okay so priyanka chopra has recently been confirmed for doing the voiceover for kamala khan (x

and here’s the thing, im angry about priyanka chopra portraying kamala, even if its as a voice

kamala khan is SO important to me!! do you realize that pakistani’s rarely get any recognition in the media, let alone be represented as superheroes

the only time marvel had a pakistani actor was in iron man and he was a terrorist so……………………

anyway, its really important that kamala khan is not portrayed by just any south asian (priyanka is indian btw) but i want her to be protrayed by a pakistani because that is what she is, kamala khan is a pakistani!!!! and you’re telling me that marvel could not find a single pakistani woman to portray kamala’s voice out of 196,174,380 (as of 2014) pakistani women? BULLSHIT

i hope that if ms. marvel is made into a movie, the actress will be a pakistani and that will make me, and many other pakistanis so proud to see our country being represented by a strong and heroic character, kamala khan 

p.s. to any of you ignorant folks out there: PAKISTANI’S AND INDIANS ARE NOT THE SAME, I REPEAT NOT THE SAME (like look up the partition of 1947, the two countries were once a single nation but they no longer are and actually differ a lot in terms of culture and even genetics just sayin)

I would just like to warn you.

“Twist and Shout” is apparently a must-read Destiel fanfic. And it is a very well executed fanfic based on a really cool AU (this coming from a reader who’s not that into AUs). 


But but but.

I’m a big strong person and I cried four separate times while reading it. And it coloured all my feelings for a week. SO. 

Maybe have a good friend/cuddle bunny on stand by? 

  • Friend:so that group you like, how are they called, BTS? yeah, they look pretty cool, can you tell me more about them?
  • What I say:sure, what would you like to know?
  • What I think:that's right bitch, come to the dark side

Excited turtle Jin is my jam