omgxbrianna  asked:

honestly lets talk about seungri. i was the new anon who sent you that ask yesterday. so my first BB thing ive ever seen was the music video was bang bang bang and instantly fell in love with seungri. i dont understand how he can be so cute and so sexy at the same time?? like??

I DON’T EVEN KNOWWWWW!  I’ve been asking myself that same question since I watched Strong Baby and realized my life was never going to be the same.

How is he like this

But also this?

So soft and fluffy and cute

but so hot?

Stupid life-ruining panda.


So I’m just in love with @mnstrcndy’s art. They are the background god and everything they make looks so amazing. I also love the way they draw Frisk, Sans, and all the other characters. I wanted to put a bunch of their backgrounds together in one post (but they didn’t all fit), so this is part ½.
Again, I own nothing. All of these gorgeous works of art belong to @mnstrcndy, so check out their blog for more.

THIS is the cover of the Ruins’ arc! 

I think making the cover at the end is better than doing it at the beggining, because my art is better at the end of an arc! Well, that’s just what I think… if you want me to make the cover first, just give me a ring xD

I like the logo, so red and hnn I just like this drawing in general x’D

I’ll put this at the beggining of the comic pages if I can… I still dunno how to do that tho…

You can start reading the comic HERE