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Nicknames: Celina, Cel, Celine, Ruth, Bitch, Trut, Trutella, Queen, Your majesty and your royal highness lol

Current Date & Time: Wednesday, 20th of May, 4:00 pm

Birthday: September 30

Average amount of sleep: I don’t sleep. JK (kinda), 5 hours?

Lucky number(s): I don’t have lucky numbers, but my favorite are 18 and 19

Last thing I googled: Mike Brown case

First word that comes to mind: ice cream

One place that makes you happy: beach or anywhere that’s calm and woodsy (but does not require me to trek)

Favorite characters: Regina Mills (OUAT), Addison Montgomery (PP/GA) and Cora Crawley (DA)

Favorite food: Does ice cream count? Yes? Yes.

Favorite drink: I’d say something more sophisticated but it’s really just soda.

Favorite book: Jane Eyre

Favorite TV Shows: Downton Abbey and Once Upon a Time

Last movie I saw in theaters: Unfriended (what a waste of money AND time)

Last holiday: I don’t even remember anymore. I need a vacation.

Dream holiday: New Zealand or Australia, oh and Prague

Dream wedding: nope, nien, nada

Dream job(s): *freaks out* No idea. No, but I have always wanted to be a voice over artist haha

Zodiac: Libra :D

Myers-Briggs: ESFP

Relationship Status: Single

What are you wearing: Deep Blue blouse with a high neckline, Black skirt with a mesh fabric at the bottom.

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