The Roxy Theater-Feb. 14, 2017  (sound check)

Had a wonderful time meeting some folks from tumblr and twitter at The Roxy while waiting for the show. 

I was sitting on steps and watched Brad walk down the street somewhere, after about 30 minutes he and David came walking towards the venue and crossed the street and walked by me. A guy called David’s name and David looked at him and waved but didn’t really stop to talk. 

Inside the venue was small and we gathered around the stage. The band and David did their sound check thing and David sang some songs. During the sound check I heard one of the band members say ‘we need to hear more of David’ so they adjusted ‘whatever’?  

Later Brad and David sat on stage and answered questions. Brad had a few questions already written down that he asked him. 

I can’t remember it all but there was a comment about skinny jeans and I told David to thank Ms. Collini for the skinny jeans. He laughed and said she is going to be here tonight, do you know what she looks like?  And I said I think so. 

He also spoke of things he was going to do in the future and he didn’t mention movies so I asked him would he be doing any movies and he said ‘yes’.  I had a lot of questions to ask him but I was too shy. He also mentioned that he thinks the X Files will happen.

I wanted to compliment him on how much his voice has improved but I didn’t know how to word it to make it sound like a compliment and not hurt his feelings because when he first started out he sounded ‘ok’ but now he sounds so much better now. 

We had our pics taken with him in groups. I was one of the last ones to get in the pic and I was going to stand on the outer edge but the photographer said to stand in the middle because I was short. So I stood in front of David. After the pic was taken I asked him if I could have a two armed hug and he said ‘why not’  and gave it to me. I hugged him back and that made me very happy. 

I asked Security if I could get a chair because I have bad knees, and they placed me up further from the stage but I still had a good view. Once I turned around and saw Mitch Pileggi behind me. I took a few pics and I’ll post them on tumblr. I heard that Chris Carter was at the bar. I did spot a white haired gentleman with lots of people coming up to him and I assumed that was him. I would have liked to got a pic of him but I was afraid I’d lose my seat if I got up. 

During the concert David asked Tom Campinos to accompany him on stage to play guitar but there was no answer from the crowd. David said that Tom is infamous for leaving early so he got his good friend, Matty to play guitar.   I made some videos and will be making caps soon. 

It was a great show. I hope you all get to go see David sometime. You won’t be disappointed.

The Chase- Shannon Leto

So this is new, and shiny. Tell me all your dirty thoughts and opinions if this should continue!!

Prologue – Enigma

“Even if the sky does fall.
Even if they take it all.
There’s no pain that I won’t go through.
Even if I have to die for you”

“And when all the fires burn.
When everything is overturning.
There’s no thing that I won’t go through.
Even if I have to die for you.”

The lyrics flowed from her like she was the one who wrote them; captivating the entire audience as she had done with every duet she has graced the stage for.

“Who is she?” Shannon leaned into Stevie, who paid little attention to the woman on stage; she was definitely not a member of the band. Stevie wanted Shannon to watch the Starset gig since the first time he’d seen them live, he’d attended quite a few in the last two years, but Shannon needed to get out so he dragged his sorry, now single ass out of his fortress of a home.

“That’s Latté, she’s a local…. we think. She sings duets with most bands that come through.” Stevie answered turning back to Nic and continuing their conversation around Nic’s upcoming gig at a venue not far away. Shannon returned his attention to duet on stage.

“Some day when galaxies collide.
We’ll be lost on different skies.
I will send my rocket ship to find you.
Because I know you’re lost when you run away.
Into the same black holes and black mistakes”

Dustin sang, ‘he is a talented guy that’s for sure’ Shannon thought to himself. Latte’s voice complemented his flawlessly, while running her hand down his cheek as they stood toe to toe, albeit the girl was pint sized in comparison to Dustin’s 6ft tall frame.

“Latte?” Shannon knocked Stevie’s arm again, garnering his attention. “Her name’s Latte?” You could see the intrigue on Shannon’s face. Stevie knew it all too well, so many had succumbed to ‘Lattes’ appeal, very, very few ever got any closer than a duet on stage. Girl had the uncanny ability to disappear like a whisper on the wind.

“Don’t give me that look Shannon…please.” Stevie pleaded.

“What look?” Shannon acted innocent with a cheeky grin.

“That one, the ‘I need to know’ look.” Stevie waved a hand up and down in the direction of the stage where the song was finishing with an all mighty cheer for Latte’s efforts. She hugged Dustin and exited the back of the stage.

“Why is she called Latte?! Who is she?” Shannon asked again. Stevie sighed in defeat.

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