The Dastardly, The Bastardly, and the Terrifying: A Guide On How To Not Make A Character Antagonist

Okay, so you’ve finally got your slammin bammin protagonist. You’re pumped to show everyone what they’re made of and you want them to go on some grand adventure. They’ll start to develop and slowly become more interesting as they move on in their character saga.


You’ve got no conflict whatsoever! Where’s the tension? Where’s the excitement? Where’s the opportunity for your protagonist to start facing some serious trials and terrifying obstacles? You’ll never be able to push their limits without any sort of conflict! That’s why you need an ANTAGONIST.

You start working on your antagonist. They’re the worst kind of person you can imagine. They kill babies, rob from orphans, sexually assault nuns, the works. Their abilities are to be feared and they’re practically unstoppable because well, you made them unstoppable. There’s not a speck of good in that rotten scoundrel.


You’re suddenly finding yourself bored with your new antagonist. Maybe your character isn’t catching your interest for very long. Sure, they’re evil, but are they as amazing as you thought they would be? Are your plots not holding very long because you just have nothing to work with? What if I told you that your character may be falling prey to the deadly antagonist sins of writing? Fear not, reader! I may have the solution to your problem! As per usual with all guides, results may vary depending on the writer and what they want to make, but this is some very general rule breaking often seen in writing that ends up coming back to haunt an RPer. There are many kinds of antagonists and they’re just as diverse as protagonists. However, this applies to character versus character conflict that’s most common in RPing.

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