Scarf Commissions Are Back!

Since we’re nearing fall and winter, I’m opening up my hand knit scarf commissions again! This time instead of having a complicated form- all you have to do is message me with answers to a few questions I will post below! Pricing is also a little a different this time, no more adding the cost of yarn to a base price! Not to mention this time shipping is free (US only! Sorry!!) Scarfs will be anywhere between $20-35 depending on what you ask for. 

If you’re interested just send me an ask or a message with your preferences (options that are starred are the less costly):

·         Color

·         Thick yarn* or Skinny yarn

·         Loose knit* or Tight Knit

·         Normal width* or extra wide

·         Normal length* or extra long

·         Want fringe?

Questions, concerns, needing to see examples, or wanting a quote? Send me message! (Also if you’d be so kind to reblog this so the word gets out :’))