creepypasta (bad, for little kids): super mario’s eyes bled hyper-realistic blood and instead of the music there was someone saying “death” so i threw the game cartridge at the window.

scp entry (for intellectual, manly adults): william shakespeare’s eyes bled non-euclidean blood and the music was replaced with sad daevite poetry. we killed a d-class about it.


And here it is, my tribute to the SCP Foundation and its wonderful community.  Although I guess technically it’s more of a Containment Breach tribute as there’s no way these particular SCPs would all be contained at the same site.

Please forgive the inconsistent quality between a few of the panels; I meant to touch everything up when I finished inking these pages but that’s taking me longer than I planned and I need to move on to other projects.  I may post the final inks when I finish them, but I don’t want to spam the tag too much.

Anyways, a big thank you to the SCP fandom for being so full of talented, compassionate, supportive people.  Y’all inspire me.

“what would it take to get you to date me” like miss me with that shit please?? dont lie to me . chances are u dont have what it takes. u all know what it takes . u gotta 

  • be kind
  • be forgiving
  • laugh and smile and love all in life
  • have level 4 or higher clearance
  • have approval from at least two on-duty HCML supervisors 
  • have signed Document EK-511 
  • have witnessed notarization of Document EK-511
  • have completed the necessary training programs for Foundation-approved inoculation against Class III-and-up memetic hazards 
  • rotate duty with at least three other qualified personnel per 24-hour period
  • maintain consistent Hume levels in surrounding areas at all times 
  • report any breaches to Site-42 for offsite emergency response and personnel backup 
  • not approach the anomaly at any time outside of approved testing periods

anyway its not that hard??? thx