or not, but I did not like what I saw.  I went to go tell Rick about my discovery, but he was nowhere to be found.  I searched the house for hours, and the only things I found were his used condom he saved (we were going to do some more spleefing in the basement of the haunted house), his Chicago Bulls socks, and his DC flip flops.  I thought I had to share this video to come to terms with that fact that Rick is gone, and that I will be alone forever.  Hopefully, somebody can help me and explain what this video even means.  But watch at your own risk.  Heed my warning, I’m not sure what happens when you finish the video.

I drew the Seekers bc they make me happy, when they emote their wings go flap flap!!!! ;A;