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Nicknames: Celina, Cel, Celine, Ruth, Bitch, Trut, Trutella, Queen, Your majesty and your royal highness lol

Current Date & Time: Wednesday, 20th of May, 4:00 pm

Birthday: September 30

Average amount of sleep: I don’t sleep. JK (kinda), 5 hours?

Lucky number(s): I don’t have lucky numbers, but my favorite are 18 and 19

Last thing I googled: Mike Brown case

First word that comes to mind: ice cream

One place that makes you happy: beach or anywhere that’s calm and woodsy (but does not require me to trek)

Favorite characters: Regina Mills (OUAT), Addison Montgomery (PP/GA) and Cora Crawley (DA)

Favorite food: Does ice cream count? Yes? Yes.

Favorite drink: I’d say something more sophisticated but it’s really just soda.

Favorite book: Jane Eyre

Favorite TV Shows: Downton Abbey and Once Upon a Time

Last movie I saw in theaters: Unfriended (what a waste of money AND time)

Last holiday: I don’t even remember anymore. I need a vacation.

Dream holiday: New Zealand or Australia, oh and Prague

Dream wedding: nope, nien, nada

Dream job(s): *freaks out* No idea. No, but I have always wanted to be a voice over artist haha

Zodiac: Libra :D

Myers-Briggs: ESFP

Relationship Status: Single

What are you wearing: Deep Blue blouse with a high neckline, Black skirt with a mesh fabric at the bottom.

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winterrosx asked:


  • Who cooks: If it’s breakfast, Kit. Anything else is Katherine, as they both have love for their lives and letting Kit near anything else is just too risky. 
  • Who’s more dominate: It’s pretty even between them. 
  • Favorite nonsexual activity: Being read to; mostly Kit doing it to Katherine. 
  • Who gets jealous the easiest: Katherine. 
  • Their “song”: Take Me to Church - Hozier 
  • What would they be like as parents: Kit is the cool parent who is adored by the kids because all he does is spoil them and do the cool things. Kat tries being cool, but it’s up to her to be the bad cop most of the time, and it’s hard to compete with Kit. He often teases her about clearly being the cool parent. 
  • Where did they first meet: Once upon a time in a place Kat was doing a poor job at trashing in a fit of anger. 
  • Any pets: Not yet, but Kat’s working on convincing Kit to get puppies. 
  • What do they fight over: They hardly fight, but when they do, it’s over the level of lame of Kat’s social media accounts. 
  • Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas? Kit, and he also does his best to get Kat just as excited. 
  • Who is more romantic? Kit pulls a lot of grand romantic gestures, but Katherine doesn’t fall far behind ; she’s got tricks up her sleeve too. 
  • Who wakes up the earliest: Katherine. Kit is the heaviest sleeper and just disagrees very strongly with mornings.