I Need To Keep You Safe (Pietro X Reader)

You loved your job, actually, scratch that. You tolerated your job. You were working as a barista in a downtown D.C. diner called the “Royal Diner”. Which you always thought was really stupid because America hates the idea of kings and queens, and the diner was located in America’s capital. Capitalism people.

Anyways. You had been working in the quaint diner for about nine months. The daily douche bag cat caller would would come in but other than that it was just elderly couples, cute FBI agents in suits, and politicians. You had a great relationship with the people you work with, they were like your second family.

You were in the middle of pouring a hunch suit some coffee when some sirens drove passed. This wasn’t such a weird thing since you lived in such a big city, but what was weird was that dozens more drove passed just moments later. And then the agent received a phone call, causing him to run out of the building while dropping a 20 off at the counter. But, then you directed your attention to the tv in the corner of the room running the news.

“There has been some sort of attack in downtown D.C. today. All we know is that an apartment building on west fourth street has gone up in flames and hostages have been taken in the surrounding area. We recommend that you stay inside if you are nearby downtown D.C. We will let yo- we have just gotten news that Earth’s mightiest heroes, The Avengers, have just arrived on the scene.”

The female newsreporter on the screen held her finger to her ear as she kept going on the news report. After a few seconds the entire diner erupted in a panic.

West fourth street was about half of a block from where you were right now. The owner of the diner came out from the kitchen and had to calm the patrons of the building down.

There was shouting and crying for minutes to come after that, people wanting to know what was going on so close to home. Children were wondering why their parents were freaking out, and parents trying to protect their children.

There was a loud thud and everyone directed their attention to the large glass windows. There was what looked like a 7ft tall man standing across the street wielding a large spear that was glowing on the end. He turned to the diner and began walking straight towards the building. Suddenly, a blue streak ran pass and soon the dangerous looking man was flying into the exterior of the building across the street, but now before he shot off some sort of laser from the end of his spear and hit the blue streak.

The streak soon turned into a white haired, tall male laying on the ground with a charred shirt. Without even thinking, you grabbed the medkit from behind the counter and ran to the injured man outside. You ran straight to the man and sat down next to him, laying the med kit next to the wound.

“Hey, don’t worry. I’m here to help you. Can you walk? We need to get you out of here.”

He just stared at you for a few seconds, like he was unable to speak. He just looked into your eyes, like he was trying to read your thoughts, or your soul. After a few moments he finally gave you a slight and tried to stand up with a low moan. You wrapped your arms around his stomach and back to help support him, and he wrapped his arm around your shoulders to keep himself standing. But, within seconds you were wrapped up in his arms and he was carrying you bridal style to a nearby alley. In an instant he was laying on the ground of the alley with you sitting next to him and his head in your lap, with his hand gripping your arm. You were astounded, and a little bit confused, by what just happened.

“That was a bad idea sweetheart,” He seemed to relax into you a little bit more with every sentence you said, but he eyes were still staring at your face, “you needed to keep your strength. My names Y/N, I really need to help you now. Please, just stay still. This is going to hurt a little bit, I need to put peroxide on your wound. Grip onto me if it really starts to hurt, okay?”

He never took his eyes off of you, even when you looked away to grab med stuff from the back, you could feel his eyes staring at the back of your head. His head was still laying on your thighs, except his hand had dropped and the other one was drawing little soothing circles on and around your knee.

“You need to talk to me, I need to know you are okay while I am doing this. How about you answer a few questions for me. Like what is your name? And what is going on out there? I know you are an Avenger, but how did you get to be with them.”

His eyes still locked on yours, not moving anytime soon. After a few seconds of being lost in his light colored eyes, you finally snapped out it and began pouring small amounts onto his ribs. He winced and began to make a painful hissing noise, closing his eyes and gripping on your shirt once again. The skin around the wound began to bubble and as he cleared he throat.

“M-my name’s P-Pietro,” Ah, so the attractive boy speaks, and with an accent, “And Cap thinks they are like the alien things that attacked New York last year.” Was he nervous to talk to you?

“It is very, very nice to meet you Pietro. But is there anything you guys can do to stop them? Those d-bags are terrorizing my city. Also, give me one more second to put a bandaid on this and you can jump right back into the fight and save people.”

“Tony found their main power source, we just don’t know how to breach it. It is under the city and we don’t know how to destroy it without destroying the city.”

And, done. You we’re officially done playing nurse and treating to the cutie’s wounds.

“Why don’t you try to deactivate it, don’t blow it up. I am sure Tony has some sort of energy wave disruptor thingy he can use that can serge the power to it, he is Ironman for God’s sake.”

“I will talk to him about it,” Nooooo… don’t stand up. Just stay with me for a while. He stood up and lifted you with him, “But, like you said, I need to jump back into the fight. Where can I find you after, to know you are safe.”

“I was in a diner downtown, but that was right by all of the action.”

“I will not let you go back there,” He pulled you into his chest and gave you a smirk, “hold on tight.”

He again lifted you up and began to run, and run. He finally stopped when you reach an empty warehouse, which you recognized was across town,

“I feel better with you here, please don’t go anywhere. I will be back whenever the battle is won and if I feel like you are in serious danger I will be here in a flash. Please, just stay safe.”

His smirk was replaced with a sad look and worry filled his eyes. This is when you realized he was still hold onto you like before he began to run, with you pulled into his chest tight. You pulled him into a full on hug and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I promise, and you never actually answered the question about how you joined the Avengers.”

“I need to save something for us to talk about on our date, don’t I?”

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FRANCE, Paris : Participants dressed in white enjoy their meal during a “Diner en Blanc” (‘Dinner in White’), at the gardens of the Palais-Royal in Paris on June 11, 2015. The “Diner en Blanc” is a chic secret pop-up style picnic phenomenon originally started in France. AFP PHOTO / DOMINIQUE FAGET