on a separate note i will never forgive the supergirl writers for the whole thing with convincing cat that kara wasn’t supergirl after she found out the truth okay i know it was fucked up when she wanted to fire kara so she’d dedicate all her time to being supergirl but there were other ways to handle that and now cat is gone and she still thinks she was wrong i hate it
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Chapter 10 is up!!! I feel like it’s been a lot since last time I posted ahahaha :’D

For those who can’t access AO3 or just don’t want to do it, the chapter is pasted under this sexy cut!!!

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ok but i would love to know the cultural and social history of the grishaverse that led to it becoming so open-minded and absolutely non-discriminatory towards different sexual orientations.

like is this something that is exclusive to ravka and kerch? Does it stem from trade connections?

Is the grishaverse in general so accepting? (fjerda gives me strong non-tolerant vibes ngl)

is there maybe even a tradition of gay saints? (👀)

do you think that this acceptance comes from the darkling’s teachings (bc you can’t tell me he lived for centurues and didn’t ever fool around with another guy)?

i 👏🏼 need 👏🏼 answers👏🏼

zieglera  asked:

Imagine Angela pulling up to the OW base one day on a motorcycle and Fareeha is all like who's that?? and Angela takes off her helmet and smiles at her. Fareeha's poor gay heart can barely take it (me to Fareeha) and is all like that helmet move is mine but you can have it. I have a lot of feels for both Fareeha and Angela riding a motorcycle.

They take turns giving each other rides, wear each other’s helmets, and ride the other’s bike so often it’s kinda confusing when you see one cruising towards you. “Is…Is that Fareeha? That’s her bike, right? And her helmet? And her jacket- oh, no wait. It’s Angela.”

Friendly Reminder

Nesta freaking Archeron went to the wall bordering the fae lands, despite being absolutely terrified of this point, because she was worried about her sister. Plus when that Thomas dude or whatever his name was (can’t remember it rn) refused she dumped his sorry ass and (most likely) told him to screw himself. True Nesta can be a bitch but at least she’s a freaking loyal bitch.