compilation of some tips and tricks that’ll help you survive hell school!!!!!! *screams*

  • if ur getting a hair cut, get a stylish one a couple weeks before school starts; that way, it can grow in a bit. also be sure to tell your hair dresser exactly what you want at the salon, bring photos of the perfect hair cut for reference!!! reason: if ur hair gets screwed up it’ll have some time to grow in b4 school starts 
  • rinse in cold water b4 u get out of the shower, it’ll make ur pores close so ur skin will look soft+healthy! hot water dries out ur skin! this is an important tip bc soon you’ll get used to cold water! so if u ever need to dive into the pacific ocean to save a person u can do it without shivering+look badass
  • as an added note sometimes ur eyes are gonna be puffy in the morning (bc of essays u wrote last minute… don’t procrastinate guys) so throw some cold water on them!!
  • okay i know u hate it when people are like “u should go to sleep + have a decent sleep cycle!!” but if u go to bed at the same time every night u’ll feel better AND look better so HAH TIFFANY i win i look better than u (oh and if someone comments on ur eye bags just scoff and say they’re gucci)
  • eat breakfast. ramen doesn’t count. eat like a banana or something and pretend its a dick bc u get no action KIDDING DONT DO THAT EAT CEREAL bc ur a serial killer hahah get it. +if u eat breakfast u’ll have energy to slaughter ur enemies @ school ofc
  • does ur skin keep breaking out? use african black soap with shea butterolive green tea scrub orTrader Joes tea tree face wash -they all cost less than 10 dollars in store, are all natural, + work like a charm! bedazzle everyone with ur flawless skin!
  • dry lips? stop picking at the dry skin and use vaseline or chapstick! buy generic brand if u don’t want to burn a whole through your wallet, they work just as well as name brands
  • turn off ya phone b4 u go to bed. it’ll keep u awake and u won’t get ur beauty sleep! ur a princess, treat urself like one
  • chew gum when studying, then chew the same flavor gum when taking the test u were studying for. it’ll help u remember info
  • treat yo self. have a relaxing bubble bath after a stressful day! put on soothing music and chill! go all the way and make a sugar scrub if u want to have smooth legs! 1 part oil (any kind, try canola) to 2 parts sugar will make a cheap scrub; mix well, & after u shave, rub it all over ur legs with a loofa- voila, u have the smoothest legs in the valley! feel free to force ur friends to feel ur new, buttery-soft legs
  • don’t sit down and study for 4 hours straight- study in 20-50 minute increments, switch between subjects+take breaks in-between. if u need to listen to music, listen to video-game background music- do NOT listen to music with words! but if it helps u study, listen to music with words that aren’t in a language u speak
  • drink water. guzzle that shit! u’ll be healthy and won’t collapse from dehydration.
  • do. not. put off doing homework, projects, etc. seriously. this isn’t elementary school anymore. you need good grades to get a good job, to get money, to get the shit u wanna buy. study study study! review material even if u don’t have a test coming up
  • try not to copy ur friend’s homework; u won’t retain/learn a lot, but if ur math teacher gave u 14 pages of trig and u have to write 23 essays, then go ahead- but don’t make it a habit.
  • if u need info for an essay/project/etc, use instead of plain ol’ google- you’ll get more relevant info!
  • take a picture of ur class schedule and put it as ur lock screen! that way if u lose ur physical copy u ain’t screwed
  • send ur essay to a friend to proofread! if u don’t have any friends then copy and paste it into google translate- u can listen to ur mistakes and failings more easily so u can correct them and become a better person

you’re all set! go get ‘em, tiger

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character series/ louie provenza

“I enjoy telling people what to do. It’s fulfilling.” - Provenza

color palette/ 60′s magazine

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