Imagine that when Jack Morrison joined Overwatch he acted like a fool and would be really sensitive and generous. Gabriel Reyes felt that he was taking care of a baby half the time. But during conferences, diplomatic speeches or in times of war, Jack Morrison’s persona would change to a serious, determined, and passionate man. It surprised Gabriel every time as he never suspected Jack of all people to be so serious.

Inspiration came from this photo. I don’t know why, haha 

Decided to do something a bit more art related today. I took inspiration from the original RWBY Silhouette design and decided to update it based on Ruby’s Volume 4 design.

You can pick it as a T-Shirt or sticker if you like by clicking on the link below!


Weighing nearly one ton, The Rose by Jay DeFeo is one of the most complicated works in the Whitney’s collection to install. On February 15, the work was installed at the Whitney Museum as part of the exhibition Jay DeFeo: A Retrospective (opening February 28). The work arrived in New York from California, where the Whitney’s exhibition had finished a successful run at SFMOMA. Photographer Paula Court documented the installation that day from start to finish.

To the most delicate rose in my life. Happy Mother’s Day to you and every mother out there!

Lukas W.