The Caretaker of the Ruins
Companion Piece for Interlude: Patience
Author: Ellipsis

“Mama, I’m hungry. Is dinner ready?”

The mother set down the bill she had been reading, returning her attention to cooking dinner. “Patience, my child,” she spoke wearily as she stirred the pot of stew. “It is a virtue…”

“That I must hold,” the child finished in a sing song voice.

“Uphold,” the mother corrected with a chuckle. “Now run along and play with your toys. I will call you for dinner soon.”

“Yes, Mama.” The child ran off to play pretend. While there was no kitchen toy set to play with, there was one thing they had: their beloved plastic knife.
“What will I cook today… Oh, I know!” They picked up a paperback book to serve as a cutting board and placed a stained tennis ball on it. This would be a potato. They began mimicking cutting movements to chop up their ingredient. They continued preparing other imaginary ingredients until they had finished cooking their meal. It didn’t look like much, but they could imagine the smell of honey ham, bread, potato salad, and pie.

“Dinner is ready!” they proudly declared, though they had to admit their mother’s stew would probably taste better.

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Feyre: It’s a package from Nesta.

Cassian: What is it?

Feyre: It’s heavy. Must be her disappointment in you.

naahhuong  asked:

Could I get a oneshot with Shouto & his crush going on their first date, but everything just starts going wrong right after he picks her up? First off, there's unexpected rain and neither of them have an umbrella. They run out to the train station, but see that there's a big delay b/c some villain destroyed a section of it. So they say "We could go to local areas" and head out, but the light rain from before is now a big storm. There can other unfortunate events too, but fluffy in the end??

Of course you can! This is such a cute request and I’m grinning like an idiot. You’ve used female pronouns so I’ll stick with that.

P.S: I’m so so sorry this took so long!

Not A Curse After All// Todoroki Shouto

Todoroki Shouto had always had the idea that he was cursed in some way. It was an odd idea that had plagued his thoughts since he was a young boy but, the way Shouto saw it, it wasn’t odd at all and in fact made perfect sense to him. He was cursed the very day he had been born into this world with a father as wicked and heartless as his. So much misery surrounded his life that it simply had to be a curse. That’s why, when he finally thinks he has a shot at happiness, Shouto isn’t overly surprised when things start to go wrong.

He’d only just picked up his crush for their date - a date he’d been planning and considering for quite some time - when everything started to crumble around him. What was supposed to be a sunny day, turned out to be a day of grey clouds and evetually rain that neither of them were prepared for. 

“Maybe if we hurry, we could catch the train and go somewhere indoors?” She had suggested, not losing her positive attitude. Perhaps that was one of the main things he loved about her.

So, off to the train station they went. The rain was starting to pick up as well as a fierce wind that nipped harshly at their skin. Shouto could only hope that they could make it in time. When they arrived early, he was beginning to think that finally their luck had turned for the better. That was until they saw the large notice boards reading: “ALL FURTHER TRAINS CANCELLED DUE TO REPAIRS, APOLOGIES FOR THE INCONVENIENCE.”

Shouto sighed. “Looks like that option is out too then.” He glanced over towards his crush. Seeing her with her brow furrowed and a look of defeat adorning her features didn’t sit well with him. He had to think of something and fast. “My house isn’t too far from here. We could go there and have something to eat or watch a movie, whatever you prefer,” he suggested, searching her face carefully for any trace of doubt or concerns. Instead, an ecstatic grin greeted him.

“That’s a wonderful idea, Todoroki!” She exclaimed, reproachfully taking hold of his hand and lacing her delicate fingers through his. It felt so foreign to recieve such a kind gesture that Shouto was stunned momentarily before snapping out of it.

“Then let’s go,” he smiled.

And so they ran all the way back to his house, fingers still entwined and breathless by the time they arrived. They were both soaked to the bone but at least they were at last sheltered from the rain which had now turned into a full storm.

“Woah, we made it,” she panted, her hair plastered to her head and shivering from the cold. It made Shouto frown.

“If you want you can borrow some of my clothes, you must be freezing in all of that.” He didn’t miss the blush that spread across her cheeks.

“That would be great, thank you.”

“No need to thank me, it’s not a problem.”

And so, with an overly large shirt and old shorts, she was now curled up to Shouto, his left side effectively being used as a hot-water bottle. They talked together, ate and, ocassionally, Shouto would even smile or let out a small chuckle. It wasn’t the dream date he’d planned on but, to his surprise, he had enjoyed it more than anything he could’ve imagined.

“This was amazing, Todoroki, I loved spending today with you,” she smiled, warming his very soul with just that one small detail.

He returned the smile, using his hand to brush away some damp hair from her face. “Please, call me Shouto,” he insisted. “Lovers don’t call each other by their last names.”

Maybe, Shouto thought as he closed the gap between them, maybe he wasn’t cursed after all. 

okay but imagine Arya coming through the gates of Winterfell, tired and freezing. Sansa’s the first to see her, tears in her eyes, running towards Arya and hugging her. Arya doesn’t know what to do so she’s just standing there, refusing to believe she finally made it home. Sansa feels Aryas cold skin and pulls her even closer, rubbing her back and just saying “You’re so cold.” Then Arya finally lifts her arms to return the hug.