“I would…. I would like to fight… I’d like to fight everybody who wants to… make war on people.”

Same Side of the Booth Couple

Dean is not the guy that sits on the same side of the booth as his date. He just isn’t. He may be into cuddling, and he may be a sucker for the angsty and dizzying plot lines of Doctor Sexy MD, but he is not a sit-in-the-same-side-of-the-booth kind of guy. 

Or at least, he wasn’t.

But then there was Cas. And there was the thrill of shoulders brushing, and hips lining up next to one another. There was the promise of warmth, Cas’ warmth all along Dean’s side, and that feeling of fitting next to someone that was as foreign to Dean as speaking Japanese, but just as craved as sitting behind the wheel of the Impala with nothing but the open road in front of him. 

There was a sharp profile and the hope of having the full weight of Castiel’s gaze turned just to him, smiling, lines webbing out from the corners of his eyes. 

There was the soft bump of knees and the casual tangle of fingers just beneath the table; stolen kisses on the neck, and a dark crop of hair haloed in light streaming in past old, checkered curtains. 

And maybe it makes him a sap, and maybe people will shift uncomfortably in their seats when he slides in next to Cas instead of sitting across from him. But Dean doesn’t give a damn. Because he might not have been the guy that sits on the same side of the booth as his date, but he sure as hell is now. 

Hannibal wrote quickly on his pad of paper and showed it to Will.

‘What are you?’

“A puppy.” Will said, blushing already. He expected Hannibal to laugh like all the other kids. But he didn’t. He nodded, smiling and nice and Will did not know what to do with that. Will skittered to change the subject. “W-What are you supposed to be?”


“Oh.” Will eyed his horns and his long, long tail that curled around him. “That’s cool.”

Hannibal smiled widely. 'I thought so too.’

Hannigram Halloween AU where kid!Will takes kid!Hannibal out on his first Trick or Treating (Hannibal is mute and new to the neighborhood and Will is an awkward lil thing with an itchy homemade costume. Crushes are quickly developed.)

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