Hey, guys… I’ve just watched “A walk to remember” for the second time…. and, again, I was crying like a little baby.. this is the saddest movie I’ve ever, ever watched.. and, oh my, it has strong message for all us: every day we have some problems.. they can be small, they can be big… we are angry at our parents when they forbid something to us, or if you are parent, you can be very angry at your child because she/he doesn’t listen, or has bad grades… bigger problems… hmmm… your parents are divorced (like mine… that were the worst moments in my life. I couldn’t go to school, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t talk with my friends… you migh not believe me, but VA saved me… these books made me smiling…)
This movie teached me a lot… I can be happy that I’m still alive and healthy. Because if I am, I can do whatever I want. I can go through all my problems.

Favorite Movies Game

Here I am again! I was tagged by @sheriffchrismandix who I thank with my whole heart because I love this memes/games/whatever they are. Thank you!

So I have to list my 5 favorite movies. It’s hard. Okay.

(as usual, no order)

Brokeback Mountain

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(I am a fucking slut for drama. You know. And this is like one of the saddest and most beautiful movies I’ve ever watched in my life - the cinematography, the acting, the soundtrack, everything is perfect. The actors are all so good, I mean, they are so perfect. They sould have given Heath an Oscar or something, and Jake too. I just love it. It’s fab.)
(Plus, I love this scene because it’s a sort of happy scene. Actually no, it’s bittersweet af. But I love their hands and ears in this scene. I’m a weirdo. That’s all.)

Reservoir Dogs

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(You didn’t expect it, don’t you? I love Reservoir Dogs. It’s clear. No rants here. It’s crystal clear.)

The Wolf of Wall Street

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(I was unsure. I didn’t know what to choose among this, Goodfellas or The Departed. But I chose TWOWS because it’s great fun, wonderful acting, it is super long but never gets me bored, dark-haired Leo is just damn and nothing, I love it.)

The Emperor’s New Groove

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(The first - and, in my opinion, last - politically uncorrect (?) Disney movie. In Italy it is dubbed by the best bunch of people they could choose. It’s perfect, and it’s one of my favorite animated movie ever, with Shark Tale, Monsters Inc., Road to El Dorado and A Goofy Movie. Btw, this movie is great fun with great characters and that kind of jokes you can enjoy no matter how old you are. And this is exactly what a good movie should do.)


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(I wanted to choose There Will Be Blood but ehm, no gifs. You are lucky, Coens.)
(Btw Fargo is fun. Fargo is morbid. Fargo is weird. You can’t describe it. It’s just a beautiful film about a bunch of bad guys - or weirdos, as you like - with that bittersweet beautiful ending that Coen brothers love so much.)

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I was tagged by @ohyeaitsarockbrigade (thak you very much, darling) to post my top 5 favourite movies. Now, I have to say that this list is temporary, probably next week it will change, but by now this are 5 of my favourite movies:

1) Detachment directed by Tony Kaye with Adrien Brody. I love this movie ‘cause it’s real, deep and make you face reality and people who are around you.

2) Grand Budapest Hotel directed by Wes Anderson. This is the first Wes Anderson’s movie I’ve seen and I’m totaly in love with it, the directing skils are incredible, the story is just amazing and the cast is the best.

3) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button directed by David Fincher. The saddest movie I’ve ever seen, every time I watch it at the end I cry like a fountain (?) and for this reason I love it.

4)  Inglourious Basterds directed by Quentin Tarantino. Just the best Tarantino’s movie in my opinion and I just love the fact that is a retelling of WWII.

5) The Breakfast Club directed by John Hughes. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve watch this movie but probably more than 100 (seriously!). The setting, the story, the soundtrack, the actors… Everything about this movie is amazing and in it there’s my first 80s crush, Judd Nelson :3

[sorry for my bad English, it’s just getting worse]

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