A bit Skeptical about you views on Runaways

Lately, you guys been trashing Runaways without anything to back it up. I’m naturally skeptical about things like this. You guy are crying about Alex death, his race has nothing to do with it. I mean how would Nico grow as character without Alex betrayal. Like how many times you get you have black villains who are complex? So what he died they brought him back. Stop focusing on race, you got an Asian character and As an Asian myselft, it hard to see us represented. you got Cloak that made an appearance.

Are you fucking kidding me? We’ve had this conversation before were we have given alternatives to Alex [the only consistent Black person for AGES] betraying them and Nico still becoming a leader and growing as a character. 

Are you completely unaware of the continuous habit of Black people either dying or being written off shit?  Also do you realize that we could have had a complex Black villain who got a redemption arc but instead he was brought back to work for fucking Nazis??  Are you completely aware of how atrocious it was to bring Alex back to have him work for fucking Nazis??

Ohh wow we got a cameo of a Black person how awesome. And before anyone brings up Xavier they sacrificed themselves for fucking whiter than white Karolina and as far as I am aware hasn’t been seen since.

Like fuck off. How about you stop focusing on fucking race?

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