The Queen and Prince Philip visit Canada House to honour First World War Regiments

The Queen and Prince Philip visit Canada House to honour First World War Regiments

The Queen was in London on Sunday to honour the bravery of Canadian servicemen and women who fought during the First World War. Her Majesty was accompanied at Canada House in Trafalgar Square by The Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Alexandra.

The royal trio were at Canada House to honour three Canadian Regiments, of which they individually lead as Colonel-in-Chief. Her Majesty The Queen is…

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Slumber Party!

It wasn’t very often for all three princesses to come together at once, what with their conflicting schedules, but today was different. This little gathering had been planned months prior to the day they had all agreed upon. Nothing stood in their way now. Obligations and responsibilities would be put on hold until further notice because today, they were having that slumber party that had always talked about. Peach had even kicked Toadsworth out of the castle for the day to prevent him from interrupting their fun. He was sent to Mario’s cabin along with a note that said, “NO BOYS ALLOWED.” It was written in large, bold, pink letters so no one could miss it. Childish, it may have been, but she had to get the point across. Tonight was their night. Nothing would stand in the way of the ‘Royal Trio.’

Thus far, everything was going exactly as planned. The castle was ready for anything and everything they had to offer. The fridge was packed with snacks and food that could feed a whole country let alone three petite princesses. The linen was freshly washed and fluffed for her guests. Now all she had to do was wait for them to show up. She just hoped they didn’t run into any trouble along the way.

“Oh, this is going to be the best night ever!