The Most Annoying Thing

Summary: Reader is having a rough day and is extremely annoyed with Dean. Naturally, this leads to angry sex.

Word Count: 4000ish

Warning: all the smut, angry sex, brief rimming

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy some Dean porn! Feedback always appreciated! XOXO

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I want the volt.ron crew to troll us so bad. Like, after season two… which will probably end on a cliffhanger too…

And one of them (Please be Lauren or Chris lol) goes on twitter and is like: “Netflix has sited the death threats and harassment directed at fans and at the crew, purpetrated by other fans, as their reason for not renewing for season 3.”

Queue shitstrom for the next five minutes until they (Lauren or Chris) tweet “J/K, we’ll be back in August 2017! But seriously, stop your bs”

mr-salt-lick  asked:

honest thoughts on dmbrandon?

Really smart player, knows his shit when it comes to smite, he’s an asshole and he knows it and I think he should really chill the fuck out but in all I still like to watch his streams and videos from time to time even though I’m not even subbed to him or follow him lol, you can learn some stuff from the guy